Living in the bubble seems mystical, even though the ecosystem resets, life and death still exists. The biodiversity is still fragile, accidents can lead to fatal situations. Everything still ages but none will remember how. The replacements during the reset only occur when something is destroyed or someone died. Preventing overpopulation, nor underpopulation. If someone dies, regardless of the age, an offspring will spawn at the center of the Bubble after the reset. The genetic features are randomized as well as their names. The adults are responsible for raising one. The center of the bubble is the focal point that gives order to the place, the system is called Globules while its rules are called order, thus naming the place Globules order.

As mentioned, there are a set of rules that should be followed. The Globules order contains:

1) The system will declare who is considered as an adult

2) Adults will take care of the new birth

3) Everyone should be at their shelter at 23:00

4) The edge of the Bubble is fatal

5) Live the life that you wanted without breaking the aforementioned order.

Diving into the astonishing world of bubble, a small teenage girl lives. Her hair is a medium-length, pink as a bubblegum, with a skin complexion of a smooth snow. Her physique is thin, height is below average, basically close to a developing teen. She may seem small but never underestimate her wit. With critical thinking like an adult, fused with a childs curiosity, this girl brings chaos wherever she goes. Her name is Tanya.

GOOOOOD MORNING! Another day to waste! I mean to explore. Im Tanya the Goddess. I may look like one but Im not an actual Goddess. I do hope I was, then maybe I don have to write in my diary just to remember. I always forget almost everything everyday! except for the rules. It will take me at least an hour or so before I could grasp my previous knowledge, with that said welcome to my story~

Anyway, so far Im the only one who keeps on talking like theres a crowd watching me. You can blame me, Im the only one who can remember the past! Pretty cool right? *smirks* Come, lets walk outside while I discuss everything. I opened the door and began my adventure.

Others might call me crazy but whats crazy is why the hell are we forgetting everything after we sleep! Like dude, I can steal things, or kiss someone, or at least do something bad. None will remember, even I would not remember it unless I read my diary.

Speaking of my diary, ever since I first learned how to write, I could not stop doing it. Its like breathing, once you learn it, you can just stop breathing… If that makes sense… Anyway, I love writing down everything that happened throughout the day, no matter how boring it was. That was the time I figured out that everyone who lives here will forget about almost everything by the end of the day. I said almost coz we can still remember the rules everyday.

The way I figured it out is pretty tricky, in fact Im doing it almost everyday. At first I had a hard time believing that it was I who wrote those, then I came up with an idea! Im a smart girl after all *boastfully said*

I climb up a tree and as soon as I reach the optimal branch, I jump through each branch. I can arrive faster in this manner.

To prove that it was my memory, everyday Ill pre-set something that will make me believe that it was my memory. At first I put a small scar, then Ill write it down so that the next morning, I will believe whats written due to the evidence. Though that did not last long, I mean it hurts plus the scars never left, look!

*shows her small X scar on her left shoulder*

I changed my method. Instead of leaving a scar, Ill do something odd that no one in their right minds would do. Like putting a pebble under my pillow, or wearing a bra at night even though it does not hold anything…..

ANYWAY, the important thing is that I know what has happened and Im on a mission! Im gonna break this cycle and make everyone remember!

Being the odd one is difficult, it kinda hurts when everytime you build a connection with someone, theyll forget it by the next morning…

Heres my stop, let me climb down first.

And we are finally here! Lets go down and enter that cave!

As you can see, this cave looks like an ordinary one. Its dark, theres rock, like a normal cave would look like. As I went deeper to this ”ordinary ” looking cave, I noticed something beneath the ground. Theres a glowing blue aura that radiates. Everytime I touched it, I could feel everyone on this planet. It felt like everyone, including me, is connected to some life force here.

I still could not figure out why but I kinda do this everyday, go here then touch the glowy thing, feel everyone then randomly investigate afterwards. With that said, lets go now and roam around the area!

I walked outside and headed over to a random direction, hoping that I could find something connected to this mystery. As I continued to walk, I casually bumped into Xav, A slim brown hair guy, not that tall, probably inches taller than me, quite pale and most of all, a socially awkward guy.

