Chapter 164 – Rescuing the Transparent High-Ranking Official (part 19) 

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Li Shu and Lu Wei didn’t really intervene in Lǐ Wēi’s matters. 

Mother and Father Li did their best for their son’s sake.
They sold their property and put the money together.
They managed to get 100,000 yuan and returned the money.
In the end, Lǐ Wēi was sentenced to 6 years in prison for embezzlement. 

After Mother Li and Du Qiao heard the verdict, they fainted in the court.
Lǐ Wēi was grief-stricken.
He thought that it wasn’t a big deal.
It was just 100,000 yuan, and his brother-in-law could deal with it.
He didn’t expect that things would end up like this. 

He was going to prison! He was really going to prison! 

“Mum, dad, I don’t want to go to prison! I really don’t want to go to prison! Mum, help me!” Lǐ Wēi shouted in agitation.
He was finally taken away by the police in the court. 

Mother Li woke up slowly and happened to hear her son’s words.
She felt like she was about to die from heartache.
“Second girl is so cruel.
If I had known this would happen earlier, I wouldn’t have been in such a hurry to marry her in the first place.
If I had persisted, then third girl would have changed her mind.
Third girl is more obedient than second girl.” 

Father Li supported Mother Li.
He felt the same heartache and helplessness.
“What’s the use of talking about this now? It is our fault that we gave birth to such a black-hearted daughter.” 

Qian Li sat next to them in disgust.
Her mother-and father-in-law were so shameless! Wait, there seemed to be someone missing.
“Where is eldest sister-in-law?” 

Qian Li’s words made Mother and Father Li realise that Du Qiao, who had been sitting next to them, was now gone. 

Qian Li frowned.
“It shouldn’t be that eldest sister-in-law went to second older sister’s place to make trouble? Li Wei, what are you doing? Hurry up and chase her.
Don’t let my eldest sister-in-law be confused! She can’t have gone far.
Hurry and bring her back!” Qian Li slapped Li Wei on the back and Li Wei exited quickly. 

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Mother Li was furious when she saw Qian Li’s demeanour.
“You! What are you doing?!” 

“Mum, dad, don’t be confused like eldest sister-in-law! Do you think that second older sister is the same as before? She is now Madam Lu! You can’t control her now.
You have to coax her! Don’t forget, second older sister had a miscarriage.
Even though second older sister doesn’t say it now, she still thinks of us as family.
If eldest sister-in-law makes a fuss, then do you think she will still think of us as family in the future?” Her husband was now gone, so Qian Li didn’t bother beating around the bush and directly said these words. 

She didn’t understand what kind of wiring her mother- and father-in-law’s brains had.
Obviously, the entire family counted on second older sister and second brother-in-law.
Even if they were confused, they couldn’t drag her and Li Wei down. 

Mother Li was trembling with anger.
She was about to scold Qian Li, but Father Li grabbed her and motioned that there were still people around. 

Mother Li finally realised her identity and current situation, so she suppressed her anger.
Over there, Li Wei chased after Du Qiao and pulled her out of a taxi. 

The Li family went back to the rental house.
Two of their houses had been sold in order to pay back the money.
Now, Mother Li, Father Li, and Du Qiao and her two children were renting this 60 sqm house. 

Qian Li gave her a cold look.
“Mum, dad, eldest brother’s matter is set in stone, so don’t bother with it anymore.
The most urgent thing is to figure out how to repair the relationship with second older sister.
After all, in order to pay back the money for eldest brother, the family is now…” Qian Li looked around.
“Before you do anything, think about A-Wei and your grandchildren!” 

After she finished speaking, she dragged Li Wei away. 

Mother Li pointed at Qian Li’s back angrily.
“She was ashamed to say that the family had to sell their houses and electrical appliances.
It was better for her.
She only asked A-Wei to send a thousand yuan.
What wicked thing did I do in my last life for A-Wei to marry such a stingy person!” 

Du Qiao cried even more when she heard this. 

Father Li also frowned. 

