Bijutsu no Kendo – English

The Secrets of Hokoshin

Pastels uncle: -This is your new dojo, and Im your new sensei, this is so exciting. – smiling with eyes shining.

Emma: -how bizarre…doesn even look like the same guy – disgusted.

Kakui: -So that free pastel talk, was it just to bring me here? – finished eating the fifth pastry.

Haru: -He sold himself for a pastel? he thought.

Pastel Uncle: -Well, without further ado my dear pupils, lets start your training in the art of kendo.

Kakui: -tsk, it seems. – shrugging. -what can someone like you understand about kendo no kenjutsu, Uncle.

Pastry uncle: -Um. – smiling. -Tsugi-Ashi.

When he finished speaking, his feet approach each other, so that when walking, an absurd speed is acquired, being in front of Kakui in moments like a blur disappearing in the air and then reappearing behind him with the shinai pointing in his throat as a Tsuki blow (throat thrust).

Kakui: -What? – with wide eyes.

All 3 are amazed with such skill in a basic technique of kendo, the foot movements, Ashi Sabaki, in a few steps the Tio do pastel managed to disappear from their vision and apply a blow that would surely kill if it was done for that purpose.

Pastel uncle: -you still think I don know anything about kendo no kenjutsu? – keeping her shinai inside her kimono.

Kakui: -What the ** was that? – looking at the pastel uncle.

Pastel uncle: -bijutsu no kendo, remember? – walking around them. -I will teach you the true art of kendo, as you know kendo emerged from kenjutsu and that is the basis of postures, the Kamae of kendo are originals of an ancient art that began with Zanzin when he discovered the wells, so there are 3 teaching books of kenjutsu. – with three copies of the first volume in hand. -take it! – playing for each of them. -I want you to study them in your spare time, because what you know is not even the tip of the iceberg of this world, if you want to be great kenshis, high performance kendokas, you will have a long way to go because what is out there is monstrous , is something of immeasurable power, they are not low-level ogres, they are demons, dangerous onis, and something else that is not yet known – a figure appears in your mind.

Emma: -Now he looks like that man from before. – she thought as she looked at the pastel uncle with the most serious expression.

Haru: -Damn, so much to learn yet? – leafing through the booklet.

Kakui: – … – still amazed at that man.

Tio do pastel: -Now that you are aware of what you will have to learn and what you will have to face, I ask you one last question, do you want to become the best? Yes or No? – staring at them as if he wanted to see through their souls.

-yea! – all respond at the same time.

Pastel uncle: -Very well, lets start then. – smiling.

Haru: -Grandpa, I will overcome my limits, and continue what you taught me, I promise.

Kakui: -This guy is going to take me to a level I never thought about, thats exciting.

Emma: -Ill finally have a decent training, since that…

Pastel uncle: -Very well, very well. -clapping hands. – lets go to the location of our first training.

He takes them to the back of the pastry shop, where there is a huge golden door with green details with kanjis written Mausoleum of Winds, when you open it what you see is a place like a sunny sky and a grass plain, like a green field with gentle breezes blowing at the foot of the neck.

Emma: -Oh my, how beautiful.

Kakui: -caramba.

Haru: -How can such a place exist here?

Pastel uncle: -we are in something equivalent to a zanzin pit, designed by me for my personal use.

Haru: -Who is this guy…

Emma: -You talked, talked, but so far we don know anything about you. – picking up Harus hook.

Kakui: -I have to agree with the rich girl.

Pastry Uncle: -Me? I am a humble man who earns a living being a pastry chef.

Kakui: -Tell me another one, whats your name?

Emma: -How do you know so much about all this?

Haru: -And mainly, how did you find us?

Pastel uncle: -aaa, don worry about my name or who I am for now, on top of all that, Im equivalent to a Dan Kyoshi.

Emma: -um Dan Kyoshi…

Kakui: -This guy is on another level…

Haru: -He didn even answer my question…

Pastel Uncle: -Lets start with this move that will come shortly, the Ashi Sabaki, it is of paramount importance that you master this, if you want to fight bigger and more powerful ogres in this unique way and face them as equals due to their hokoshin level.

Haru: -Hokosin?

Kakui: -But you also don know anything?

Haru: -hum…

Kakui: -hokoshiné…

Emma: -is the name of the energy that makes us use kenjutsu kamae skills, it is all around us, thats why ogres come to this world, to consume this energy.

Kakui: -I was going to say that!

Pastel uncle: – in short, ogres feed on hokoshin to gain more power and evolve as a race, but an ordinary human doesn have that much hokoshin, so they cause calamities to become onis, consuming the largest number of beings alive as they can.

Haru: – Got it…

Pastel uncle: -Kimi and Tora, come here.

Kimi: -Yes dad.

Tora: -Right sensei.

Pastry uncle: -Emma will stay with Kimi, and Kakui with Tora, objective, get them in the kendo tag.

Kakui: -What is it? Why with these brats.

Emma: -I even have to agree with this idiot.

Kakui: -What did you call me?

Pastel uncle: -Kimi and Tora, are released.

Kimi: -Yes. – releasing hokoshin through the body which creates two humanoid like dolls that are in his blouse.