Of course he does not know me, though this event happens almost everyday. I formulated two logical reasons on why we always somehow meet everyday; 1st is that I always roam around, 2nd is he looks like he is also searching something everyday, making us bump to each other every time. He always startle every time we meet and I kinda love it. Xav usually will help me roam around and will do anything I say, so he is indeed helpful.

”Zup Xav! ” I greeted him.

”AHH! ” He screamed, ”w.. Who are you? ” He asked while stuttering.

”Tadaaa! Im Tanya ” I introduced myself while showing my digital nameplate above my head.

”I haven displayed my name yet, how did you know my name? ” Xav questioned.

”Coz Im a genius ” I answered.

”Is that even an answer? ” Xav reacted.

I laughed as I enjoyed his confused emotion. Its free entertainment everyday!

”Anyway, are you looking for something? ” I asked Xav, I actually asked him that question everyday.

”I was… ” Xav slowly replied.

I don really understand that response, does he forget what he was looking for when someone bothers him?

”You were? Anyway lets go, we are going somewhere ” I responded.

”Okay? ” he confusedly answered as he followed me.


Xav and I are like a good combo, Im the curious cat and he is the worrywart. His overly assessing makes me kinda rethink my impulsiveness. Like theres this one time when he warned me to not climb that mossy tree because snakes usually stay there. It turns out to be true… and it hurts… Good thing meds here can cure almost everything.

But there are also times that Im right! At that time he said don cross the small river because it looks deep. It turns out to be shallow, completely opposite of his claim.

Besides that glowing cave, we don actually have further leads. We just aimlessly roam around, hoping we can find something remarkable.

I don know if its weird to ask this, Ill probably going to be exiled by the civilization for having this question but… Whats up with those rules?

I do understand that rules keep everything in order. For instance, the rule about adults taking care of the new birth, it makes sense because they are the ones that will guide the little ones. But… I don see the reason behind the latter rules.

Like how does the system choose the adult, who recorded that the edge of the bubble is fatal if no one remembers, what happens if we stay out at 23:00, I have so many questions!

Wait a second… If no one will remember.. ”HEY XAV LETS STOP HERE AND CAMP ” I loudly said.

”Thank goodness! Im having a hard time in keeping up with you and it looks like you can hear me.. ” Xav said while catching his breath.

”You were saying something earlier? ” I confusedly asked.

”So clearly, you did not hear anything ” Xav said as he sat down.

”Sorry? I was busy monologuing ” I apologized as I chuckled.

”Mono what now? ” Xav questioned.

”Nothing ” I immediately answered as I looked away.

”Soo… Xav… ” I carefully called his attention as I sat close to him.

”Yes? ” he replied.

”I have a question for you.. But promise me to stay calm. It is just out of curiosity ” I defensively explained, fearing he might run and do something once I asked those questions.

His eyes squinted as he said ”Okay? ” It is evident that he is nervous but his curiosity won.

”Ahhhmmm ” I anxiously begin while I fidget my fingers. ”Do you find the Globules order…. Odd? ” I slowly asked.

”Hmmm… What do you mean? ” He questioned.

”You know, how they come up with that. Not to mention, we don know what will happen if we break those… ” I added.

After I said those, everything went silent. It was the first time that I find the sound of the nature loud, but the pump of my heart is louder.

”You know what… You are right… now that you mentioned, it seems odd ” Xav replied after assessing what Ive said.

”RIGHT! ” I excitedly responded, thankfully I was not going to be exiled for thinking different.

”Yes its odd ” Xav responded as he pushed my face away. ”Since everything seems peaceful, I guess the Globules order works. Though Im kinda curious why no one was asking about it. In fact, this was the first time I heard about it… ” he added.

I couldn tell him that everyone forgets everyday, it will be a lot harder to explain those. With that, I just answered with my one-liner ”Coz Im a genius ”

”Okay, GeNiUs ” Xav sarcastically said. ”Seriously though, your question makes me think even more about the place that we are living in. ” He added.

This type of scenario is once in a lifetime. We suspended our journey and stayed where we are right now as we continue to discuss our curiosity.

Tons of questions rose, the more we dive deeper to the topic, the more confusing it gets. Theres something wrong about this and Im glad that I finally met someone who thinks the same as me. It was fun, I legitimately enjoyed expressing the wildness of my imagination. Having someone who will listen and in fact, do the same is priceless. But the sad part is… Hell forget everything after we part our ways…

The star settles and we have to go back to our shelter. Its ironic that after we question everything about this world, we will still follow it at the end of the day.

