Philippines on the island of Negros Occidental.

There lives a 20 year old young man who is struggling on his academic journey. His hobby are only playing video games and also reading and writing.

He loves reading webtoons and webnovels of any genre. He came from a middle class family whom either poor or rich. They
e the class in between the lower class and the higher class in social classes.

He was just your average modern man who is studying in order to get a proper job for his future and also a young man who loves playing video games. Additionally, the games he played is limited only for mobile phone video games because he couldn afford an personal computer which is very expensive for his financial status.

He only watch walkthrough of games through YouTube videos made by some youtubers. Furthermore, he wrote a short novel and is currently gaining some popularity.

This young man named is ”Nero Eshwald ” a 20 year old young man who is currently on his 2nd year of college.

Nero is currently on his room at the house of his parents. He was currently studying for his incoming exam in 3 days time. Furthermore, he was stressed out due to the large amount of activities the school is giving him to the point he was exhausted and did not have a rest mentally.

If this goes on he might even die due to stress and exhaustion. Furthermore, he is mentally exhausted which is very dangerous and the lack of sleep he was getting.

His school gave them a large amount of work just 5 days before the exam. Additionally, the worse of it all the activities were given at the same time and not little by little.

Nero have a rough childhood just like other kids like him that grow up in the countries belong to Asia.

Where parents were so obsessed in shaping the life of their children. Where parents compared their children to other parents children. Where parents loves to boast about their children academic achievements to the other people and if that child is getting a grade lower than 90 that child were given a treatment worse than the cold treatment.

The child will be beaten up until the child tears dried up from crying. That is why Asian children have a giant mountain of a pressure at their backs and competition were fierce.

Nero is one of those children.

An unknown time passed by…

It was already night time and Nero was still studying. Beside him were mountain of books and papers.

Beep beep beep. Beep beep beep.

The alarm clock his parents set rang out and Nero turn it off.

”Ah, finally I can rest. ” Nero said as he sigh of relief.

The alarm signifies the time of his rest from studying. Nero only got an hour of rest and then would continue from studying. He would stop studying at 10pm in the evening.

The current time was still 6pm and by 7pm he would continue studying non-stop until 10pm.

He can have a day off every Sunday, but due to the pandemic that is happening to the whole world he cannot go out and would just play video games or read some webtoons or webnovels. He sometimes will write a chapter for his novel.

But today was still Saturday so he can only wait for tomorrow for his day off.

After he rest a little, Nero went downstairs to eat his dinner along with his family members.

Their house were just the average modern house you can see in the Philippines barangays and Nero family house were some of the few two stories tall house that were quite old.

After walking down through the stairs Nero finally arrived downstairs. His two younger siblings were running off the house and their toys was scattered throughout the floor. His grandmother is preparing the table, his father is watching TV along with his older brother.

Neros mother is still cooking their dinner.

Nero smiles at the scene. Although his parents like to control the life of their children like almost all Asian parents. Nero understand that all of that is for his future so that he can have a good life.

Nero was the second oldest among his 4 siblings. His older brother is already a college graduate and is currently the Municipal Engineer of their town. His older brother is 4 years younger than him.

He also have a twin sibling name Abby and Gabby. They
e a fraternal twin and also 7 years younger than him.

His family owns a small business of selling toys and other things. They are like a modern merchant that goes from town to town.

Nero sat at the sofa along with his older brother Gideon and father Bennett. Nero chatted with his family.

”Dinners ready! ” His mother shouted.

”Okay. ”

”Abby and Gabby lets eat now. Stop playing. ” his father said as he chase the twin around.

The whole family sat at the table and his grandmother said, ”Lets pray. ”

All of them close their eyes and hold their hands close.

”Dear God, thank you for this food and the blessings you have given to us. Help my grandchildren overcome their hardest challenge of life, amen. ”

”Lets eat. ” his mother said.

Thier dinner were only consisted of pork adobo and 1 pot of rice.

After a while, they all have finished dinner and Nero help his grandma clean the table while his mother washes the dishes.

Nero brushed his teeth and went upstairs to continue his study.

3 hours later and it was already almost 10pm.

”Huh? ”

Nero rubbed his eyes because for a moment his eye sight blur. He check the clock and it was only 9:37pm. He continued to study after checking the time. Then, suddenly, his sight once again became blurry.

”I overworked myself again. ” Nero said after rubbing both of his eyes. After that, Nero plan to go into bed and rest f

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