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The Defense of hill 499

As the day looms over. Night slowly began to sweep over the battlefield. Littered with corpses, and freshly used ammunition cartridges.

The remaining troops grouped up and started to dig in. For the long battle a head. They began to shiver, sitting in the nearby bunker for shelter from the rain.

The rain went on all night long. Without stop, the wind began blowing as if a storm is about to hit.

Despite all that moral hold firm. The men are still very high spirited. Because of our victory today.

Even though there is only about 40 of us left on this hill. The rest are either heavily wounded and was brought down the hill. Nor laying dead around the hill.

It was around 0100 hours.

I began my patrol around the hill. Making my way to the foot of the hill. Through the land mines.

Checking the defenses around the hill. Searching for more wounded in case we missed any. And to scout for possible enemy counter attack.

Before going back to the machine gun nest I was assigned to. To get some shut eye before the following day.

For the first three days. It was quiet, to quiet. Usually the enemy would have started mobilising their troops to retake the hill.

Or at least they would bombard the hill. With a barrage of artillery . Day and night would have gone without a wink of sleep. Fearing that the enemy might kill us before we even get the chance to fight back.

But the night attack never came. We just ended up sitting on the muddy grounds. Twiddling our thumbs.

On The night of the fourth day. I was walking around the hill at night. Because I couldn sleep that night.

The memories of my past life still lingers. And somehow made me feel save and uneasy at the same time.

I remembered that the attack on the hill. Should have caused more casualties than this. There was only fifteen people left, when I was playing the game.

Maybe the story have changed thanks. To my interventions in this world. However although having more people around is better in this situation. But could it have effected the story to different end?

I kept mumbling to myself. Thinking about it, all night long. Until I decided to take a night stroll.

I decided to bring my pistol with me. A knife and a binocular, incase something happens.

When I went inside the forest near the North side of the hill. I heard a strange rustling sound. Coming from the bush up a head.

I approach the site quietly. As I make my way there suddenly I heard some people talking.

Turns out there were a small camp near there. I saw five people down there. Three of them were a sleep in their camouflaged camps.While the other two are patrolling around the camp.

I thought that they were some of our guys. Nut when I saw their insignia, I knew they were enemy troops.

This could be the enemies listening post. My guess is they are the snipers posted on this hill. No wonder no sniper rifle was found among the dead.

They were here watching us. Feeding the other side information on our defense and numbers. They had stayed their hands, when the hill was assaulted.

One of the enemy went of into the woods. Alone most likely trying to spy on us.

I decided to tail him for a moment. Through the trees and bushes. Through heavy rain, and muddy roads.

I closed our distance to about a mile away. Without him noticing anything. Along the way I marked the trees to make my way back into the enemy camp easier.

Turns out I was wrong. He wasn out there to spy on us. He was out to sabotage our defenses around the hill. By disabling land mines, and cutting barb wires.

I snuck behind him. Grabbed my knife, and slit his throat. His blood gushed out of his neck.

I dragged him down behind the trees. I looted his pockets and found the plans to attack the hill in the noon of the fifth day.

They had stationed mortars, trucks and at least 200 troops to attack the hill. They are currently positioning them selves and planning a route for their assault.

I needed to report this to the commander. But I cannot let the other snipers go. So I retracted my tracks back to the camp site.

When I reached the camp site. I noticed something while crouching in the bush next to them. The three people originally sleeping are awake now.

And I realized that I couldn take them all on and an ambush might not work in this area. I took a breath and started to plan my next move.

Should I just went back and report my findings first. With the risk of losing the element of surprise.

And alerting the enemy of my actions. They might report the sudden changes. And might Worsen our chances of winning.

Or I could take the risk and try to create a distraction. To draw them apart from each other and kill them one by one. However I might risk this information falling back into enemy hands. And that my troops will get wiped out trying to defend the hill.

Suddenly an enemy appeared in front of me. He was the missing enemy from earlier. He was surprised when seeing me, in front of him crouching on the bush.

I immediately took the initiative and pounce. At him, he stumbled back into a pile of leaves. His head landed on a sharp stone.

He was knocked out cold. So I grabbed my knives and slit his throat . And dragged his body behind the trees.

I sighed in relief, knowing that my presence is invisible to the enemy. I took his stuff and snuck back to the camp site.

Turns out they began to wonder. Where are their comrades? Why aren theyve comeback yet?

I needed to take the initiative. And attack them, if not they would discover the dead body behind the tree.

I threw a smoke grenade to the middle of their camp. And threw an empty cartridge, into the bushes behind them to divert their attention.

I snuck between them knife in hand. At the first chance I slit the throat of the enemy in the back. When they turned their heads, they only saw their comrades dead body.

I took the initiative in their confusion. And stabbed the guy in the back a few times. They realised it and I threw my knife towards the other guy.

The knife stabbed him in the eye. Immediately killing him. He dropped dead on the ground.

As I pushed the last enemy into the ground. We exchange blows after blows. Each blow hurting each other to the point of bleeding.

I managed to punch him in the head. Knocking him towards the tree. Then I picked up the stone next to him. And bashed it on his head.

Again and again and again. Until he dropped dead. I stumbled back into the ground. Bleeding all over my body.

So I decided to treat my wounds first. And then rummage through their camp and stuff. I found a few bullets for the sniper riffles. A map of the enemy attack rout. And a few miscellaneous objects.

I immediately ran back to the command bunker. Reported my findings to the commander. He immediately drafted a new defense plan.

I was commanded by the commander for my bravery. He promised to award me with a medal when we get back.

I went back to my bunker and prepare for the battle. I decided to use the sniper rifle, I took from the enemy. As my main weapon, and use my pistol as my secondary weapon.

The troops mobilize in mass, to renew the defense. To restructure the fighting groups.

To prepare for the upcoming attack.

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