I personally just could not let this day end as it is. As soon as we reached where we met earlier, I asked him ”Can you do me a favor? ”

”It depends, what is it? ” Xav replied.

”Write on a piece of paper, Lets meet under a huge old tree in the middle of nowhere. Then place it beside you while you sleep. ” I asked.

He looks around and I think that he realized that the tree Im referring to is the tree where we are currently under. He looked confused, its reasonable since for him, he does not know that he will forget. If I was him, I would even ask why should I write it if we can just agree to meet here.

Without further questions, Xav responded ”Sure, Ill do it ”

Those words feel reassuring, no further doubts just trust. He trusted me without asking questions. Now my part is to trust him, that he will do as he says. With that, I smiled warmly and said goodbye to each other.

As we parted ways, I ran towards my house and tried my best to divert my attention. Good thing that the adults who are taking care of me do not ask that much.

Kari is a diligent type of person. She constantly does household chores, which she actually likes doing. Meanwhile, her pair Nato, is a very intelligent person, who trades his inventions to other people for goods. His notes about his invention is what keeps him on track everyday, though Im kinda curious.

Why is it for someone who is very intelligent, he is not questioning how the world is. My Guesses are; first, you cannot forget skills once you learn them, just like how I climb trees or my mom do chores. Second, he is innately driven to his craft. Its like how farmers know what they have to do the next morning, somehow related to my first guess. And lastly, maybe at some point he just gave up on asking questions? Maybe he can actually trace things but just find it pointless.

And by the way, I am still curious how and why do adults have a pair? Is it only for convenience? Does the system here dictate everything? Once they declare you as an adult, youll be paired with someone as well? I don know how that works since everything is up in the air.

Anyway, all these overthinking kinda helped. It kept me distracted from the real deal, meeting with Xav tomorrow. Well ironically, I still mentioned it right after I overthink, though at least I am already tired enough to create more scenarios in my head. Its time for me to sleep in my bed.


The next morning, the star must have risen early but I bet I was ahead of it. Those who do not sleep beats the early bird! If that makes sense. As soon as I woke up, which felt like an hour worth of sleep, I rushed towards my Diary and read all the details I should remember. I think reading first thing in the morning turns out to be a habit for me. My body kinda automatically does it, maybe because Ive been doing it for a long period of time. Just like how farmers automatically rise up early for their crops. Anyway, gonna go!

Following my diary, I head to the cave where the glowing blue thingy resides. Im kinda obliged to do this everyday at this point. Though Im not complaining, it kinda feels… hmm… How do I describe it… Interesting? Thats the closest word I could think of. Upon reaching the cave, I touch it once more and this connection feeling never fails to amaze me. Now its time for me to go to our meeting place.

This is actually the first time that Ive been this nervous. Well I might have said that a hundred times already, but it does not invalidate the accuracy of my nervousness. I don even understand why Im nervous, I mean its not like Im gonna die or something if he does not come. I just feel uneasy, thats all…

*After 20 minutes*

Sitting here in the grass while playing a twig makes me kinda bored. He is surely taking his time. I kinda wonder what time he wakes up, well that actually does not matter if he did not keep his promise, though it does if he did…

*After 10 more minutes*

I kinda want to climb this tree where Im waiting, he might not see me if I did tho…

*10 more minutes have passed*

I kinda lost myself there, I realized that I already vandalized this tree without thinking about it… At first I was playing with this pointy rock. The next thing I know is the tree was carved with ”Tanya the Goddess ”. Good thing everything resets, it will be embarrassing if someone saw this.

”Tanya the Goddess… ” A voice echoed behind me while Im looking at the tree. I quickly turned and looked, it was Xav reading my writings behind my back!

”Wha… what are you doing here! ” I asked in panic, this is an utterly unfortunate timing, please someone disintigrate me now, I can deal with this for the rest of the day!

”After I fixed my bed, I saw a note under my pillow. It says Lets meet under a huge old tree in the middle of nowhere. I don know why but Ive been searching for it for the last couple of hours, until I saw you… ” Xav explained.

