Burn For Me Fire In Their Hearts

Illegal means of survival

”Dymna! ”

”What? ” I narrowed my eyes at my best friend. ”What do you want? ”

”Shes coming over here. ” Eve motioned with her mouth to the door.

”Who? ” I frown at her.

”Your mon cherè, ” she smirked.

”What do you mean? ” I furrow my brows. ”Who are you talking about? ”

”Your crush, you dummy! ” she hit me on the head with the file she was holding. ”The new manager is coming over here. ”

”Really? ” I hastily rose from the armchair I was sitting on. ”Who told you? ” I glanced around the place, searching for the object of my yearlong infatuation.

”I just saw a glimpse of her. ” Eve sat in her chair, which was next to mine. ”I just thought to let you know before she arrives, to help you prepare. ” She winked at me. Just at the same time, the office door opened.

”Good day, miss! ” The object of my infatuation greeted Eve.

”Bonjour! ” Eve, who was always seeking ways to showcase her poor French, greeted.

Today, Lamil was putting on a red gown, one that compliments her black wavy hair.

”Hello, Dymna. ” She smiled at me.

”Oh, hello! ” I stood up from the chair I was sitting in and faced her with a smile on my face. ”So— ” I gestured with my hands, to tell her I want her to complete the words I was about to say.

”Are you going for lunch? I recall you asking me out to lunch, so— ”

”Oh, thats true! Are you ready? Lets go? ” I took my phone from the table and crossed over to where the petite, beautiful woman was standing.

”Are you coming, Even? ” I asked her with a smile.

”No, enjoy your lunch. There are things I need to take care of here. ” Eve winked at me before she pretended to be engrossed in whatever it was she was doing.

”Oh, have a lovely day, then. ” Lamil smiled at her before she headed to the door.

”Make good of your time with her, ” Eve murmured with a wink.

”I will. ”

And I know I will.

Today is the day of confession. Ive decided to confess my feelings to her. So, its left to her to accept it or not.

Ive resolved that I won keep the feelings to myself any longer.


Lamil and I sat on our chairs as we patiently waited for the waitress to bring our orders.

”The weather is nice today, ” Lamil said as she glanced around the place.

”Sure, it is. ” I link my palms together. ”the weather is pretty nice. ”

”Yes. ” She nodded.

And once more, we were left in uncomfortable silence.

”So— ”

”Let— ”

We both started speaking, only to laugh when we realized we spoke at the same time.

”Oh my God! ” She covered her mouth with her palm as she laughed.

”You go ahead. ”

”No, you go ahead. ” She beamed at me. ”what I was about to say wasn relevant at all. ”

”Oh, ” I nervously chuckled.

My palms were sweaty, and my heart was beating miles a minute.

Whats wrong with me?

Its not as if Ive not had my fair share of girlfriends.

Why am I acting like a shy high school boy?

”So, what is it? ” She grinned, showing off her beautiful teeth.

”I like— ”

Her phone started ringing.

”I will be right back. I need to take the call. ” She apologized before she left the cafeteria.

”Shit! ” I hit my palm on the table, and the cup on it rattled a bit.

But I didn care.

I was so close to confessing my feelings for her, but her phone took that time to ring.

The uni—

”Mr, you poured water on my prince! ” A small voice by my side spoke up. And when I peered to the side, I saw a girl in a pink princess gown, with a pink bow on her hair.

”Oh, I—

”Now you have spoiled my book for me! My prince is all wet and dirty! ” The young girl, who doesn look older than seven, frowned at me.

”Its just a book, little girl. ” I glanced at the book that has a prince on the cover. ”Your prince looks like a beggar. Im better looking than him. ” I smirked.

”You peasant! How dare you insult my prince! ” She shouted.

”Your prince is ugly. ” I frown at her. ”I rather be a vagabond than be as ugly as the prince! ”

Suddenly, a blinding light flashed in my eyes.

”Jeez! ” I covered my eyes with my palms.

Where did the light come from?

I wondered, but I made no move to remove my hands from my eyes for fear of the blinding light.

”Dynma! ”

An unfamiliar masculine voice called out to me.

All around me there were buzzing sounds of people, which was unusual in the mostly silent cafeteria.

”Whats that? ” I snap at the man without opening my eyes.

”Hey you! ” the man shouted before I felt a slap on my shoulder.

”What the hell! Do you— ” I opened my eyes, intent on giving the damn man a piece of my mind, but the words froze in my throat when I saw where I was.

”Where am I? ” I glanced around the place I was in. ”Tell me this is a sick prank played on me. ”


This can be true.

How did I end up in a place like this?

It seemed as if I walked straight into an ancient film.

”Sick prank? ” The man in front of me laughed, ”when did you learn such a word beggar boy? ”

”What did you call me? ” I narrow my eyes at the man, whose costume looked funny on him.

The red cord he tied around his waist didn match the ash and blue shirt he was putting on. And not to mention the odd green clothes.

All around me, people dressed in garments exactly like his walked past us. None spare us a glance as they went their way.

”Beggar boy? Thats what you are! ” The man hiccuped as he laughed with abandon.

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