Chapter 152 – Rescuing the Transparent High-Ranking Official (part 7) 

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It was only when Li Su arrived at the county did she realise that this subsidy wasn’t a one-off thing, but a monthly payment of 50 yuan. 

The county staff explained that, because of the special circumstances of her family, the organisation had taken into account the actual situation of her family and specially applied for her. 

Li Su was even more suspicious.
“Leader, what is going on? Why is this so sudden?” 

The leader laughed.
“Comrade Li is very astute.
It is actually very simple.
There was a leader above who was Comrade Qiao Jianguo’s comrade-in-arms.
He happened to come here to inspect the work and remembered Comrade Jianguo.
He casually said a few things.
Comrade Qiao Jianguo was a hero and sacrificed much for the new China.
We must take good care of the families of the heroes.” The head said that this Li Su was Regimental Commander Lu’s cousin and that they should take care of them. 

Those words were similar to what Cun Zhishu told Li Su.
“Thank you for your concern.
The village takes good care of us.
I am now a teacher in the primary school and get paid every month.” 

The leader smiled.
“That’s good.” 

Li Su received the money, but did not head back immediately.
Instead, she went to the department store.
She had to buy a lot of things for home. 

When Li Su first went in, the sales clerks in the department store didn’t take her seriously.
They didn’t expect to be slapped in the face in the next second.
“Give me two bottles of this cold cream, five toothbrushes, and two boxes of toothpaste.
Also, get me one of these hot water bottles and two bars of soap.
Also, this, and this.” 

Li Su paid and the salesman immediately changed his expression.
He thoughtfully packed everything Li Su wanted separately.
He then followed Li Su around and asked if there was anything else she needed. 

Li Su bought some clothes for Madam Qiao, Qiao Zhi, and herself.
Xuechen was still young, but Li Su bought two nice dresses for her. 

After a while, the 50 yuan she just received was spent.
It wasn’t enough.
Li Su didn’t feel too distressed.
After all, money was there to be spent after earning it. 

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She had a lot of things to carry, so she quietly carried them to the bathroom.
When she exited, she was empty-handed.
She also had to go to the grain and oil store to buy some grain oil. 

Not long after she left, Li Su noticed that someone was following her.
She was afraid that someone was watching her because she made a big purchase at the department store. 

Li Su looked around and happened to see a wooden stick in the corner.
She picked it up and weighed it in her hands.
It was too thin.
She looked around again and found another one not far away.
She picked it up and saw that it was thick enough. 

The person who followed Li Su saw her move and laughed sarcastically.
She was overestimating herself! Then, the person continued to follow. 

He didn’t expect that he would be hit in the face by a wooden stick.
His eyes smarted in pain.
He had no time to react and continued to get beaten.
He hugged his head and shouted in his heart, “How could this be possible?! It’s not possible! Why is this woman so strong?!” 

Li Su continued to hit until she was tired.
She found that she was more suitable for this kind of rough and simple life! 

“Speak! Why are you sneaking around? Do you want to steal something?” Li Su pointed at the man hiding in the corner with her stick. 

The crowd that had gathered were watching the fun.
When they saw Li Su’s agility, some people loudly applauded.
At this time, someone called out, “He is a famous deadbeat named Cheng Gouzi.
He is used to womanising and taking liberties with women.
He has been caught many times, but his character has not changed!” 

Li Su frowned.
“Really? Then there’s nothing to say.
Please help me send him to the police station.
Please help me with proof as well.
It was in self-defence.” 

A few enthusiastic people came over to help Li Su tie up the man.
“Don’t worry.
We will all testify for you.” 

The person who was sent to the police station was indeed a regular visitor.
When the police saw him, they said, “Yo, Comrade Cheng Gouzi.
You’re here again.
What happened now? Who’s the hero who punishes evil!” 

Cheng Gouzi was in pain and speechless. 

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Li Su explained the matter.
“Comrade policeman, I acted in self-defence.
I have witnesses.
My father-in-law was a hero.
I came to the county to collect the subsidy.
I just bought some daily necessities at the department store and noticed someone following me.
I was afraid of losing my things, so I hid them.
I have to go back quickly, or I may end up losing my items.” 

The police were a little surprised that this weak woman had such a great ability to beat up a big man like this.
When they heard that the other party was related to a hero, they immediately said, “Okay, there’s no problem.
Comrade, you can go.” He then found 3 yuan and 50 cents on Cheng Gouzi.
“Comrade, this is your compensation for wasting your time.” 

Li Su wasn’t polite.
She took the money, turned around, and left.
She bought some peanuts and melon seeds with the money in the nearby store.
She saw the enthusiastic people who helped out just now and went over.
“Thank you, uncles and aunties for your help.
Have some melon seeds and peanuts.” 

Those few people laughed and weren’t polite.
They thought this lady was quite a person! 

After Li Su divided up the melon seeds and peanuts, she was ready to go to the grain and oil store. 

An auntie pulled on her.
“Hey, what are you doing?” 

