“It’s amazing.”

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Serena opened her eyes wide and admired it.

“Everyone says the profits are incredible.
How did you predict this?”


I lowered my eyes over the tea.
Knowing Seymour’s move, I was just getting a little bit of corn from the other side.

“I just read a book, and it was so interesting.”

“Did you read that book first?”

“Yes, when I was in the Capital.”

Seymour’s purchase of the Hanua estate happened as I predicted.
He was a man who spent all day trying to smell money and was especially interested in art because what he was most confident about, was his eyes for art.

At that time, he happened to read a book, which was a travel essay book set from Hanua.
The phrases were so elegant and witty, so the writing itself was highly complete, but above all, the content was outstanding.

The title was「 The Afternoon of Hanua, 」a beautiful and detailed book that would make you want to visit Hanua once.
And in that, the book’s most dedicated description was ‘Hanua’s Madeleine.’

Madeleine made in Hanua was undoubtedly a little different from other madeleines.
The reason was that Hanua’s wheat itself was influenced by the Olta forest and had a unique scent.
And, the method of creating dough in Hanua tradition was slightly different from that of the Capital.

Thus, with all the factors combined, Hanua bread was distinct from other regions.

Most of all, the author initially liked madeleines, and it took more than three pages in the original novel to describe the madeleines.
While reading the description, I even thought I couldn’t discuss bread without eating Hanua’s madeleine.

So, Seymour bought a title with the money he earned from horse racing, bought the Hanua estate, then turned towards the travel essay collection for people who liked to travel.

“The book mentioned how delicious Hanua’s madeleines are.”

It happened to be summer, so it was the vacation season.

Hanua was located on the way to the coast of Molboros, the continent’s top resort.
All the capital nobles had a villa on the coast of Molboros.

Since there was nothing to see in Hanua itself, the tours were all over in just half a day, making some travelers stop by Hanua on their way to the coast of Molboros instead.
They bought the madeleines and tasted them since it was the perfect thing to purchase as a snack when you’re hungry at a travel destination for the day.

Throughout the summer, Hanua was expected to be swarming with tourists searching for madeleines from the essay book.

“So… I thought it was going to be a hit, that’s all.”

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Seymour foresaw the situation and used the strategy of buying flour at a low price in advance, and then selling it at a high price.

Therefore, I chose a different method.

Some of the Vestian Dark Information Guild members who worked around here were asked to open a bakery that specializes only in madeleines.
Naturally, people who already enjoyed baking were chosen.

First of all, with the intention of only opening the summer season, I used the money given by the Duke of Icard to buy a house without an owner at a low price.
Then, I converted it into a bakery.
And so, the guild members were asked to learn how to bake madeleines from the owner of the village bakery.

After setting up several bakeries that only bake madeleines, the people were never allowed to sell wheat stock in Seymour-Hanua.

“Our guild members are all excited.”

Serena spoke as she clapped her hands eagerly.

“Everyone loves baking because it is their hobby.
I wanted to open a bakery when I retire later, but what a good practice!”

Visitors to Hanua, of course, bought madeleines in Kyle-Hanua.

It had only been less than three days since the tourists flocked, although the sales were terrific as each tourist bought it.
It was going to get more significant in the future, though of course, the sales will disappear after summer.

I decided to receive some of the bakery net sales set up by the Vastian Guild members.
It was the price of teaching business items in advance.

“Oh, also, did you know?”

She blinked and spoke again, “The other Lord, Baron Seymour Gold Letucia, gets cursed at.”


“Because he bought wheat cheaply and sold it at a high price to the people of the land.”

Indeed, the lord also makes money from madeleine, though they are losing out on some money because of this.

No one knew that this madeleine craze was due to Seymour’s douche-like plan.

“Instead, we make money very quietly and get out quietly.”

I had told everyone to withdraw after the summer.
It was a strategy that I could use because I could mobilize a lot of people using the guild.

“Everyone is wondering how the outsider suddenly noticed the madeleine craze and created so many stores.

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Serena continued, tilting her head.

“Because they’re so busy with tourists right now, they have to stay idle for now.”

I nodded quietly.

For now, even if the situation was vague, I thought the best was to watch everything just as Seymour did.
This was because he was the person who worked after seeing one madeleine for a long time.

Fortunately, he didn’t know that I was Kyle Dart Lavonis, so I just had to step back a little.
No matter if my tail was stepped on and suspected, it was enough to press down my status.

