Chapter 151 – Rescuing the Transparent High-Ranking Official (part 6) 

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During the meal, Madam Qiao sat at the dining table.
When she smelled the fragrance, her face was expressionless.
Li Su gave her a bowl of rice and a bowl of savoury egg custard.
“Mother, eat slowly.” 

Then, she gave Qiao Zhi half a bowl of bacon rice and a bowl of savoury egg custard.
But, Qiao Zhi refused to eat it and insisted on waiting for his mother so they could eat together.
“Mum, let’s eat together.” 

Li Su couldn’t do anything about him, so she said with a smile, “Big Zhi is a good child.
Eat first.
Mother will feed your younger sister first, then I will come join you later.” 

Qiao Zhi still refused.
Madam Qiao said, “Big Zhi is a good child.
Hurry up and eat first, or the meal will get cold.” 

Li Su nodded.
“Mother is right.
Big Zhi is a good child.
Mum will come soon.” 

Only then did Qiao Zhi obediently hold the spoon and eat a little at a time. 

After Li Su finished feeding her daughter and coaxed her to sleep, she came out.
Qiao Zhi had finished his meal and was playing with a stick, drawing on the ground. 

Madam Qiao had also finished eating, but remained at the table waiting for her.
When Madam Qiao heard Li Su come out, she said quickly, “Xue girl is asleep? Hurry and eat!” 

Li Su hummed and filled a bowl of rice.
She then sat down to eat. 

Madam Qiao sat next to her.
“How was it today? Is Big Zhi used to the school? Has anyone bullied him? How about Xue girl? Are there any issues?” 

“Don’t worry, mother.
It’s fine.
The students take good care of him.
Xuechen is also a very good child.
When I’m in class, the other teachers help me take care of her,” Li Su said while eating. 

Madam Qiao was a little relieved.
“Is there any bacon at home?” 

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Li Su thought for a while.
“There’s one more.
I will go to the mountains when I’m free and see if I can hunt anything.” 

Madam Qiao was anxious.
“You’re really intending to go to the mountains? No, you should buy something.
It isn’t a big deal to sell the gold bracelet.
It’s too dangerous in the mountains.” 

Li Su pursed her lips and smiled.
“Mother, don’t worry.
I know.
By the way, I’m going to buy something in town this weekend.
Do you need anything? I can buy it for you.” She had run out of toothpaste, and Big Zhi’s toothbrush should also be replaced. 

Madam Qiao was very worried, but she didn’t know what to say. 

But, before Li Su went to town, an uninvited guest came to the Qiao family that night. 

“Hey, third younger sister.
You live in such a ghost-like place!” the visitor said with a loud voice as she looked around with disgust. 

Li Su was washing Qiao Zhi in the kitchen when she heard the voice.
She opened the curtain and looked over.
After staring for a while, she recognised the other person was the original owner’s second older sister, the one who married Lu Wei instead of the original owner.
“Second older sister, why are you here?” Li Su quickly picked up Qiao Zhi and put on his clothes. 

What was she here for? Was she showing off or did she finally find a conscience? 

Li Shu covered her mouth and smiled.
“I came to see you.
I brought you something.
Little Wang, bring the things in.” 

A jeep was parked at the door.
Two men in military uniforms took a lot of things out of the car and brought them into the house. 

Li Su looked at them and found quite a few nice things, including rice, meat, clothes, and a radio. 

“Second older sister, what is the meaning of this?” Li Su asked. 

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Li Shu stood at the door coolly.
She acted like she didn’t hear Li Su’s words and only ordered, “Little Wang, put the things away and go back to the car to wait for me.
I will come right away.” 

“Yes, ma’am.” 

When Little Wang left, Li Shu walked over to Li Su.
She took out a stack of banknotes from her bag and stuffed them into Li Su’s hands.
She then said, affectionately, “Third younger sister, I came here today to thank you.
If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be living so well today.
You may not know, but I am now the wife of the regimental commander.
As your big sister, I can’t forget you when I’m doing well, right? Our brothers have transferred back and Old Lu has arranged work for them.
Eldest sister refused to return.
I did give her some things and some money, but not as much as I gave you.
After all, I am in a better position today thanks to third younger sister!” 

Li Su understood that Li Shu was here to show off.
Did Li Shu want to see her sad and regretful? 

Li Su wouldn’t do what Li Shu wanted.
She collected the money and took Li Shu’s hand.
“Second older sister, it is nice of you to repay kindness.
By the way, second older sister hasn’t seen my son and daughter before.
Big Zhi, come here.
This is second aunt.
Please call her second aunt! Second older sister, do you have a child? Is it a boy or a girl?” 

Li Shu’s expression was a little stiff.
Was this on purpose? She and Lu Wei had been married for more than half a year and she dreamed of having a child soon.
Everyone in the Lu family was urging her.
She doesn’t know how much bitter medicine she had drunk so far! 

Li Su pretended not to see Li Shu’s face.
She smiled and asked Qiao Zhi to come over to say hello.
She then took Xuechen out to show Li Shu.
Then, she left to finish her meal. 

Li Shu was unhappy at first.
She wasn’t willing to eat here.
Besides, she wasn’t able to see Li Su’s regretful expression.
Li Shu was in a bad mood, so she quickly got into the car and left. 

Li Su sneered when she saw Li Shu leave.
She turned around and closed the door. 

