Chapter 9 : Goodbye Code Black.

”G–Great job, ” the voice of the beautiful white haired girl was shaky.

She wore a white stainless dress in the moon light and her rubellite eyes glowed as they looked at the bullet holes on a certain window of her house.

”Zero!! ” I called out.

”Zero!! ” she continued to stare blankly until I grabbed her by the shoulders.

”Marielle!! ”

”Huh!! ” she had broken out of her stupor.

”There is something I want to tell you – – I – – – – I wanted to bolster my 100th kill – – – not like any other – – I wanted it to be a special kill – – one I wouldn forget… ” Line gritted his teeth to force out an apology.

”No am the one whose supposed to apologize – – I am an inept assassin and because of that I didn have what it took to kill the man who continued to cheat other people – – and his family too so I guess – – – that also makes me an inept human being huh!! Line. ”

She fell on her knees on the floor of the roof top bawling out her eyes neverendingly.

” Hey don blame your– ” my consciousness faded out of my body as I heard;

” MASTER!! ”


I found myself in a room painted in red.

From black to red huh!! it was an unfamiliar place that sent chills down my eighteen year old spine.


A cold voice erupted in the room without the speakers presence for me to notice.

[Or are you–Line Nagito?]

I was terrified but I knew if I didn answer something inconvenient would happen so;

”I am both. ” I replied steadfast.

The voice was silent for sometime and then it appeared before me in this room of blood.

”What—where is your—face, ” it was a shadow without a face with two bloodred eyes sticking out and then I looked at what was in his shadowy right hand.

”No–what are you? ” it held a black pistol and pointed it at my forehead.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no–I don want to die just yet so, I fell to my knees as I gazed in fear at the dangerous foe before me.

[I thought you were ready to meet your end after having taken a hundred human lives – – or should I call them mindless.]

I could tell that tears were flowing out of my eyelids, Mom, Dad and—….


I thought of the one girl that ruled my heart.

The girl whose love I fought for up until now.

The girl whose sad heart I had decided to save

The girl who I would never betray.


A broken girl who fell became abnormal because of all the killing that she had to seal her true face.

A broken girl who shares the same fate such as myself.

A broken girl who might become my truest friend if the future is bright.


A girl who taints herself with the word, inept.

A girl who blames herself for her idiot fathers actions.

A girl who fixed her family home through ordering for her fathers death.

I want to–

I want to save them.

And yet I – –

[And yet you will always have to choose who you are capable of being for them to be happy in the end.]

[Ill make that decision for you.]

”No wait!! ” I said and yet I remained on my knees without any kind of resistance as the gun also remained directed at my forehead.



I awoke after hearing a familiar girls voice abd when I looked to my side I found Marielle who was seated on the bed where I was laying.

I looked at her but then ;

”W–Why am– I? ” a rush of tears flowed on the white blanket that was covering me.

”Hey whats wrong, master – - ” Marielle asked worriedly.

It has been awhile, hasn it? ”the last time I had sensed a feeling of defeat in my heart.

It was then I k ew a part of me had been forcibly killed. I felt more human than ever.

Code Black was no longer infiltrating the eighteen year old boy known as Line Nagito.

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