‘I’m the one who nagged Evan about not being able to discriminate against people for their status…’

I objectively assessed myself.

To be honest, I personally felt as though I was a piece of crap.
After possessing this body, I secretly helped the male lead, but it was more like sharing the profits than helping.
Still, it was difficult and annoying to make money on my own.

‘…A piece of junk who doesn’t even try by herself.’

For a moment, I woke up in my conscience that remained in my mind like a trace.

‘Although the original says Seymour makes an astronomical amount of money… so, he would still make a lot of money even if I took just a little…’

I had the advantage of being objective to myself but generous in the end, having so easily compromised with my conscience.

Suddenly, Serena opened her mouth and broke the silence.

“Thanks to you, our guild has made a lot of money, Laria.”

“Well, it is a win-win situation for both of us.”

“If you want to know anything from now on, feel free to ask me.” She spoke softly.
Moments later, she asked me another question.

“Are you going to do anything else with the money you earned this time?”


I answered with my hand on my chin.

“I’ll use it to build a house for now.”

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It will be a mansion that would be my hiding place when it’s time for me to run away.
When I first bought only half of the land in Hanua, I chose it as a place without the lord’s mansion since I wanted to build it from the beginning to where I wanted it to be.

“Oh… you mean you being ‘Baron Kyle Dart Lavonis’?”

Serena, who understood my words, smiled brightly.

“If you leave it to us, we’ll take care of it for a minimum price.”

However, the amount of money I have right now was not enough.
I could barely build the exterior properly.

‘It’s finally right in front of me, my dream of getting a house!’

At that moment, as I was about to think about what type of house to build with Serena, a knock could be heard, followed by Lisa’s voice.

“Young miss, I have a few things to let you know about the upcoming banquet.”

“Yes, come on in.”

Lisa motioned at Serena and signaled her to go out.

At first, Serena pretended not to understand though eventually heaved a sigh after Lisa firmly said, “It’s the duchy’s family affair, so outsiders should excuse themselves out.”

I didn’t mean to put Serena in the duchy’s work either, so I didn’t dissuade her.

Lisa, who was finally alone with me, sighed and continued.

“Young Madam, I don’t want to see other people’s flaws, however…”

“Well, you don’t really have to.”

“I’m so worried that I can’t help it.”

“What is it?”

“Do you know how ‘famous’ the doctor at the villa is in Borotna…?”


“…As a great Casanova.”

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I seriously thought it was something brutal.
Regardless, Serena wouldn’t be particularly upset or offended because of it.

“As long as the doctor is good, then it’s fine, right?”

Regardless, it was not that Serena is a doctor at all, but…

“The Young Master asked me to keep an eye on her.
The doctor is very suspicious, so I shouldn’t leave the young lady alone with her too often.”

I couldn’t help but admire Evan’s incredible touch.
Sensing the suspiciousness of Serena, who deceived even Duke Icard.

“The Young Master told me not to leave you alone.”

God… Even though they couldn’t have noticed we were both planning our escape, Evan still felt something was tremendously odd right now.

‘I need to be careful.
Maybe he’s sharper than the Duke…’

Deciding so, I raised my guard once again.

“Anyway, first of all… we already set the date for the banquet.”

It had been about a month since I arrived in Borotna, but I haven’t socialized at all, claiming that I was relieving my travel sickness.
So, holding a banquet would be a sign that I was slowly adjusting to the area.

“I found out that in the south, there is a custom of hanging the owner’s paintings at the entrance of the corridor.
You’d better draw a picture.”

I opened my mouth wide.
If I had known this, I wouldn’t have closed my eyes and nodded shamelessly, ‘Yes, I’m an art prodigy,’ when the Duke of Icard said he would get me an art teacher…

‘Everything you say should be sparingly and coolly.
You don’t know when or how it will be used.’

Not knowing what I was thinking, Lisa added.

“This is a list of local nobles.
It’s polite to write your own invitation, even if it’s short, so you should slowly write it.
I’ll memorize their name.”

“Okay, all right.
However… isn’t this list too long?”

“They are not going to be here, anyway.
They may just send themselves out of courtesy.
Because no one here is old enough or lived in this area for too long, since almost all the nobles are in the Capital, so for example, like—”

She frowned while reading the list for a little.
Then, eventually picked a name.

“Baron Seymour Gold Letucia?”

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