Even though he was only thirteen years old, Evan was a little creepy when he looked determined and expressionless.
Although he was still a little shorter than Seymour, he was rather tall anyway.

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“Let me warn you now.
Don’t send such an unpleasant letter to Laria from now on.”

Unlike Seymour’s soft features, Evan had a sharp impression that matched with his nonchalant expression.

“Oh, you read that letter?”

Saying so, Seymour smiled with his eyes without any sign of startlement.

“I hope you’re not offended.
You two indeed got married at an early age.”

I leaned against Evan, smiled slightly.

To be honest, I was rather conscious of the surroundings.
As expected, the eyes of the people in the banquet hall were secretly focused.
The gang, including Vietti and Bern, were also staring at us with interesting expressions.

First of all, we are in a position that is easily noticed because we are basically the organizers.
And, above all, Seymour Letucia… He had just begun to make a name for himself in the Southwest due to his distinctive handsomeness and surprisingly fast-growing capital.


Seymour spoke slowly, glancing at Evan and me.

“Rather than a couple, you look like siblings.”

‘Wow, that Baron really crossed the line—’

With this thought, I realized to myself that he had already perfectly adapted to the system of the noble peerage in this world.
Once, He even admonished Evan for ignoring Radian as a commoner…

‘He was originally a democratic citizen with the idea of equality for all people!

Once a man rises to a higher position, he, too, easily adapts to the system…

‘Still, it’s so good that I’m a high-ranked person… I’m already corrupted.’

If you’re in Rome, do what Romans do… I don’t have to follow, especially when I’m so comfortable.
Anyway, Seymour was the male lead who eventually showed the ambition to win the Princess from Evan.
Maybe, that was why he didn’t look intimidated in front of him at all.

‘Actually, it is true that we are like siblings…’

As the atmosphere seemed to be uncomfortable again, I was thinking about coughing one more time.

“I couldn’t say,” Evan replied in a very iced tone before adding his words.

“You keep speaking of my age, then, should I make a baby to be seen as a married couple?”
[ T/N: I want to remark how this thirteen-year-old kid says ‘make a baby’ here cuz the next lines are so funny, my baby.

‘What…? What are you talking about? Why is the baby coming out of here?’

My eyes went as big as a plate.
Meanwhile, the people watching us were also startled as well.
The same was true of Seymour.


“There have been a few times when I almost made a mistake, but I have been careful–Uppk!”

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I hurriedly covered Evan’s mouth.

“Don’t worry, as long as you don’t hold hands, you won’t have a baby.
Actually, I almost made a mistake in my sleep, but I’ll be careful, so trust me.”

Whatever Evan was thinking, it was obvious others wouldn’t think the same.
In addition, despite the fact that he may be a cute thirteen on the inside, he had quite a high face value.

‘Evan, you’re accumulating one ugly past.
He’s the one who spoke about such a dark past, but why do I feel shame inside me…’


I smiled awkwardly and continued, “I don’t think I can dance right now.
We’d excuse ourselves to greet other guests.”

Seymour glanced at Evan with a dithery face before smiling at me again leisurely.

“I understand.”

‘Yeah, let’s not get tangled up for nothing, okay?’

“But if, just in case, Lady Laria puts her next hobby in jewelry…”

I swallowed a dry saliva.

Jewel… Surely, that was the next area I was going to sneak up on.
Of course, the time was approaching for Seymour to have some fun with jewels.

“I think we can have a very pleasant conversation today.”

‘Oh, what should I do? Now, I’ve come to the point where the male lead guessed my move based on his own.’

Firstly, jewelry is canceled.
I had to consider the right value of everything and leave.

‘Right, I should let him do that all by himself.’

And so, I decided to give up my next move neatly with tears in my eyes.
As I turned around with Evan, who was about to pull out a sword, I could see a girl standing conceitedly alone in the corner of the banquet hall.

‘There she is.’

No one had spoken to her since she arrived at the banquet hall—a girl of my age with purple hair and blue eyes.

Kate Lynn Eldsphy.

Already attending the Marchioness class, I was acquainted with her.
Of course, I asked her to attend this banquet.
Instead of Vietti, I had chosen her as the next Queen of the Southwest socialite.

Why did I choose her instead of standing in the frontline? Because I didn’t know when I would go to the Capital, and most of all, I had to disappear when it was appropriate, so it was difficult for me to come to the forefront.

The hidden influence behind the Queen was an appropriate role for me.

Duke Icard was the greatest villain of the Empire.
Obviously, there will be limbs scattered all over the place.
So, after I disappeared, he could have been determined to find me and kill me.

I also had to be thoroughly prepared to never get caught.
Obviously, if I just roughly cover his eyes and run away like that, I will get caught in no time.

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‘I have to be thoroughly prepared.’

