Becoming A God

The New World

Heath is a man who controls 2/5 of the worlds mafia, cartels and etc.

They mostly kill, torture, and kill again if they were mistakenly or not touched them, they mostly kill them.

If they were dissatisfied with something else, they mostly kill for fun just to satisfy their demands.

As the leader of the mafia and cartels, Heath is a different man, he mostly help others by helping them with everything.

Heath also helped government alot, he helped them if they asked heath.

Heath will help anyone as long as someone asked him.

Heath has a wife, a son and 2 daughters, He usually don care what his family talk about him in his back be it good or bad, because all he wants is he wants them to be happy and enjoy their life.

Yep heath is much more different others and helped government right?

After 10 years of marriage, heath got betrayed by her wife and the government.

Heaths wife, Jean, betrayed heath by killing their children and the parents of heath.

After that the government did not helped heath after what happened and 2 days later, heaths life started going down like crazy.

Heath even got betrayed and learned that his wife even cheated on him over his best friend.

After heaths life are crashing one of his most trusted right hand man stabbed him in his stomach with a knife, You can clearly see his intestines coming out if his stomach, his right hand man shot him in his back and a few blood splurt out of his body.

After that, he tortured heath and remove his teeth, cut of his d*ck and chopped his limbs off, While heath was crying, his limbs and body parts are forcefully being chopped Infront of his face.

After his right hand man chopped his limbs off he said: ”Aren you such a shit ”. You have all the power in your hands to overthrow the government and got betrayed by the same government you helped ”.

Heath can speak because his tongue got cut off while his right hand man was putting spices on his freshly cut wounds and flesh.

After torturing heath for a while, the right hand man got bored and shot him in the back of his head.

Heaths brain matter and flesh, limbs, intestines and eyes where scattered everywhere in the room.

After heath was killed, he curses them in his mind as he can speak, nor do anything as he was dead.

An hour later, heath saw a mysterious white light that has a human form?

”It must be a dream, Yeah ”, After saying that he heard a soft and and sad voice saying: ”you, Ill give you another chance to live your life, do anything you would like to do, literally anything ”. Heath thought to himself: ”Is this a prank?, Damn to think im getting pranked after what happened ”.

And then heath heard another mysterious voice of a woman it says: ”Nope this is not a prank nor something, we are giving you chance to live in a fantasy world ”. ”take it or leave and disappear forever ” said the mysterious shining woman. ”And yep i can read your thoughts, so you can just think your words and i can response to it ” said the mysterious woman.

After the woman said that, heath did not hesitate and immediately agreed.

”I will give you a gift for your journey heath ” said the mysterious women while heaths consciousness slowly fades away~

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