Chapter 4

The crowd gave Yu a standing ovation. Kris left the hall and headed towards the boys toilet. He was a bit dizzy and also felt choked by a deep yet unexplained tension in the hall. As he got to the toilet, he washed his face. He noticed that someone was taking a shit in a section beside him.

”Tempting… but nah. ” He smirked to himself.

He walked towards the exit door and as he opened it, his eyes met with James fierce stare. In that momet, there was a brief surge of bloodlust from James. Kris took a few steps back instinctively. James calmed himself and walked pass Kris with zero expression. Kris found himself retreating a bit before trying to hold himself and his shoulder brushed against that of James.

”Did I just give way? ” Kris thought as he recollected himself. After a brief moment, he realized that both of them had bumped into each other.

”Hey… what the **? ” He bellowed while swaying his arms upwards.

”Are you sure you got the right location? ” James inquired from the operators.

”The energy level there is higher than average and its right beside you. Although now we are detecting even higher in multiple places around the school. ” An operator responded to James.

”Am I being ignored? ” Kris asked in disbelief.

”Well then, I guess there is no one worth mentioning is here ” James, disenchanted, let out a sigh.

”What? No one worth mentioning? ” Kris muttered quite angrily to himself.

”To think that he can properly disperse and control the energy enough to fool the radar ” Michael hissed as he slams his fist on a wall.

”We took the bait and hes gone. Ill be leaving to check the other areas. ”

James noted as he began to take his leave.

At that moment, Kris placed his hand on James shoulder and squeezed it. James looked backwards at Kris whilst getting irritated.

”First you bump into me without an apology, then you ignore me and now I am noone worth mentioning to you? Do you have any idea who I am? ” Kris snapped with a wild smile and his left eye twitching.

”Get your hands off me. ”

”James whats going on? ” Michael called out.

”Answer him… I dare you! ”

”Oh…? Are you threatening me? ”

”Threatening? Would you like to confirm if its a threat or not? ” Kris smirked.

”James! Come in! ” Michael ordered. James put off his receiver for the moment.

”A civilian like yourself should know when he is totally out of his league. ” James hissed at Kris. He shrugged off Kris hand but Kris switched to hold his shoulder with his other hand, this time applying more pressure.

”I hate that attitude from you. Just because you are some sort of special soldier doesn mean Id let you look down on me. ” Kris squeezed with more force then added ”Plus… wouldn it be quite the twist if you were to be beaten down by a civilian ”

”Ill only say this one more time get your filthy hands off me. ” James glared at Kris.

”I have a better idea, how about I make myself someone worth mentioning and smash in that pretty boy face of yours? ” Kris smirked as he widened his eyes at James.

James grabbed Kris hand off his shoulder and squeezed it. Kris tried to resist but was hopeless as he went down on his knees in pain.

”What the fffuuuu… ”

”Someone worth mentioning? You are way too weak to be this arrogant. Let me tell you something. The real world is a scary place to be in. Wasted words won take you anywhere, so get your act together and know your place. ” James flung him to the wall. Kris made a dent with his head as he fell face flat. James sighed and headed for the toilets exit.

”Maybe I used a little too much energy. ” He thought to himself. He put on his receiver to speak to Micheal and then…

”Who said you could leave? ” A completely livid Kris voiced out as he took to his feet. James stopped dead on his tracks.

”Damn… i thought you broke my hand back there. ” He added while flexing out his wrist

”Or maybe I held back too much? ” James thought to himself.

”I haven fought anyone who could make me feel pain… This should be fun. ” Kris smirked and clenched his fist while taking a boxing stance. James face palmed.

”All right then… ill indulge you. ”

”Whats happening! Report! ”

”Don worry Michael, just keep up the search from your end and alert me if theres any news, I need about five seconds to… ”

Kris launched a quick right fist at James which he barely dodged. A surprised James took a step back but Kris stepped into his space to attack with a continuous barrage of punches which James dodged but with difficulty. He struck with a high kick but James blocked it and Kris stepped back a bit.