“Oh, I’m going to the grain and oil store to buy some rice and noodles.
Then, I’ll go to the vegetable market to get some veggies.
My man is gone and my mother-in-law can’t see anymore.
As for me, I’m an elementary school teacher.
Nobody farms at home, so I have to buy everything.
No matter how old or young you are, you have to eat something good.” Li Su smiled. 

The auntie felt a little warm inside.
“Young comrade, I see that you do not have a local accent.
Were you an educated youth who went to the countryside?” 

Li Su nodded.
“Auntie, you have really good ears.” 

“Oh, you are such a good comrade.
You are willing to stay when you have such a situation at home.
How old are your children? When did your man disappear?” 

Li Su told the auntie.
The more she listened, the more excited she became.
“Good comrade, don’t you want to buy rice and noodles? Come to my house.
My son works at the grain and oil store.
I will take you there.
The things there are definitely cheap.” 

Then, the auntie took Li Su to the grain and oil store, talking while she walked.
Only then did Li Su understand why the auntie was so excited. 

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It turned out that the auntie’s nephew’s wife was an educated youth.
As a result, she left her husband and children and returned to the city.
The child was still young and couldn’t be separated from the mother.
He cried every day for her mother.
One day, when the adults weren’t paying attention, he ran out of the house, fell into a ditch, and drowned. 

When the child’s grandmother saw her grandson’s body, she immediately fainted.
When she woke up, she hung herself. 

When the auntie said this, there were tears in her eyes.
“A good family is gone.
My nephew has not yet come out of the shadows.
Say, how could there be such a cruel mother in the world?! You left and had a good life, but what about the child?! If he hadn’t missed his mother, then he wouldn’t have run out of the house and…” 

Li Su sighed.
There were too many instances like this.
You couldn’t say how wrong the mother was.
After all, everyone had the right to pursue happiness.
She actually didn’t expect such a thing to happen.
She could only say that she was a little selfish, but this was a choice most people make. 

The auntie wiped away her tears.
“Oh, let’s not talk about this.
What’s done is done.
In fact, there are a lot of instances like this.
So, it’s rare that you have chosen to stay for your family’s sake.” 

Li Su laughed.
She wasn’t that noble either.
She was also trying to complete the task. 

The auntie took Li Su to the store and found her son.
The goods were indeed much cheaper than outside.
Li Su was very happy and bought 100 catties of rice, noodles, a lot of oil, and a lot of seasonings.
Because she had too many things, the auntie planned to call a car for Li Su to help send the things to the station. 

Li Su said that she still had to buy something else, so she didn’t want to trouble them.
Then, in front of the auntie, she carried the rice on her back.
The auntie believed her.
It happened that the auntie’s daughter-in-law called and said that her grandson was sick.
The auntie hurried back. 

Li Su said goodbye to the enthusiastic auntie.
She then put the rice and oil into her space.
She only carried some noodles in her hand.
She then strolled to the grain and oil store in the west part of the city and bought some rice noodles. 

Finally, she went to the vegetable market and bought a lot of meat and veggies.
The space had a function where it kept things fresh.
Finally, she bought a roast duck and a few beef pastries for lunch.
Of course, all these things were put into the space.
Li Su then returned to the village with only some noodles and vegetables in her hands. 

Then, someone saw her and said, “Aiguo’s wife, why are you so incapable of living? These vegetables are everywhere in the village.
Why did you go to the county to buy them?” 

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Li Su laughed.
She would rather go outside to buy it, where the price was clearly marked.
After the money was paid, nobody owed anyone anything.
How much money was required to buy something in the village? 

Before Li Su entered, she heard Xuechen crying.
Madam Qiao and Qiao Zhi were helplessly trying to coax her. 

Li Su entered quickly, closed the door, put down her things, then picked up her daughter.
“Mother, I bought roast duck and pastries.
They are still warm.
You can eat some first.
After I feed Xuechen, I’ll cook.” 

Qiao Zhi had already smelled the food and was salivating.
In fact, he wasn’t very hungry.
Madam Qiao had given him several pieces of toffee earlier this morning.
He was just thirsty. 

Madam Qiao also smelled the roast duck and beef pastries.
Although she was a little greedy, she was more worried.
They couldn’t live like this.
It wasn’t a festival.
How could there be roast duck and beef pastries? It would be better to save the money. 

Li Su fed her daughter and changed her diaper.
She then coaxed her daughter to sleep before coming out.
“Hey, aren’t you eating first? Why not?” 

Then, she washed her hands, sliced the roast duck, cut the beef pastries, and poured 3 cups of malted milk.
“Mother, Big Zhi, eat.
We can work together at noon.
We’ll have a good dinner.
Big Zhi, what do you want to eat tonight?” 

“Rice!” said Qiao Zhi. 

“Okay, mum will cook rice for you tonight, stir fry two dishes, and make soup,” Li Su said with a smile. 

Madam Qiao didn’t want to talk anymore.
She was afraid that she’d vomit to death. 

After eating, Li Su washed the dishes.
Qiao Zhi was full and drowsy.
Li Su was afraid that he would get indigestion, so she sent him outside to catch earthworms. 

Madam Qiao leaned on her crutch and walked to the kitchen.
She hesitated. 

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