[Shadow Corporation]

[Rumble] [Rumble] The entire Shadow Corporation, which was supposed to be strong enough to withstand an earthquake, is shaking under Big Bosss energy blast.

[Outside the Bosss office]

”Shit, whats going on? Isn the building supposed to be disaster-proof? ” Damian yelled at the Boss while trying to regain his footing.

”Hell, if I know… I ain no builder. Someone is going to get fired today, ” The fat Boss yelled while ducking onto the floor, holding his head.

[Ringg] [Ringgg] Everyone in the building was shocked by the sudden development. The emergency alarm rang, alerting everyone to evacuate the building. The workers rushed out of the building safely, thanks to the guards.

[Inside the Bosss office]

”Are you trying to bring down the building on us? Calm down and tell me how to enter the other world, ” Mark said as he stumbled on the sofa due to the energy blast. Blood was dripping from his nose. His internal injuries opened up, and the effect of painkillers lost effect.

”Huff… Hufff… Aaahhaaa, ” Big Boss stopped his energy and took a deep breath, ”Please forgive me… I wasn able to hold myself back. You are injured… So, rest for a few days and heal up. I will find you in due time to help you level up… You will need to be at least level 15, or else you won survive the teleportation. ”

Mark endured his pain and wiped the blood dripping from his nose, ”I already killed three Players… Why haven I earned any Blood Points? Only my level increased… ”

”Thats because an Irregular can use or earn Blood Points on Earth by ordinary means… Other than that, I don have much information on Irregulars… You have to find the rest yourself. Meanwhile, I will prepare a stage for you… Where you can level up to your hearts content, ” Big Boss said as he stood up and took the handgun from the table.

[Woooosh] [Clank] [Clank] A gust of wind appeared around Big Boss, swirling like a cyclone. ”I will return it to its owner… Well, goodbye, Mark. See you soon, ” Big Boss bowed before Mark. The gust of wind broke the glass windows and dispersed along with the Big Boss.

”Well, thats some flashy move… Arrg… I need to see a doctor ASAP, Cough… Cough…, ” Mark stood up while groaning in chest pain and opened the door.

[Outside the office]

Damian and the fat Boss were ducking on the floor, holding their head. Hearing the door opening, Damian stood up.

”Mark… You are bleeding… I told you… You need to see a doctor, ” Damian rushed to Mark and helped him stand, ”Lean on… ”

”Oh, hey, Damian… I really need a medic… Arggg, ” Mark mumbled before losing his consciousness. He was holding on to his consciousness with sheer will to get as much information as he could gain from the Big Boss. But, right now, his body and mind were exhausted. Mark finally reached his limit.

”Hurry… Take him to the medical chamber. I will call back those medics… Damn, that false alarm messed things up, ” Fat Boss yelled as he somehow got up on his wobbly feet, rushed inside his office and pressed the emergency button behind the door.

Damian got into the elevator. The medical chamber was two-floor beneath the Bosss office, ”Hold on, man, the medics are on their way… Shit, too much bleeding… His ribcage must have punctured the lungs. How the heck was he holding the pain in? Damn it, Mark, you stubborn meathead. ”

[Clink] [Clink] ”We are here, ” Damians clothes were soaking in Marks blood. He, somehow dragged Mark inside the medical chamber and laid him on the bed.

[Inside Bosss office]

”You shithead doctors… Get your asses in the medical chamber. We got an emergency. Hurry… If something happens to Mark, you shitheads can kiss your life goodbye, ” The fat Boss yelled in the microphone hidden in the wall while pressing the red emergency button.

After ordering the medics, the fat Boss left the room and made his way to the medical chamber, ”Must save Mark at any cost. Big Boss will kill me and take all my money if anything happens to him… Shit, if he kicks the bucket, I am dead… Damn those freaking assassins. ” He mumbled while wiping the drops of sweat from his face.

[Medical Chamber]

The medics rushed in and began their treatment. Damian and the fat Boss were waiting outside with worried looks on their faces.

[4 Hours passed]

One of the doctors came out of the emergency chamber. Damian and the fat Boss rushed to him, ”How is he? ” Both of them asked at the same time.

”We did our best and administered medicines… He got four fractured left ribs, two right ribs were shattered, and the bones pierced his lungs. Its a miracle he is still alive with that kind of injury. And, blood clotted in his arteries… Why did you bring him this late? ” The doctor read the report and asked Damian and the fat Boss.

”Well, shit, that looks bad… This is really bad. If he kicks the bucket… Big Boss will kill everyone. What to do? What to do? Will he survive? Tell me, he will survive, ” The fat Boss yelled in a terror-filled voice while grabbing and shaking the doctor by his arms.

”Whats his chance…? ” Damian asked in a grim tone as he pulled the fat Boss away from the doctor.

”Well, as I said before… We did our best. Thanks to the latest medical equipment Boss installed yesterday, we managed to save his organs… But we can say anything before 24 hours. What the hell hit him? A truck or something…? The reports say his ribcages got shattered in a single blow… Well, pray to God for a miracle, ” The doctor sighed and went inside the emergency chamber.

”Damn those inhuman assassins, ” Damian muttered in frustration after hearing the doctors report, ”Are you going to wait here? ” He looked toward the fat Boss.

”Isn it obvious… I ain going anywhere, ” The fat Boss said as he slumped on the nearby chair with a grim expression.

[Three Hours later] The doctors left the emergency chamber after administering medicines. Two head doctors were sitting just outside the room for an emergency.

[Sizzzle] [Crackle] Tiny flickers of green lightning sparks appeared on Marks body.

[Ping!!!] [Host in critical condition]

[Utilizing Emergency Blood Points]

[Forceful Leveling Up… Successfully Leveled Up.]

[Player Level 10]

[Activating Forceful Second Awakening]


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