So thats why he showed up late… ”so you did write and keep your promise… ” I replied.

”Wait, I was the one who wrote that? And what promise? ” Xav confusedly questioned. I do understand his reaction, its easier to figure it out on your own than to hear it from someone.

”I want you to listen carefully. It might be hard to believe but you can prove everything that Im about to say later. You see, this world that we are living in, everything resets, including your memory. The only exceptions are the Globules order, your habits, and your own creation like writings or random handicrafts. ” I explained. Looking at his reaction, he looks calm, kinda hard to guess if he truly believes it. He remains silent after hearing what Ive said, I hope hell ask questions rather than randomly flee…

”Now that you mentioned it… I could not remember anything… At first it sounds crazy but when I tried to think of something that I did from the previous days, I could not remember at all… ” Xav replied as he looked puzzled.

”Your claim is outlandish but I could not think of anything to argue… Its actually insane… ” He added.

”Now the question is… How do you remember? Are you really a Goddess? ” he asked.

”NO NO NO. I just wrote that one unintentionally, Im just bored earlier I swear! ” I shamefully denied. ”I can remember almost everything since I have my diary, it tells me the important details everyday ” I answered.

”Isn lengthy to read what happened everyday? plus why did you make me do it? ” Xav questioned.

”Not really, there are times that I only write like 2 sentences, or just a bulleted phrase. Its too lengthy if its a full paragraph like you imagined. ” I answered his first question.

”Now to your second question, we don remember but we actually randomly meet almost everyday. I threw some questions to see how you will react and based on my assumptions, you can comprehend this better than the others, and now you are here ” I explained thoroughly.

”Okay lets do it this way, once I get back at home, Ill sketch that tree with carvings on it. Will also put a note where to find that tree. If your claim is a hundred percent true, your carvings on that tree will disappear tomorrow ” Xav responded in detail.

”I already broke a lot of branches and carved multiple drawings. Im confident that it will go back the way it was… but can you try something else? Im kinda embarrassed by what I did… ” I softly said while probably blushing.

”So there are some Goddesses who are allowed to be this cute… ” Xav said as he chuckled.

”OKAY NOW YOU ARE MAKING FUN OF ME! ” I shouted. Usually I was the one who makes fun of him but I guess he wins this time. Im annoyed by it but I finally feel relieved. I thought this was gonna be way more complicated than I imagined, but it turned out quite fine. He does not fully trust me yet but at least hell give it a shot.

”So I guess I should start writing notes from now on… ” He mentioned.

”Its up to you, for the record, I think Im the first one to do this and kinda investigate everything. Second place is not that bad~ ” I responded.

I thought everything was settled, I clearly forgot that he worries a lot, in that instant, the atmosphere changed a little bit ”Aren you afraid of what you might discover? I mean theres probably a good reason why we can remember anything in the first place… ” Xav worriedly asked.

”I do agree with you that theres probably a good or maybe bad reason behind this setup… But the question is, are you going to live in fear from something you don know? ” I firmly asked Xav.

Those words look like they hit him in the right spot. I know that he worries a lot, afraid of the uncertain. Because of that, I said ”I would not force you to come with me and investigate. I just want someone who can understand. It feels sad when you are the only one who can remember… You are free to not record anything so that youll forget everything by the end of the day. ” I honestly opened up my thoughts.

”So the choices are, prove your claims tomorrow or forget everything and live normally… ” Xav reiterated.

”It is all up to you, time is ticking and youll be forced to choose one once we call it a day. ” I answered.

”I guess Ill think about it. Thank you for this opportunity. Ill take some alone time now and think. ” Xav said as he turned his back and walked away.

This actually sucks, I need to wait for another whole day before knowing his decision. Even if he randomly showed up here tomorrow, theres a chance that it is because of his random roaming not because he took down notes. THIS IS FRUSTRATING!

I don have that much energy to investigate today. Ill just call this one a day off and enjoy Karis dishes. Gonna eat and lay down for the whole day.

Just like what Ive planned, my whole day has been a lazy-fest. Ive been doing a lot of work so I guess this is fine sometimes. As the day almost settles, I write few info about this day and head to my bed. Big moment tomorrow regardless of the outcome, I need a proper rest.

End of Day I-II

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