Chapter 128 – Wealthy Bastard (part 3)

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On the 7th of October, the day before Li Su’s expected due date, Jiang Xue finally hurried back.
She managed to squeeze a week in her busy schedule to welcome the arrival of her godson.

Jiang Xue entered the room with a lot of bags.
Mother Jiang opened the door and saw her daughter.
She didn’t care whether her daughter was tired.
“Have you bought everything I asked for?”

Jiang Xue was stunned.
“I bought it all.
There are still some things in the car.
I also bought a crib for the baby.
It was imported.
Dad, come and get it with me.”

“Why are you buying that stuff?! What kind of crib? Of course the child needs to sleep with his mother so it is convenient to feed him at night! You really know how to spend money!” Mother Jiang murmured as she checked the things Jiang Xue brought back.

Jiang Xue rolled her eyes and ignored Mother Jiang.

In another room, sister-in-law Yue helped Li Su and slowly walked over.
Sister-in-law Yue smiled and said, “Nowadays, it is popular to let children sleep in the crib alone and hold them again when you breastfeed.
It is not a problem.
I am afraid that there is a possibility of the parent rolling over in their sleep and squashing the child.
There have been several such cases.”

Mother Jiang’s eyes widened when she heard that.
“That has happened? Aiya, what a crime! When I had Xue’r, I did not dare to sleep well.
I was afraid that the quilt would suffocate her or that I would roll over and squash her.
I feel sorry for those parents and pity their children!”

“So, it is now encouraged to have the child sleep in the crib so the child is safe and the mother can rest well,” said sister-in-law Yue.
She had been with this family for some time.
She knew Mother Jiang’s temperament.
While her thinking was a little old, as long as it was the sake of the pregnant woman and the child, then Mother Jiang would mostly agree.

“Su Su, you’re so skinny, even when you’re pregnant.
I guess there won’t be a lot of milk, so the baby may have to drink formula.
That’s fine.
You’ll be okay during confinement.
Modern formula is also very nutritious.
It is very good,” Mother Jiang said to herself.

Li Su sat on the chair, smiling happily as she touched her stomach.
After Mother and Father Jiang came, her life was very comfortable.
Mother Jiang cooked well and spent a lot of time trying to make good food for her.
Father Jiang took his fishing rod and rode a bus for more than an hour to catch some wild fish in a nearby rural pond.
He then brought it back to stew into a fish soup.
Although Li Su didn’t really like eating fish, she ate everything knowing Mother and Father Jiang’s good intentions.

Mother and Father Jiang were also happy to see her doing well.

Therefore, the 3 got along well.
Li Su experienced the warmth of a family from Mother and Father Jiang, whereas Mother and Father Jiang experienced the long-lost joy of being a parent.
God knew how many years it had been since Jiang Xue last ate at home.

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Therefore, Li Su recognised Mother and Father Jiang as godparents!

Li Su was thinking that, then suddenly felt there was something wrong under her body.
Was she incontinent again?


Li Su reacted.
“Godmother! I think my water has broken!”

Mother Jiang and sister-in-law Yue were shocked.
Mother Jiang immediately dropped the things in her hands and ran to Li Su.
“Quickly, go to the hospital! It is good that Xue’r is back in time.
Go, get the package!”

Sister-in-law Yue was more experienced.
“Don’t worry, there is still some time until the birth.
Why don’t you take a bath first?”

Li Su thought about not being able to bathe and wash her hair for at least half a month during confinement and found the thought unbearable.
“Godmother, I want to take a bath.”

Mother Jiang was convinced since sister-in-law Yue was more professional.
“Okay, then go take a shower.
I will pack.
I’ll call Xue’r.
Take this if I haven’t returned!”

As they were talking, Jiang Xue and Father Jiang came in carrying a big box.
They were stunned when they saw this scene.
“What’s the matter?” Jiang Xue asked before she put down the box.
She caught her breath.

“What is going on? Your godson is arriving since he knows his godmother has come back!” Mother Jiang said angrily.
“What are you still doing? Old man, get the delivery package.
I’ll make something to eat.
Having a baby is hard work.
How can it be done without food?”

With that said, Mother Jiang went to the kitchen to work.

Jiang Xue asked, “What do I do?”

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“You should go down and start the car and turn on the heating.
We will go down later,” Mother Jiang shouted from the kitchen.

Jiang Xue stood there for a moment.
She heard the sound of water in the bathroom, and ran over.
“Su Su, do you have any reaction now?”

Li Su was already in pain at this time.
She endured while she washed her hair.
“It’s starting to hurt.”

Starting to hurt? Jiang Xue’s eyes widened.
She had never given birth to a child before, she had also never eaten pork but had seen pigs run.
She knew that once the pain began, it was not long until the child arrived.
She quickly took out her mobile phone and called the hospital as she walked out.
Fortunately, they had a booking from a month ago.
Even if it didn’t start today, they could go tomorrow.

Li Su took a shower, changed into clean clothes, dried her hair, and ate two bowls of Mother Jiang’s wontons in chicken soup.
The group then set off to the hospital.

When they arrived at the hospital, the nurse examined Li

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