Best Of The Best Son-In-Law


”Erick, didn you hear me? Look so fierce? Are you going to eat me? ” Ravella stared at Erick.

”Enough! ”

”Sister Ravella, you called him to dinner. You agreed not to embarrass him. What are you doing? Its a big deal. Ill give him my place. ” Then Rachel stood up.

As soon as she got up, Erick grabbed her, threw her chopsticks and pushed her back to her seat. ”Have a good meal. I think theres something I haven done. Ill go back first. ”

Then Erick left the private room.

He woke up when the wind blew outside.

Yes, what are you still struggling with? Obviously, they are not people in the same world. What are you sad about? Maybe its because I have fantasized that I and Ravella may really become husband and wife, and even fantasize about all kinds of things in the future. However, fantasies are fantasies after all, and are vulnerable to the cruel reality.

His kindness and silent devotion to Ravella are the cheapest, least worth mentioning and most disgusting tenderness in the eyes of the other party.

In the end, Erick slowly felt that he liked Rachel, a simple and kind girl.

Rachel is so kind that she doesn want to hurt anyone. Because of this, Erick is more tangled now. If he suddenly tells her that he is actually rich, will he feel cheated? Are you drifting away from yourself?

Now Rachel has the purest emotion for him, not because of his identity, but also because of his assets, without any impurities. Erick enjoys this emotion very much, and he doesn want to destroy the relationship between them.

Thinking of Erick, he smiled.

”You give me a vast ocean, and Ill pay you back the whole world. ”

Erick smiled.

”Erick! What are you staring at? Lets go. ” A quiet voice suddenly appeared behind him.

”Rachel? Why did you come out? ” Erick was stunned.

”I don like that atmosphere. Its hypocritical. ”

”They kicked you out and clearly didn treat you as a friend. ” Rachel pouted.

Erick couldn help laughing. Is he still a friend? Who here would really treat him as a friend? Since those rumors spread in the school, who can really look up to themselves except a few roommates and a few people?

”Silly girl, if I dare to come to this dinner, it means Im ready to deal with these things. Its you who are at odds with your sister again. Are you okay? ” Erick cares.

Rachel shook her head.

”Forget it, you won say if I ask you. Ill invite you to a big meal tomorrow. Don refuse! ” Erick grinned. He had made up his mind to surprise her.

”How can you afford to invite me to dinner? Unfortunately … I gave my parents all the money for the project, otherwise I could help you. ” Rachel lowers her head and thinks about whether she can deduct some oil and water to Erick when she works with Pearl Group in the future, otherwise he will be too poor alone.

”I don need your help. Youd better save your money yourself. Don be taken by your sister. You can be at ease with the money in your own hands. ” Erick couldn help rubbing her hair.

Just at the dinner table, when Jayson said that the crisis between the Scarr family and the Pearl Group had been lifted, Erick knew that it was the help of Rachel. Now, although Rachels identity is only the person in charge of the project between Watson Family and the Pearl Group, because of Ericks relationship, Rachel has a voice far greater than her function when negotiating with the Pearl Group.

Moreover, Rachel has always been more obedient. This must be what Ravella asked her to do. Erick is worried that Ravella will make it worse and regard Rachel as a cash cow.

”I don need money very much. ” Rachel smiled.

”You will suffer a great loss sooner or later. ”

”By the way, its your 18th birthday in a few days. What gift do you want? ” Erick suddenly turned his head.

In the past three years, Erick hasn prepared a gift for Rachel. He didn have much money. He basically spent it on Ravella, but he hasn got a good result.

Now Erick just wants to make up for it and prepare a grand birthday party for her.

Its just a headache. Rachels birthday is on the same day as Ravellas. If he holds a birthday party for Rachel, afraid the contrast will be strong.

But its nothing to think about. Ravella has long abandoned her relationship with him. Now he still considers each other. Isn that cheap?

”Don spend money for me. Im not short of anything. Besides, Im a project leader of our Watson Family now. Ive had a good time. ” Rachel said here with a little pride and raised her head.

Erick can cry or laugh.

As they walked, they said that after leaving restaurant, they went back to school.

When Erick returns to the dormitory, the dormitory is empty. He is the third of the four in the dormitory. These three guys are either black in the Internet cafe or pick up girls in the bar all day. Its normal not to see people all day.

In the evening, Erick called Rachel again and asked her to help book a card seat in the White Swan music restaurant.

Erick promised to take Rachel to have a good meal, so he will not break his promise.

White Swan is definitely a better restaurant than in Charlottenburg District. However, compared with before, before is suitable for parties, while White Swan is suitable for couples to date. It has different styles to eat Western food and drink wine in the accord.

The next day, near noon, Erick called Rachel in advance.

To tell the truth, Rachel doesn want Erick to spend money, but she doesn have money now. All the money she got from the previous project is in her parents and sister.

But Erick insisted on letting her out. Rachel came, and they agreed to meet at the school gate.

”Yo? Isn this Erick? Do you think thats your fiancee over there? Your fiancee is all right with others. Are you still calm? ”

As soon as Erick arrived, his classmate Liam Sofyan came together, his voice full of surprise and ridicule.

Erick in university has a fiancee, which makes a lot of trouble. His classmates and even the next few classes know that he is a door-to-door son-in-law and a loser who eats soft food. He often teases him about it, but Erick never heard of it.

However, hearing Liams words, he couldn help looking at the main road at the school gate.

Ravella is dressed very sexy today. She is rarely so sexy … There is a BMW five series parked on the side of the road. The window drops and Jayson sticks out his head.

”Honey, I sold my three series and got a five series. What do you think? ”

”Good looking! ” Ravella likes it all over his face.

”Then why don you come in? The top of the starry sky is specially prepared for you. ”

”Ill take you to a big meal. Ive booked a restaurant. Surprise you! ” Jayson blinked.

Although he doesn look good, the car has filled him with points. Ravella got into the car in the envy of many people. Her face is sweet, not to mention how cool it is!

The university can drive a BMW, and the whole school can find many people, which virtually satisfies her great vanity.

Erick watched from a distance and couldn help sighing.

A BMW makes her lose herself and immerse herself in vanity and comparison. At least its Miss Watson. How can she be so unpromising?

Erick can understand Ravellas heart of chasing fame and wealth. This is the most important reason why they parted ways.

Just when Erick was distracted, he pulled him behind a small hand.

”Rachel? You
e here at last. ” Erick grinned.

”Don be angry … Its impossible for you and my sister anyway. Just be open. ” Rachel obviously saw this scene, and now she can help comforting Erick.

”Im fine. Lets go to dinner. ” Erick didn care.

”Where to eat? ” Rachel stirred her fingers.

”White Swan. ”

”Ah? Id better not. The consumption there is terrible! ” Rachels face changed.

As Miss Watson, she must know the consumption level of White Swan. Its not a place for ordinary people to eat.

”What are you afraid of? Yesterday you said to treat you to a good meal today because I didn eat. You don want to pay for it. ” Erick smiled.

”Lets go. ”

Saying this, they couldn help breaking up and holding Rachels hand. They stopped a car by the side of the road and got in.

The White Swan music restaurant is located in the downtown commercial street more than ten miles south of the school. It is extremely prosperous. When they arrive at the door, they suddenly have a meal.

The parking space at the entrance of the restaurant is the BMW five series bought by Jayson.

”Lets … Don go in. This is Jaysons car. They also eat here … If they encounter … ” Rachel is worried that it will be embarrassing to meet her sister later.

”Go in! ” Erick took a breath. Some things have to be confessed and some people have to face them. He may have been hiding things from others. Its just right to see Ravellas attitude.

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