Chapter 1

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“Cough, cough!”

My chest tickled, and a cough came out.
I felt dizzy.

I’m doomed.

This was my first thought since I was possessed into a novel.

‘I have to play this role…’

I’m playing the role of ‘Laria Rose Rostry’ in the novel, 『The Empire’s Greatest Deal.』

She has light pink hair, sparkling purple eyes, and innocent features.

She is a little short, but her round eyes and gentle expression makes her look like a puppy.

But all I liked was the appearance.

I am a supporting character who had a time limit and will die at the age of twenty-one.

“I died at the age of twenty-one in my previous life, and I’m doomed again here when I turn twenty-one.”’

“Cough, cough!”

I had to cover my mouth with a towel since I coughed up blood.

“What the heck, so I’m the only one left to do Rostry’s line of work?”

I am fourteen-years-old, and right now, I am attending Count Rostry and his wife’s funeral, my so-called parents.

After possessing this body, memories from the past naturally flooded into my head.

Her father, a hard worker, and her mother had many debts due to her lavish spendings, died in a car accident, leaving only enormous debts for me.

“Doesn’t she have any money in the County? I have to search for it!”

I was never happy living in Rosty County.

My parents were the worst, and the house was always noisy.
My father sent me to the East to study abroad because I was stubborn.

“It’s a funeral, but where did all my relatives go?”

“My money! Only this ugly little girl is getting all the money?”

I was being mobbed by debtors at a funeral in which all my relatives and friends were absent.

I kept glancing at the entrance, spilling the debtors’ words.
Because by now, there is a person who will absolutely burn me.

In the original book, Laria did not know she had a time limit until the day she died, and only two people in the world knew that.

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One is my mother, Count Rostry’s wife, and the other is…

“Huh? That, he’s…?”

“Why is the Duke of Acard here…?”

There she saw a man with a tall silhouette, dark hair, and ghastly red eyes strode into a mess.

‘The villain’s walk is cool…’

Just walking quietly was enough.
His overwhelming presence was unbearable.

‘The Duke of Acard.’

The Duke of Karoudin, Ivan Acard.

He lived quietly with his own honor but suddenly became powerfully mad after his wife died.

He was also the villain in the original book, who had no choice but to take control of the nobility and the Imperial family.

Although he doesn’t have an overwhelming amount of power yet due to his belated entry into politics.
He worked hard in the background and eventually became the leader of the aristocrats a few years later.

‘He even succeeded in marrying her.’

Of course, he thought he’d get hold of the aristocrats and the Imperial family and achieve his desired goal…

As the heroine, Princess Elaine, falls in love with the male lead and not his son, his dream becomes nothing.

‘It was never mentioned in the original book about what his greatest goal is…’

The author said he would solve foreign currency exchange issues, but I didn’t get the chance to read the end, before getting possessed into this body.

With his presence, the noisy funeral became quiet instantly.

The debtors chatted and soon lined up nicely in front of the Duke of Acard.

‘This is the power of money and authority!’

I was amazed yet again.

‘My role isn’t to be the villain, but it’s so cool…I wish I were a villain too.’

Not everyone can do the villain role.
If he claimed to be the villain without anyone as a substitute, then he is just a delusional man in the room.

Then, the Duke of Acard came before me without hesitation.
Then asked in a dreary voice.

“Do you have a place to go?”

All my relatives didn’t come to the funeral, leaving me in charge.
The County had been mortgaged and handed over, and all the servants fled.

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“I-I don’t have… cough!”

His eyes narrowed as I coughed.

I already knew what he was going to say.

“Then will you be my daughter, as Evan’s wife?”

It is a very surprising development, even though I knew this was going to happen.
It’s shocking that he came to see me so suddenly.

So he is proposing a premature marriage among the political expeditions of the nobility.

Early marriage is not that rare in aristocratic society.
By convention, a young child of my age could not stay in a noble family for a long time, because taking a young child and taking responsibility would require family members to give him or her the right to inheritances.

“Matilda is very close to your mother.”


It was the name of this Duchess of Acard, who died while giving birth to her son.

“If Matilda were alive, she would have wanted to bring you for sure.
That’s why I have come to get you.”


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