”*Sigh*, Finally, I was waiting for these sweet words for the past couple of weeks, now I can focus on my other quest, which is the most important of them all ”, Ash said internally while sighing in relief since he doesn have much knowledge about the world except the basic information about the town and its surrounding vicinity. Ash now can focus on collecting information about rest of the world.

”Since I have sufficient points in strength, I can crawl without getting tired, nows the time execute Operation Encyclopaedia, which I named it myself because I was getting bored of waiting you see ”, Ash said internally and praising his naming sense, ”Since babies developed faster in this world compared to earth, it will still take me about 2 more months to able to speak proper words so I will have rely on my acting skills to get what I want i.e., A Book ”, Ash said internally contemplating the problems he was facing due to having one useless body.

Even if his all stats were maxed out, it still wouldn help him to be able to speak when he was just one month old.

”*Waah* *Waah* *Waah*… ”, Ash started crying, How did I managed to do that you ask ?, well for me to make it look real, I bumped my head into the cradle railings, to be honest it hurts like a b*tch since I couldn control my strength so here I am bawling my eyes out and please remind me to never do this again, Ash thought internally while crying, his mother Elena was in the kitchen when she heard him crying, then hastily came into the room panicking and looking worried, ”My baby, what happened ? Are you hungry again ? ”, Elena said while gently taking him into her embrace and gently patting his back. When Ash saw her panicking and looking worried, he promised to himself he will never make her worry about himself intentionally ever again.

Then he started flail his body around to get down, ”Oh baby, you want get down ”, Elena said while he saw him trying to get down, she put him down on the floor and watched him crawl toward the bookshelf that was located at the far end corner of the room, she watched him with amused smile on her face and sat down on the bed to keep watch on him so that he doesn hurt himself.

It took a while for Ash to reach the bookshelf as it placed quite far from the cradle, when he reached the bookshelf he pointed his fingers towards the books placed in the bookshelf.

”*bah* *bah* *bah*… ”, Ash tried to pronounce the word Book, but failed miserably while pointing his fingers towards the books, when Elena saw this she laughed, ”Oh! My baby boy wants to read, my boy is so cute and smart *smooch* ”, Elena said while approaching the bookshelf and planting a kiss on Ashs cheek.

”So baby which book do you wanna read, this one right ? ”, Elena said while giving him a picture book for kids, Ash took it and threw it to the side, Mama, I want general knowledge book or an encyclopaedia, Ash thought to himself while still pointing his fingers towards the books, ”Not that one huh, then this one ? ”, Elena said while putting a thick book on the floor in front of Ash.

Ash looked at the cover of the book that reads History of World Endora, he was overjoyed when read the title, then he beamed a mesmerizing smile at Elena which almost melt her heart, she crouched down planted another kiss on his cheek, picked him up and placed him in the center of the room away from pointy object or any heavy object that may fall on him to ensure Ashs safety. Then she picked up the book and placed it in front him so that he can play with it. Then she got back to her work in the kitchen.

Ashs opened the book and started reading from the first page, the books started how the mana, monsters and dungeons came into existence, how humans and other races such as Elves, Demi-Humans, Demons, etc cope with this enormous threat that threatened their very existence.

Ash spent the next whole week reading the History of Endora, he could have finished reading the whole book in a day if not for his fragile infant body that could not keep up with his mental age.

While he was reading the book, he noticed that leveling his Language comprehension skill was easier through reading as compared to listening. His Language comprehension skill already leveled up twice by the time he finished reading the whole book and also complete the other quest regarding collecting information about this world named Endora.


< Normal Quest : Upgrade Language Comprehension Skill To Lv. 2 Complete >

< Rewards : 100 * 2 Exp Points, INT +1 >

< Normal Quest : Know About The WORLD Complete >

< Rewards : 1000 * 2 Exp Points,

Skill : Eye of Truth ( Active ) ( Lv. 1 ) >

Name : Ashton Blade

Race : Human

Age : 0 Years 37 Days

Title : None

Class : None

Sub-Class : None

Level : 4

Exp : 1100/1600

HP : 300/300

MP : 70/70

STR : 9

DEF : 8

AGI : 8

END : 8

INT: 11

VIT : 9

Attributes Points : 32

Skill Points : 32





Ash was overjoyed and disappointed at the same time, overjoyed because leveled up twice in one week and disappointed because he wouldn be leveling up any time soon in the coming months.

Ash stopped brooding over this fact and checked out his new skill that he had obtained recently.


Skill Points : 32

Language Comprehension (Passive) : Lv. 3

Details : Enables user to understand any language easily. Understanding of complex language requires higher skill level.

( Lv. 3 –> Lv. 4 : 16/1000 Exp )

( Lv. 3 –> Lv. 4 : 0/4 SP )

Eye of Truth ( Active ) : Lv. 1

Details : Display the basic information of the target.

(Range : 10 Yards)

( Duration : 5 Sec )

( Cooldown : 2 Hour )

( Lv. 1 –> Lv. 2 : 0/100 Exp )

( Lv. 1 –> Lv. 2 : 0/5 SP )


( A/N : This skill is not simple as an appraisal skill. )

”Lets try it, but on whom or on what is the conundrum here, lets try on this book itself that helped me to acquire this skill ”, Ash said internally after looking around for a while since the range of the skill was 5 yards and nothing was around 5 yards radius of Ashs body except the book itself.

Eye of Truth, Ash called out the name of the skill in his mind while focusing his on the book as a result theres a tinge of purple hue to the pupils of his eyes, that might go unnoticed if not looked carefully, and a series of words started forming on the system screen.






After 5 seconds, skill deactivated and Ashs eyes returned to normal, Ash waited 2 hours for the skills cooldown completion and then crawl to the edge of the entrance of the room from where kitchen was readily visible and peeked into the kitchen while activating the skill with a thought, due to which new started forming on system screen.






”This Eye of Truth seems like an appraisal skill, like the skills Id had read in fantasy novels in my previous life, but for some unknown reason, my gut feeling is telling me that this skill is not as simple as it seems. I need to upgrade this skill as soon as possible to check if my hunch is right or not. But man, every skill required an absurd amount of SP if I need to upgrade it instantly and Im pretty sure higher the upgrade level, more exorbitant the SP requirement. ”, Ash thought while checking out the details of his new skill and shuddering at the thought of system making him broke regarding Skill Points as every skills required at an exorbitant amount of Skill Points.

To be continued…

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