Hence, from now on, if I’m in tight control of the Southwest social circle… All of this will be the cornerstone to make the unrealistic character Kyle Dart Lavonis.




Since it wasn’t a large-scale banquet, the atmosphere of the gathering and talking naturally was created after a few dance songs.

“Young Master, aren’t you the winner of the last youth swordsmanship competition? I was there at that time.”

“I still remember the last duel.
How did you think about lowering your body at that moment?”

Especially next to Evan, aspiring knights interested in swordsmanship gathered around.
Even if he answered insincerely, everyone was amazed by him and asked a lot of questions.


I whispered softly to him.

“I’m going to the bathroom for a while, and I’m going to say hello to Miss Kate.”


“Mng, Marquis Eldsphy’s Young Lady, and I’m taking lessons from Miss Kate’s mother.
It’ll be uncomfortable if you come along, so stay here.”


Although it seemed that he wanted to follow me, I smiled quickly and added, “There are so many people who want to talk to you about swordsmanship.
You’re truly amazing.
I’m so proud of you.”

Five or six aspiring knights were listening to Evan’s every word so preciously.

“I’m so proud of you.
You are doing great.
My husband is the best.”

“Well, hmm…”

As expected, he began to answer their questions again.

I stopped by the bathroom for a while, then went straight through the back door Serena had pointed out.

“Miss Laria, there you are!”

Serena, who was waiting in the garden, beckoned at me.
I rolled up my dress and rushed at Serena.
As I went from the villa to the greenhouse in a remote place, Sven, dressed as a gardener, was sitting on an Oklasia tree.

“Long time no see, Miss Laria.”

Seeing me, Sven jumped down the tree.

“There’s no one around.
You don’t have to worry.”

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“Well, all the people in the villa are mobilized for the banquet.”

I slumped into a chair in the greenhouse.
On Sven’s shoulder was a black cat I had seen before.
It was in the Capital, to think you’d bring the cat all the way here…

Looking at it, I thought Sven was truly an incredibly sincere butler.

“First of all, let me say thank you.
Our guild members made some fun money thanks to you, Miss Laria.”

Sven was referring to the madeleines.

I replied with a smile.

“If someone hears, they’ll think you’ve earned it for free.
It’s a win-win because I received the commission as well.
Please continue to make good deals.”

Then, I crossed my arms and went on straight.

“I have to go before Evan finds out.
Just tell me what you want.”


“Why are you so active in helping me?”

At my question, Sven chuckled, “It’s just because we like Miss Laria.
Don’t you think it’s just a simple favor I do for you?”

“Of course not.”

Immediately, the black cat on Sven’s shoulder jumped and sat on my lap again.


“I think he likes me.
He sat on my lap the other time, too.”

Serena, who was looking at it, put her hands in her mouth with a surprised look on her face.

“Oh, it really is true…”

‘Is it so great that this cat is sitting on my lap?’

Thinking that, I stroked the cat’s black fur and spoke to him.

“You seem pretty picky? It looks like you don’t get along well with other people.”


Sven swept his chin, remained silent for a moment, and sat politely across my position.

“Miss Laria.”


“As you said, we’re running out of time.
Let’s get straight to the point.
I’m here because I want to be honest with Miss Laria.”

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“Okay, honesty, that’s good.”

I nodded my head coolly.
Well, I didn’t plan to be completely honest.

“I dare to judge Miss Laria’s course of action… Are you planning to run away from the Duchy of Icard? Is that why you bought land under a borrowed name and are saving money?”

“Ngh, that’s right.”

“May I ask why?”

“Do I really need to voice it out?”

“Perhaps, is it related to Princess Elani?”

I stared at Sven without answering.

“Maybe… you’re thinking of Princess Elanie as Prince Evan’s partner.”

Sven continued speaking with the expression of a person looking at the gambling card first.

“Like many people have thought before.”

“…That’s right,” I answered haphazardly.
“The marriage of Evan and Princess Elani is the most important card for my father.
And, if he wants to use that card, he won’t have any use for me.”

He even came all the way down to Borotna for me.
Sven seemed to know everything anyway, but there was no reason for me to hide it.

“I think maybe Father will get rid of me if it’s appropriate.
That’s why I’m trying to find my way out before that.”

“…How are you going to leave?”

“Totally eradicated.
I don’t want to die… I just want Princess Elani and Evan to get married.”

Hearing my answer, Sven didn’t look surprised at all, and rather, it seemed as though he had expected my answer.
Eventually, he approached me slowly.

“What about after that?”

“Just…living in hiding, I guess?”

“Wouldn’t it be too boring?”

“Umm, is that so?”

I was going to hold out until Evan and Elanie got divorced, anyway, so I answered half-heartedly.


Sven asked carefully.

“Why don’t you try something like conquering the world as a hobby?”


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