As I awoken, I saw the illuminating light shine. I opened my eyes for the first time in this new world.

however something is wrong. I thought that rebirth ment starting a new life from infancy. But no it wasn like that. Or at least it isn for me.

I awoke in the middle of a battlefield. I saw myself sitting on a pile of corpses. The stench of death, metal, smoke, and the rotting carcasses, shook me back to reality.

Suddenly memories of the former owner of the body entered my mind. My name was David.

I was part of the first companys to land on operation d-day. After we entered the landing craft. All hell breaks loose.

Gun fire covered the skies. Smoke blurs our sight from the horizon. Burning vehicles gave a scent of worry.

As we approach our destination. Fear shock the men next to me. He kept repeating the same words.

” we are all going to die. ”

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