Chapter 136 – Wealthy Bastard (part 11)

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As soon as Li Jiangping entered, he held onto Li Su’s leg and cried.
Li Su quickly squatted down and hugged her son.
“What’s wrong? Why are you crying? Did you not want to change kindergartens? If you don’t want to change kindergarten, the mother will tell him not to change kindergarten anymore!”

Li Jiangping cried very sadly.
“Mum, he is a bastard! I don’t want him to be my father!”

Li Su felt a little helpless.
“Jiangping, mum knows that you are smart and you know everything.
So, mum will tell you directly.
Back then, the matter between mother and him was disgraceful.
You know that mum is an orphan.
What mum wanted the most was to be loved and have a home.
When I first met him, I thought he was that person.
Who knew that was not the case.
Mum still has you.
You know what happened later.
Although I don’t like him, he is still your father.”

Li Jiangping suddenly stopped crying.
He wiped away his tears.
“Mum, I know.
Don’t worry, I won’t leave you.
When I grow up, I will let mum live a good life.”

Li Su shook her head.
“JIangping, mum hopes that you understand something.
A person must work hard for oneself, not for others.
Jiangping, it doesn’t matter whether you accept the fact that he is your biological father.
With his ability, he can take you away easily.”

Li Jiangping looked cautious.
“I understand.
Mum, don’t worry!”

Li Su wasn’t sure how much Li Jiangping understood.
She sighed and touched Li Jiangping’s hair.
“I’m sorry, son.
Your mum is no good!” With a background like his, choosing a path may be very difficult for him.
However, he could rest assured that no matter what his future was, mum will walk with him.

“Mum, don’t say that.
It’s not your fault! Mum, I love you!” Li Jiangping held Li Su’s face in his small hands.
He kissed her forehead.

Li Su’s heart was about to melt.
How could her son be so cute and well-behaved?! Li Su picked up her son and kissed him several times.
“My dear son, mum loves you too!”

Mum’s embrace and kiss dispelled the sadness, anger, and humiliation Li Jiangping felt.
Yes, he was angry.
His mum was slandered in front of him.
Even if that person was his father, it was not allowed! But, he also understood that his current self had no ability to protect himself nor his mother.
He had to work hard to grow and make himself stronger!

When the mother and son returned home, nothing seemed to happen.

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Mother and Father Jiang remained in the same posture as when Li Su had left.
When they heard the sound of the door opening and saw Li Su and Li Jiangping, their eyes reddened.
“You are back? How was it?”

“Grandma, I’m hungry.
The food in the restaurant wasn’t delicious at all.
The dishes were cold and the steak was half-cooked.
It was terrible.
Grandma, I want to eat beef noodles! Add some chili!” said Li Jiangping.

Mother Jiang cried with joy.
“Good! Grandma will make it for you right away.
Old man, go and roll the dough!”

“Okay!” Father Jiang entered the kitchen with a smile.

Li Su sighed when she saw this.

Li Jiangping took her hand.
“Mum, I will be very filial to grandma in the future.”

“Mm, Jiangping, don’t disappoint the people who really love you!” Li Su said as she touched Li Jiangping’s head.

Li Jiangping nodded.
He wouldn’t!

Forty minutes later, Mother and Father Jiang brought 4 bowls of beef boodles and a plate of steamed buns from the kitchen.
“Su Su, eat a little too.
Don’t think about losing weight.
You aren’t fat.”

Li Su smelled the beef noodles and touched her belly.
In fact, she was really hungry.
She was just acting a while ago and didn’t have enough to eat.
If she indulged once in a while, it shouldn’t be a problem!

Li Su nodded and sat at the table.
The 4 of them feasted.

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Li Jiangping finished most of the noodles and ate 2 buns before putting down his chopsticks, content.
“It’s so delicious! Grandma, in the future, I will study abroad and you will come with me.
I can’t do without you and grandpa!”

When Mother Jiang heard Li Jiangping say this, she was so happy that she didn’t know what to do.
As long as Jiangping likes to eat it, then grandma will always make it for you.
We can go abroad!” She completely forgot about what she said when Li Su proposed to go abroad.

Li Su didn’t mind.
She just watched with a smile.

When Li Jiangping took a bath and went to bed, Li Su informed them of her discussion with Su Wanzhe.
“He promised not to take Jiangping away, but Jiangping has to listen to him in the future and for his education.
I promised.
Tomorrow, we will visit several new kindergartens that have been selected for Jiangping.”

The anxiety Mother and Father Jiang felt faded.
Jiangping was the most important existence in their lives.
They couldn’t imagine a life without Jiangping.
Now that they knew Jiangping wouldn’t leave, they were relieved.

“Okay, as long as he doesn’t take Jiangping away, then anything will do!” Mother Jiang thought that Jiangping had a capable father, which wasn’t a bad thing for Jiangping.

Li Su nodded.
“I just might not be able to live here in the future.” Although City C was a liveable city, it was not very good with regards to education.
In the future, Su Wanzhe was likely to ask them to move.