”Hes fast! ” James thought and with no breath to spare, Kris moved in with side kicks which James blocked to the right, then left, then right, then left again in quick successions while stepping backwards from Kris. Kris launched a high kick with his right leg towards James ear to end the successions but James took a big leap backwards to avoid it and create space. His back came close to a toilet sink and almost instantaneoulsy, Kris covered up the space, his eyes lit wildy like a beast closing in on its prey. He stomped the ground with his left leg to propel himself with a large right hand swing. James side stepped to his left and Kris fist barely grazed his face but smashed through the sink. James took a few steps back as Kris retook his boxing stance.

”Tch…Hes unnaturally fast! ” James hissed in a low tone as he used his thumb to touch the part of his face Kris grazed.

”Thats more than five seconds. ” Kris smirked

”Hoo. I didn know we had begun counting. The five seconds still stand, last chance to back off. ”

”When I am about winning? ”

”Winning? sure… lets call it that. ”

”Im going to break that smart mouth of yours. ”

”Instead of talking, why don you do it… if you can. ” James smirked.

”Kris got into James space and feinted a punch to his face. As James lifted his guard to block his face, Kris jabbed straight at James guts but he dropped his right hand quickly and caught Kris fist. He twisted the hand causing Kris body to twist in the same direction. Kris yelled at the sharp pain. James dragged him closer, right into a headbutt, before slugging him across the face causing him to spin and crash land with his head through a sink.

”That was three seconds, Is that the best someone worth mentioning can do? ” James taunted with a belittling smile.

Kris groaned in pain as he staggered to his knees. Blood drained from his head and over his right eye. His body was trembling as he struggled to get to his feet.

”I am not done yet. ” And as he blinked, James was behind him.

”Yes you are, ” He whispered as he knocked him out with a light tap at the back of his head.

A terrified student came out of the toilet section, he saw the damaged sinks, Kris knocked out and James standing beside him. He walked gently to one of the remaining sinks and washed his hands. Thereafter he walked hurriedly towards the door and ran out. James sighed as he felt a slight sting on his right hand. He looked at Kris with a bit of surprise before turning around to leave. He put on his receiver to speak to Micheal. Michael expressed that they hadn been able to find Edward. All the possible sources had ended up as duds.

”He is smart. Is it possible that he has already left the school premises? ” Micheal inquired, a bit frantic at the moment.

”Its most unlikely, we would have been able to pick up the energy. ” replied an operator.

As the discussion continued, James walked down an empty hall where he passed a Janitor. His eyes widened and instantly, he drew out a dagger, engulfed it with source energy as he turned to meet Edwards blade striking at his neck. He was quick enough to clash his dagger with the blade. The two pushed against each other for a while before jumping back and looking at each other with their guards raised.

”Sir! I have found him. ”

”Just to be accurate, i was the one who found you ” Edward scoffed.

”Put it on speaker! ” Michael odered.

”We have you surrounded. Any move you make would be detrimental to you. Give yourself in for capture. ”

”Do you think I am stupid… Major Michael? ” Edward hissed.There was a brief silence.

”I have all the memories of this body and I am very much aware of what is done with the so called captured demons. Ill ask that you refrain from empty threats. We are in a freaking school with lots of civillians. If i were to steer up trouble, the cassualties will be staggering and thats something Im sure you are not willing to afford. So lets drop the tough act, shall we? ”

”Alright then… what do you want? ”

”Him! ”

”Me? ” James spoke in surprise.

”Yeah You! Personally, i have an impending debt to pay to you and being a red source, Id be able to test the limits of my new found strength. ” He mentioned as he retracted his blade. James relaxed a bit but still had his guard up.

”New found strenght? What do you mean by that? ” Michael questioned immediately.

”Don be in such a haste now Major, youd see when the time comes. I have no intention of hiding it.

