Volume 2 Chapter 10 : The Mysterious Girl 1.

”Code – – – no – - ” Marielle looked at Line with a pained expression.

”Line, ” she spoke softly at first at the crying boy trying to wipe his tears away.

”LINE!! ” she screamed out the second time as she grit her teeth in with all possible energy in her body.

”Nagi, ” a worried tone of another girl resounded in the room.

I look at the two girls other than Marielle in the room.

”Mel—- ”

”Jel—- ”

I put on a forced smile as the tears finally left my eyes.

”Am glad you
e here. ”

” ” Whats wrong? ” ” Jel and Marielle asked worriedly.

”Can you two please leave the room!! ” it was an order.

The tone of voice was strict but they still adhered to it as they walked out of the room leaving Mel who sat on the bed.

”Mel I – – - ” I lifted to my hand to her face but;

”Line Nagito formerly known as Code Black – - ”

She tightened her face as if hardening her heart ;

”I hereby relieve you of your duties as our top sniper – – I no longer have any need for a defective toy who keeps secrets from me. ”

I was fired.

”Wait – – – what are you— ”

She got up and walked towards the door and in a sad tone – – she said;

”Goodbye–Line. ”

I became an assassin for the organization she was working for a year ago in order to win her affection and now – – I have failed to accomplish my set goal.

”Yes—goodbye – – Commander Mel and–thank you for all you have done for me. ”

I got up from the bed and knelt while bowing respectfully.

I was no longer needed to bolster this organization to greater heights.

I was no longer code named – – I was defective.

Probably Mel over here has an ability to see the importance of a code named.

But why? Weren code named also human? Couldn I still kill?

I look to my right side at the other side of the bed and grab the black pistol in a feat to end my life since it was deemed useless on all accounts–but then….


I was assaulted by a massive headache abd the gun I was wielding dropped to the cold hard floor.

”I want you to live a normal and happy life without me–from now on, Line Nagito. ”

She closed the door behind her as she said;

”Goodbye – – – Code Black. ”

A/N : Quintelight here I have been writing this volume tooth and nail dawn to sunset for readers as we conclude the first volume of this webnovel so I humbly ask fans for your comments and reviews on this new recent work of mine. The story is one that will be unpredictable and perplexing going forward so I ask the readers and fans to stand with me on this book. Volume 2 of this webnovel will be titled Black Mist and it will have Lines character development phase which I promise to work to my utmost to greatly develop in order to bring out a real image of a Line who needs to make a choice plus also new characters for my readers enjoyment. Please continue reading, vote and comment on the book. Thank you.

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