“It’s okay.
Where Jiangping goes, we will go.
As long as we are with Jiangping, then we have no objection!” Mother Jiang said as she patted her chest.
Father Jiang nodded again next to her.

When Li Su saw this, she also laughed.
She always felt a bit ashamed in front of Mother and Father Jiang.
The road she and Jiangping were destined to take meant that it was impossible for them to stay in City C for the rest of their lives.
She could also understand the old couple were accustomed to a stable life and were unwilling to give it up.
She was thinking of how to convince Mother and Father Jiang, but didn’t expect that they were willing to give up their peaceful life for their grandson so long as they could stay with him.

That was good.
Everyone was happy.
As for the future, Li Su would take good care of them.

After Li Su returned to the room, she called Jiang Xue.

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Jiang Xue was silent for a while, then sighed.
“If it’s like this, then it’s fine.
There isn’t any danger.
Su Su, I was rash this time and hurt you.
I checked and your news was posted along with the news about President Su’s visit to Jiang Mi’s boudoir.”

Li Su felt a little guilty.
“Sister, don’t say that.
It had nothing to do with you.”

“Su Su, actually, it’s really thanks to you and Jiangping.
My parents wouldn’t have been so happy without you and Jiangping.
I am busy with my work and rarely go home.
Fortunately, you are here.” Jiang Xue was a shrewd person.
Although she didn’t know the truth of this matter, she knew what was best for them.

Now that Su Wanzhe had appeared, Li Su and Jiangping had more choices.
Jiang Xue was afraid.
If Li Su took Jiangping away one day, what would her parents do? Their family had given so much effort and affection throughout the years.
Would that be it?

But for now, apart from feelings, she had nothing else to restrain Li Su.
She could only play the emotional card.

“Sister, don’t say that.
In my heart, godmother and godfather are my real parents.
In recent years, it is thanks to your presence.
Otherwise, I don’t know what Jiangping and I would have done,” Li Su said emotionally.

Jiang Xue listened to Li Su’s words and sighed in relief.
“Su Su, it’s good that you think that way.
You know, I’m not afraid of anything else.
I am afraid that Jiangping will leave and my parents won’t be able to accept it.
They really love Jiangping as a grandson.”

Li Su said softly, “I know.
So, sister and godmother and godfather may follow me in the future.
Just, don’t be jealous.”

Jiang Xue was sad, but also delighted by these words.
“How old am I? I won’t be jealous.
You can help take care of my parents.
I am happy you have time.
By the way, I received internal news that our company is about to offer shares.
Would you like to invest in it?”

Li Su felt moved.
“Okay, sister.
You can take the cash I have.
If it isn’t enough, you can sell a few houses.”

“You are so optimistic about our company?” Jiang Xue was also interested in this, but she still asked her with a smile.

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“I’m not optimistic about the company.
Sister, I trust you!” said Li Su with a smile.

Jiang Xue felt better.
Yes, Su Su had always trusted her.
In the past few years, Li Su’s properties had been under her control.
Because of this, she thought that Li Su wouldn’t be able to leave her control.
So, she let her family devote all their feelings to the two.
She didn’t expect that Su Wanzhe would pop up on the way.
Fortunately, Su Su still trusted her as always.

“Okay, then I’ll invest your liquid funds! I suppose it will make a profit, so we shouldn’t lose money.
Many of our company’s stars have bought it.
I am also going to invest most of the funds I have,” said Jiang Xue.

“Mm, sister, you decide.
Don’t worry about the rest,” sai Li Su.

After Li Su hung up the phone, she sighed in relief.
She was only thankful that Jiang Xue was busy with her career and rarely came back.
They could only communicate by phone and video.
Otherwise, her plan may not escape Jiang Xue’s eyes.
Jiang Xue was a really shrewd woman.
How else would Jiang Xue have her current status in the entertainment industry?

Fortunately, she had a good start on what she was going to do! Next, she had to prepare some things.

A week later, Li Jiangping changed to a new kindergarten with amazingly high tuition.
Of course, the campus environment and the teachers were also very good.
At the very least, Li Su, Mother Jiang, and Father Jiang were very satisfied.

The name on Li Jiangping’s account book was also changed to Su Qinlin.
This cheesy name made Jiangping feel very disgusted.
However, Li Su, Mother Jiang, and Father Jiang still liked to call him Jiangping.
He himself liked the name Jiangping.
It was better than Qilin.
So, everyone used it as a nickname.

For Jiangping, Li Su and the others also moved.
They originally planned on buying a house near the kindergarten, but the nearby housing prices were scary.
Li Su took all the money and bought stocks.
They couldn’t afford it for the time being, so they just rented.

They didn’t expect that Su Wanzhe ordered 2 real estate certificates and 2 sets of keys the next day.
Li Su saw that they had already prepared the house.

Since Su Qilin’s name was written on the real estate certificate, Li Su had no choice but to accept.

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