The time has come for me to wear my single-breasted tuxedo suit with the help of my servant. Another whole body viewing of myself together with the servant; I was satisfied with my outfit when Mike entered, embraced me tightly, and said, ”Good luck Marco Fernando, you
e the best! ” While holding his shoulders I said, ”Thank you…I love you, brother! ”

Mike escorted me from my room going to the huge veranda overlooking the gigantic receiving area for our guests. The scene was so panoramic, grandeur, and elegant. Even I couldn decipher my true feeling about my status as a billionaire.

I looked down at the guests who stared and applause when I raised my right hand to them waving. I am not an actor in the movie; especially in the opera house, but I had the charisma to tumble them down through my antics. I used this before and its needed now.

Two beautifully sculptured stair railings are built for this purpose which made my entrance a dramatic one.

Cameras and videos of different brands started to blind my vision. It hurts. I knew it. I continued my everlasting smile to them descending from the stairs together with Mike and the guards. I don like it this way, its like Im a prisoner!

I remembered those times when Ayah Isabel and I were walking from West Avenue, Quezon City up to Luneta Park to discover something beautiful about Manila. Those were the days…those struggling moments of our lives…those stairways to my life…alone.

I couldn believe that Danielle contributed so much to my life ever since I was a struggling student; a nobody from the province of Negros Occidental, a trying hard person with lots of dreams, a dreamer, but now, I wanted Danielle to kill the dreamer….to erase those dreams as a payout.

I slowly went up the stage escorted by Mike Luna and the guards. I sat on the chair while Mike delivered his speech at the opening ceremony. While sitting, I observed my guests sitting on their respective tables; buzzing and talking which made the area like an astrodome. Media people were moving from one place to the other to get the close-up footage of me and the activities.

At a table near the stage, I noticed Danielle and Roger were having their time chatting to each other or discussing their strategy with the job? I don know, but all I knew was Danielle wanted the job so much, to pin me down. I saw it in her eyes when I focused my sight on her.

I liked what I saw in her eyes; her motivation to play this game.

At last, I stood behind the rostrum where I received a standing ovation for my guests. I waved my right hand, they stopped buzzing and I spoke my first words.

”Good morning people….thank you for coming and I am really glad your presence here today, ” that I suddenly shouted, ”Game FX!! ” Everybody stood up and shouted; ”Game FX ” too, clapping their hands to the highest level. I raised my right hand again to silence them. It added to my ego to know that I can command them this way.

”Today, its the starting point of the Game FX, truthfully, a large sum of money at stake and the danger that comes with it. But this is my decision… its final. The agreement was approved by the two hitmen. Truly, I think you know them too. Enjoy your food and drinks…All the guests will receive an envelope courtesy of my kindn

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