Secondly i want to fight him alone. No back up within a ten mile radius. I have already scattered traces of my source energy within the radius.

”What? ”

”By placing them on people who came in and left the school, wasn so much of a hassle. So Id know if anyone is within that radius just like the sniper you have on me at fourty three meters 6oclock. ”

”Tch… stand down tower 3. ” Michael ordered.

”Hmnph! ” Edward scoffed.

”Either you accept my terms or I could just go around and kill indiscriminately. ”

”You bastard! ” Michael yelled.

”Come now Major, this works for you also. You wouldn have to search for me and risk the casualties to come. What do you say? ”

”I accept. ” James responded abruptly.

”Wait James… ”

”This works perfectly for me. Afterall I do have a score to settle with you. I came all this way to kill you for what you did to Abubakr. Just tell me when and where! ” James cut Michael off.

”Tonight by eight. This schools field. ”

”Perfect. Don chicken out and run away. ”

”As long as my terms are met, I give you my word. ”

”Are you really okay with this James? This is definitely a trap! ” Michael protested.

”Talk about trust issues… ” Edward scoffed.

”You stay out of this! ” Michael hissed.

”I don see any other way around it Major. If we engage him here and we incure casualties, knowing how slippery he could be, theres no gurantee that he wouldn escape. That would be a major loss for us. ”

”But still… ”

It will be okay. ” Dr Yu interjected.

”We accept your terms. ”

”Hmnph… Its about time. So if you would excuse me, Ill be on my way. I still have work to do. ” Edward laughs as he walked away from James.

”Tonight everything will be settled. ”

Back at the base, Yu sat James down to speak with him in his dorm room.

”You don have to give me a pep talk, Ill be just fine. I understand the risks. ”

”The mission is to capture him so I am supposed to tell you that you should do whatever it takes to bring him back in one piece… but thats as the head of the facility to a soldier. As a father to his son… you get out of there if it gets too troublesome. ” Yu said in a worried tone.

”Thanks for the vote of confidence dad. ”

”I am serious here James ” Yu placed his hand on Jamess shoulder.

”I mean if you get killed your mom is going to end me… so just come back alive for my sake at least. ” Yu chuckled.

James furrowed his brows then sighed.

”You stupid old man. ” He hissed as he stood up and began to leave.

”What? ” Yu retorted as he kept laughing. But before James left the room.

”Be careful out there. Lets have a toast when you get back. ” Yu lifted a thumbs up.

”I am still too young to drink! ”

”You are a source soldier. It wouldn matter. ”

James smiled and left without a response. Michael came in shortly after.

”You are unusually shakened Dr. Yu. Its rare for you to doubt your sons strength. ”

”Its not his strength I doubt… I fear his determination to get things done. ” Yu blurted as he clenched his fist.

”Don worry, hell be okay. He has to be. ”

The time was 7:51pm. James arrived on the field to meet Edward sitting at the middle, meditating.

”Did you know that when we reincarnate into humans we basically become them but with our wills? We have their full memories and feel same sympathethic feelings as they did? ” Edward asked James.

James didn respond.

”Not a talker i see…Its funny, not living a life but having full memories and retaining those feelings as though they were yours, coupled with the ones youve had, compulsive behaviours, habits, grudges… ” He revealed as he stood to face James.

James was a bit surprised at his words.

”Don worry about it, the grudge is not from this guy, but from me personally… The two of you worked together to take down someone important to me. ” Edward paused a bit and then contuinued. ” You gave the finishing blow. Replaying it in my mind with pride from him but intense anger and hatred from me. Its frustrating. Two conflicting emotions at the same time is quite problematic, wouldn you agree? ”

”If you are stalling for something, you better quit it. Ill be coming at you now. ” James chimed in as he walked towards Edward.

”Hmph, i was waiting for the hour to reach before attacking but this would do regardless. ” Edward retorted as he walked towards James.