Dashan’s wife heard the movement.
“Big Zhi’s mother, was that person your relative? It is so lavish.
They came in a car.” 

Li Su smiled.
“My second older sister came to see me.” 

Dashan’s wife was still sighing.
Li Su said with a smile, “Sister-in-law, I have to give Xuechen a bath now, so I cannot talk to you anymore.” 

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Dashan’s wife nodded.
“Go!” But, she was a little disapproving.
Aiguo’s wife was a bit too obsessed with cleanliness.
Taking a bath once a month was almost enough.
Not only did Aiguo’s wife wash herself every now and then, but she also washed the children once a week.
Xuechen was still so young.
Was Aiguo’s wife not afraid of Xuechen freezing? 

But her two children were very clean. 

Li Su closed the door and took out the money to count.
Li Shu spent a lot of money this time.
There was 300 yuan.
How could she be willing to part with so much? Did Li Shu think that Li Su wouldn’t accept it so she pretended to have a lot of money? Li Su happily took the money and went to look at the things in the house.
The more she looked, the happier she became. 

Li Su saw Qiao Zhi staring at the toffee.
She took a piece, peeled the wrapper off, then stuffed one into Qiao Zhi’s mouth.
“You can eat the candy, but remember to rinse your mouth after.” 

Qiao Zhi’s eyes widened.
What was this? It was delicious.
Then, he hid in the corner and slowly enjoyed it. 

Madam Qiao walked over.
“A-Su, was the person who came just now your second older sister?” 

Li Su also peeled another candy and stuffed it into her mouth.
It had a strong milky taste and was much better than the later generations of toffee that had saccharin in them.
“Mm, it was my second older sister.
Mother, this toffee is delicious.
You should try some too.” She stuffed a candy into Madam Qiao’s mouth before Madam Qiao could refuse. 

Madam Qiao didn’t have the time to refuse.
She was about to speak, but the milky taste and sweetness made her speechless.
This toffee really was delicious. 

Over there, Li Su was rummaging around again.
There were 2 cans of malted milk, which was something good.
Li Su took the things into the space. 

In fact, Li Su had guessed correctly.
Li Shu came here to show off and Lu Wei came to meet his comrades.
After Li Shu heard about her husband’s plans, she wanted to follow him, saying that her third younger sister was living here and married.
She, as the older sister, just wanted to come and see Li Su.
Lu Wei agreed.
Li Shu had thought that, because of Li Su’s pride, Li Su wouldn’t accept the things Li Shu offered.
At that time, Li Shu would pretend to be a good person and not suffer any losses.
It would be a good way to kill two birds with one stone.
She didn’t expect Li Su to accept all of it! 

It was all the money that Old Lu gave her to buy a birthday present for the old madam.
Why did she lose her head at that time?! Li Su, that hussy! How dare she accept Li Shu’s money! That really pissed her off! 

Li Shu racked her brains trying to think of what to say.
When she got to the hotel in town, Lu Wei had just returned and was reading a newspaper.
When he saw her come back, he asked, “You’re back?” 

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Li Shu smiled awkwardly and then sat down next to Lu Wei.
“Old Wei, I have something to tell you.
You know how I went to see my younger sister today? I brought a lot of things.
I didn’t expect that my third younger sister’s life was very difficult now.
Her man died last year.
She has to look after a son, daughter, and blind old lady.
My third younger sister is a teacher in the village and her monthly salary is so little.
The entire family depends on her to support them.
I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I gifted her the three hundred yuan you gave me to buy mother a gift.
I’m sorry, Old Lu,” Li Shu said as she lowered her head. 

Li Shu had mentioned the situation of her third younger sister, so he didn’t think there was anything wrong with this.
“It’s okay.
You did a good thing.
Sisters should help each other.
Is three hundred yuan enough? If not, then I can give some more.
Today, I was rude.
I should go and see your third younger sister with you.” 

How could Li Shu dare to let Lu Wei go to see Li Su? Instead of becoming uglier or older in the countryside, Li Su had become more beautiful.
Li Shu quickly said, “There’s no need.
There are certain mannerisms that must be followed here.
Of course, we do not adhere to them, but the rural areas pay attention to this sort of thing.
People will talk.” 

Lu Wei thought about it too.
“If your third younger sister isn’t living well in the countryside, then we can take them back with us to the city.” 

“I mentioned it, but third younger sister doesn’t want to.
Her mother-in-law isn’t willing to leave the countryside.
Besides, third younger sister’s father-in-law was a hero.
Everyone in the village knows this and that helps her a lot.” Li Shu quickly tried her best to dismiss Lu Wei’s thoughts. 

Lu Wei nodded and said nothing.
He just wondered about Li Su’s family. 

At Li Shu’s suggestion, Lu Wei and Li Shu left quickly. 

Li Su didn’t take Li Shu’s visit seriously and still lived her own life.
Just a week later, Cun Zhishu notified her to go to the county to receive a subsidy. 

“What subsidy?” Li Su asked in surprise. 

“I am not sure either.
It seems that your father-in-law’s former comrade-in-arms heard about your family and applied for it for you.
You just have to go and get it.” Cun Zhishu was also unclear about this. 

Li Su couldn’t figure out what was going on.
Her father-in-law’s comrade-in-arms? Who was it? It had been so many years, so why did they only remember this now? 

Li Su didn’t know what to think.
Li Su took leave and went to the county to collect the money. 

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