Chapter 15

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“Let’s exchange answers one by one.” I folded my arms and raised my chin.

“All right, Laria.
What are you curious about?”

“I’d like to know about the Duke’s late wife.”

The original book did not describe the Duchess of Icard.

The Duke of Icard was the villain in the novel, and the background explanation was not detailed because she was just the supporting role.
So, all I knew was that she died while giving birth to Evan.

‘It was full of the main character’s stories, but I didn’t see anything else about others…’

“You mean Matilda Larilash Icard.” Sven scratched his chin.

“Just like you, Laria, she had a political marriage with the Duke of Icard when they were children.
But she was such a warm and bright person that they got along very well.”


Was Duke Icard a man that got along with someone?

I tilted my head.

“Matilda was a lovely woman.
She was so good and kind-hearted.
She was someone that you couldn’t help but like.”

Sven’s words followed.

“Matilda especially liked the humor of Duke Icard, so she couldn’t stop laughing.”

I sighed reverently.
I had to admit this.

‘It’s true love.’

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This was more disastrous than Seymour and Elaine.

“At the time, Duke Icard was known to have had a happy time with his wife, at least in a political view.”

I tilted my head.

I could never imagine the face of Duke Icard spending a happy time with his wife.
He’s always expressionless and brusque.

Somehow my heart felt a little heavy.

“He’s a little obsessive.
The Duke would be restless without his wife, and he always wanted her in his sight.
He wants to control everything and he hates her meeting other men…”


“I was told that Matilda went to town with the Blue Clad Uniformed Ludvar, the vice-captain of the Knights at the time and that she was on the street for days and days.”

“Blue-clad Uniformed Ludvar?”

“It was a nickname given to him because he always wears blue uniforms.
Icard knights’ blue clothes were a bit dirty, so no one wore them, but he was the only one who wore it.”

Why does he have such a strange aesthetic taste?”

“Some say that it was because Matilda’s eyes are blue, but it’s hard to tell.
Anyway, that’s when Duke Icard said he’d dig out Ludvar’s eyes.”

Obsession and jealousy usually aren’t this severe.
She had to listen to Matilda’s position to see if she really had a good time.

“Well, there were so many people who liked Matilda.
If I understand correctly.”

“I see.” I nodded my head.

“She was rather weak, but she became extremely weak after she became pregnant with Evan.”

“Oh, she was weak?”

“So, the Duke was very nervous throughout her pregnancy.
She eventually died during childbirth.”

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I suddenly wondered if Evan’s heart would grow weaker if he heard this.

‘No, I think he already knows enough.’

“Miss Laria should be careful as well.”

“Huh? Why?”

“Because you and the Duchess are very much alike.”

She certainly resembles her appearance.
Though that doesn’t seem to be what Sven meant.

“You may be very friendly, but if something goes wrong, you don’t know how their hearts will turn.
It’s beyond imagination.”

Well…in the original story, Evan was really indifferent to anything she does.

I blinked my eyes and thought.

Even when his first wife died and his second wife cheated on him, Evan was not hurt.

He is cute even now, but he doesn’t know how friendly he is, so his heart will never turn.

“Maybe the reason why the Duke went with you to the Academy… was because you were so much like her.
There’s no one like Matilda, so it must have been hard for him not to get attached to you.”

Even though Sven gave more information about Matilda, there was nothing noteworthy.
In the end, everything came to an end, with Matilda being a warm and good person who cared for others’ wounds.

“Miss Laria, please answer my question now then.”

“Very well.”

Sven’s question was quite unexpected.

“What do you think of Duke Icard?”

I was lost in thought for a moment.
Would Laria say, ‘He’s a good man,’ or will she tell the truth?

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Sven is a talented dark guild leader and a man who would be helpful if he’s on my side.

So, I spoke carefully.

“I think he has the potential to hold and shake the Imperial Family later on.”

Sven’s eyes stared at me.
There were no additional questions whether he thought that one word was enough.

Well, that’s a lot of implications.

“That’s a good answer.”

At least now, when Sven meets me next time, he would not think of me only as a child.

“I think I should go now.”

Less than an hour passed, but I thought it would be better to leave it at this point today.

I held out my hand and said.
“Now, the ten gold coins.”

I wouldn’t forget.

Honestly, he would give her a hundred golds in exchange for ample information about the Duke.
Though she didn’t accept it as she feels like she would lose to him.

However, Sven was a little disappointed.
He then laughed and handed her ten gold coins.

“I’ll see you next time.”

“Don’t forget about the doctor.”

I said one more time and quickly left the cafe.


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“Did you buy everything?”

I waited, crossing my arms in front of the dessert shop, and laughed when I saw Lisa and the escort rush to buy Ganache one by one.

“Wow, thank you.”

She gave them a flower that was being sold at the store across the street.
“You’ve had a hard time lining up for a while.
This is a gift.”

They received the flowers with somewhat puzzled looks on their faces.

It didn’t mean much to give flowers as a gift.
I just wanted to express the feeling because I feel better when I see pretty and well-treated flowers.

‘But…what’s wrong with their reaction?’

Strangely, everyone took the flowers and made strange faces.

“What’s wrong? Do you hate flowers?”

“No, that’s not it.
Thank you, Miss Laria.”

“Then, let’s go back now.”

“But Ms.

Lisa looked at the envelope in my hand and said.

“What’s that?”

“Oh, this is.” I hugged the envelope tightly and grinned.


Actually, the name of the store was shown on the envelope, so I did that for dramatic effect.

And so, we finished our short town outing.
It looks like it’s just the right time to go back and have tea time right away.

It was a satisfying outing, except for the very unexpected fact that the Dark Guild leader, Sven, looked more interested in me than I thought.

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