Both kept walking towards each other until they were close to one another and gave each other menancing stares. Edward, taller, was looking down at James while James lifted his eyes a bit to stare directly at Edward. Both clenched their fists, their hearts began to beat faster and the air grew still with tension. Their eyes widened at each other as though they were going to burst out. James grinned his teeth, sweat ran down Edwards head and little body flickers from both. In a single heart beat, James strruck first. A quick right jab at Edwards face but Edward caught it with his own right. they both lifted their left knees at the same time at each other, after the collision, they brought it down with a loud thud. Edward pulled James right hand closer so as to aim for his chin with a heavy left blow but James caught the fist. They both squeezed the fists they caught in the deadlock, then jammed both knees, one after the other, twice each in succession before finishing with a large headbutt. Both grinned their teeths almost growling at each other. They jumped back to create distance.

As they both stepped on the ground, their source energies burst out wildly. The area was filled with green and red energies clashing and overlapping each other. A sudden calm in the energies and they both dashed at each other. With a thundering roar, they smashed their right fists together releasing energy and creating cracks on the ground as they pushed against each other. Edward pulled his hand back letting James launch forward therby dodging the punch and hitting James right in the face. James, dazed, took a few steps back but before he could recollect himself, Edward rushed in with a heavy right kick to James chest pushing him a considerable distance away. James bounced on his back then landed in a squat position as he dragged his hand across the ground to prevent him from moving further back.

Edward moved in quickly with a right jab. James moved straight into the attack receiving it with his left arm then landing a blow on Edwards stomach with his right. The weight of the punch made Edwards eyes to pop out more as he spat out saliva. James jabbed his face with his right, then his left in quick succession putting Edward in a dazed position as he stepped back. He recovered quickly after and tried to hit James but James caught his hand, lifted him upwards and with a loud roar,slammed him into the ground causing a small depression. Edward screamed out in pain but was cut short at the slight notice of James energy blast about to hit him. He returned with a blast of his own and the explosion pushed the two away from each other.

They were both breathing heavily with a bit of anger on their faces. James launched two energy blasts at Edward. He leaped from his position to evade but suddenly, he saw a third at the point where he was meant to land. He created a light explosion to propel himself away from that position only to meet more coming at him. He responded with multiple energy blasts to counter thereby creating a smoke screen. James burst out of the smoke screen and slugged Edward in the face breaking his nose. He used the momentum to slam Edward into the ground. Edward got up quickly, bloodied face, fully enraged, roaring out as he struck with a right high kick packed with green source energy. James, using his left leg as a pivot, bent to dodge the kick. As Edward missed, the source energy tore through the air and before he could put down the leg, James had spun and used his right leg to take out Edwards left leg landing him onto the ground. With that spinnig momentum and on that pivoted leg, James lifted himself up stretching his right leg to the sky as source energy was released engulfing and whirling round him as they gathered at the tip of his right leg. He struck it downwards at Edward who created a light explosion at his feet to propel him away from the attack dodging it by the skin of his teeth. A relative depression on the field area surrounding James occured on impact with deep cracks spreading out of the depression as red energy tore through the field.

”You are quite the monster! ”

Edward beamed as he laughed at the aftermath of James kick.

”Tch.. ” James hissed. His legs were crouched a bit as he looked forward at Edward who had began to heal up. In a few seconds, Edward had healed up completely.

”Now… thats enough warming up! ” Edward bellowed and released a large amout of energy from his chest outward till it engulfed his body.

”Yeah… Playtimes over! ” James responded and his energy rose up from his right leg, engulfing his body.

As the energy dispersed, Edward was in full armor and the green energy began to glow on the armor before resting. James was in half armor covering just his chest his arms (elbow to fingertips) and his legs (Knee to toetips).

”So its true that the so called prodigy cannot use his full powers due to lack of control. How pathetic ”

”I wonder what that makes your important person i cut down. ” James smirked.

”Very well then… Shall we begin round 2? ”

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