Torah: -Right. – releasing hokoshin through the body causing his features to change from a boy to a half tiger boy with orange fur with stripes.

Writer: -…

Emma: -…

Kimi and Tora disappear from the vision like the pastel uncle did before and touch Kakui and Emmas back at the same time.

-its with you – they both say.

Kakui: -This can only be a joke.

Emma: -Thats impossible.

Pastel uncle: -the game has started, you have until lunch time to be able to touch them, oh a tip, use the Ashi Sabaki if you want to have a chance, the books tell you how.

kakui: -droga! – errando o golpe de sua shinai. – kamae no hi!

Emma: -He really wants to force us. – taking the shinai. – Kamae no San!

Pastel uncle: -Now its between you and me, Haru. – smiling

Haru: -an? – smiling uncomfortable.

Pastels uncle: -You
e different from the others, after that night you couldn use your shinai anymore, right?

Haru: -Yeah…

Pastry Uncle: -Well, take it.

Haru: -Right. – taking the bamboo shinai out of the bag.

Pastel uncle: – stay in your kamae and then talk, kendo no kenjutsu.

Haru: -Kendo no kenjutsu!

Hokohin is released, but soon disappears as if something is missing.

Pastel uncle: -its like I thought…

Haru: -I don have any skills, do I? That night was sporadic, it was just luck. – lowering his head.

Pastel uncle: -No, its like I was thinking, you have the kejutsu awakening, but you can use your shinai because its broken.

Haru: -What? Did you already know this? – astonished.

Pastel uncle: -Yes, since that day I saw you wearing a broken shinai, after all it was the only thing left of the dojo.

Haru: -and let me go around with something I couldn wear!

Pastel Uncle: -yes, as a test, I wanted to know if it would really stop you from using kenjutsu awakening or was it because your shinai was not with you and I had lost the only way you could use awakening.

Haru: -He says that straight up, but wait a minute, what do you mean the only way to use this awakening thing?

Pastels uncle: -once it uses a shinai to wake up, it will be the only way to use that wake up again, its like a key without a copy, which opens a padlock locked by a single type of key, once opened, that key becomes the only one that will be able to open it again, there is no other way to open that lock other than with this broken shinai.

Haru: -I almost lost her that night… – realizing how bad it would be.

Pastels uncle: -if that had happened, we wouldn be having this conversation right now, that night would have been just a nightmare, because I wouldn have brought you here and explained everything.

Haru: -What? – realizing how connected it all was.

Pastel uncle: -you wouldn know anything, and you would live like an ordinary human even having kenjutsu potential.

Haru: -… – Stopping to think. -Then everything my grandfather taught me would be asked… I would never know the truth, and I couldn do anything to stop something like that from happening to me.

A loud noise makes Haru, who was lost in thought, come to his senses.

Kakui: -damn tiger… – panting.

Emma: -these dolls keep appearing. – panting.

Kimi: -If you want, you can give up.

Emma: -No way, brat.

Tora: -The same goes for you.

Kakui: -It seems, Im going with everything!

Haru: -They
e not ordinary people, aren they…

Pastel uncle: no, Kimi and Tora are humans exposed to a high concentration of hokoshin, they are modified humans, we call them awakened.

Haru: -awake?

Pastel Uncle: -this occurs when a beast level ogre comes to this world and causes great destruction, in their case it was in the incident 5 years ago at the nuclear power plant that exploded…

Haru: -I remember that…so you mean that was…

Pastel uncle: -5 years ago, a bestial ogre appeared in the city of Sotaka, he caused a great destruction that disappeared with that whole city leaving only wreckage, when I got there it was already too late, your grandfather arrived a little earlier and ended up with that beast, but we were not able to avoid the worst, when I was going back home, I found them in the middle of the rubble, two children only 4 and 5 years old and to our surprise they had become awake so I decided to stay with them, after all they they would never be ordinary humans again, and their high level of hokoshin could attract many ogres, their chances of having a normal life were almost zero, so I trained them so that one day they could choose between living that life or continuing as ordinary humans, but being able to defend them.

Haru: -So they are orphans. – Sad that they asked their country so soon.

Pastel Uncle: -yes, I adopted them since then, their grandfather saved them from a tragic end that day, and I am giving them the chance to continue with the life he gave them. – Looking at them having fun while fighting Emma and Kakui.

Haru: -Even so young, they had such a drastic change and continue to live to face that of the past. – He thought. -Its decided, I want to become someone as strong as my grandfather and protect people who can defend themselves.

Pastry uncle: -Um, you were right, old man… – he thought. -So its decided, lets fix your shinai.

Haru: -Concert? But I thought it was something like a key with no copy.

Pastel uncle: -Exactly, but it is now something made of hokoshin and those who manage to use their skills to fix something made of hokoshin are called awakened artisans.

Haru: -And who would be able to do that…?

Pastel uncle: -an old rival… – looking up.

When you turn your vision down, what you see is a sweaty man with an apron talking…

-Welcome to Myagi-sans Soba.

Haru: -You can only be kidding. – in front of a Soba cart in the central square.

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