Bubble Diaries



In an artificial galaxy created in the realms of the cosmos, planets called bubbles exist. Enclosed with 2 layers of liquid matter, they are considered as aquaplanets. They are evidently small but many in quantity, just like bubbles in a Jacuzzi. If that sounds interesting, lets dive deeper into the bubble.

The first layer is called ozonosphere, it is the one that protects the planet from ultraviolet rays, keeping the planet safe from radiation in space. The second layer is called the mist, inside of it is a flat surface, just like a diameter in a circle. Surprisingly, theres an ecosystem inside of it. Trees, rivers, air, and different creatures all exist inside of the bubble. It looks like an aqua planet on the outside but it is not flooded on the inside. How everything works here sounds fishy.

Since creatures exist inside of it, civilization is also set inside of it. Basically, everything was already pre-set. Technologies harmoniously coexist with nature as every single one is civilized, no war, politics, crime, just existing in peace. Sounds dreamy right?

An artificial ecosystem dis

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