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Qian Li stood outside the door, her face flushed with anger.
She kicked the door open.
“If you think that a thousand yuan was too little, then give it back to me! A-Wei’s salary is only a hundred and eighty yuan a month.
We also have children.
My parents gave me five hundred yuan out of that thousand yuan!” 

Li Wei stood behind Qian Li, sad.
His parents were actually good to him.
Although they didn’t treat him as well as his eldest brother, it was much better treatment than second younger sister and the others.
When eldest brother had this incident, Li Wei had also wanted to do his best, but Qian Li said that they didn’t have much money at home.
So, she went to her parents and borrowed 500 yuan to make up 1000 yuan.
He didn’t expect that his parents would think that the money was too little.
He refused to sell his house to get more money for his eldest brother! 

“Forget it, Lili, let’s go!” Li Wei gave his parents a look, then tugged on Qian Li. 

Qian Li held her husband’s hand in distress.
“Okay, let’s go home.
Little Lei is still waiting for us!” 

Li Wei’s expression improved upon hearing about his son.
The two walked out hand-in-hand. 

Qian Li couldn’t help but look back.
She had a smug look.
Her husband will truly belong to her in the future.
God knows how much she paid for it today.
All of this was thanks to third older sister’s guidance.
Tomorrow, she would have to send something to third older sister. 

It just so happened that Qian Li’s second sister-in-law was Zhang Yan, who bought the return pass from Li Su.
With Zhang Yan’s help, they got to know each other.
Because of Zhang Yan’s relationship, Qian Li had a good impression of Li Su and thought she was a lot better than the rest of the Li family.
The two kept in touch. 

Qian Li was troubled by her husband’s unconditional filial piety to his parents.
Li Su wrote a letter and gave Qian Li some advice.
Fortunately, all her hard work paid off. 

Mother and Father Li naturally saw the heartbroken expression their younger son had.
Before they could think about it, they heard the cries of their grandchildren.
“A-Qi and A-Li are hungry.
Grandma will go cook now!” 

Mother Li cheered up.
She saw Du Qiao sitting next to her and sighed.
“Qian Li is right.
A-Wēi is already like this.
In the future, you need to think about A-Qi and A-Lin more.” 

Then, she looked at Father Li.
“I’ll go back and see second girl.
She doesn’t care about her eldest brother.
Now we have nowhere to stay.
She can’t ignore this.” 

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Father Li nodded.
“Mm, speak carefully.” Qian Li had reminded them that second girl wasn’t the same as before.
If they continued to treat her like they used to, it would only push her even further away. 

That wouldn’t do.
Without them, where would second girl be today? She shouldn’t even think of getting rid of them! 

The next day, Mother and Father Li went to the prison to visit Lǐ Wēi.
Of course, they were first greeted by their son’s veiled accusation before he felt regretful.
He then begged for Mother and Father Li to quickly find a way to save him since he didn’t want to be in prison. 

Mother and Father Li were heartbroken when they saw their precious son like this.
They helped each other out and Mother Li wiped away her tears.
“Second girl and son-in-law are too cruel.
A- Wēi is suffering so much!” He was the most precious son of the Li family.
Even during their most difficult times, he was well-fed and clothed. 

Father Li also looked distressed.
He actually came from the countryside, so the preference for sons was deeply ingrained in him.
He and his wife didn’t have children for the first 4-5 years of their marriage.
During that time, the couple experienced a lot of gossip and personal attacks.
It wasn’t until the birth of Lǐ Wēi were they able to raise their heads.
Therefore, Lǐ Wēi was their favourite son! 

“Go to second girl and have a good talk with her.
Build a good relationship with son-in-law for A-Wēi.
It would be best to let him out when the rumours pass,” said Father Li. 

Mother Li nodded.
Today she had to convince second girl, even if she had to kneel! 

After Li Shu had a miscarriage, it was like she was a different person.
Her former social self was gone.
She rarely went out to play with her friends.
She stayed home all day and focussed her attention on taking care of Mingzhu.
Li Shi soon replaced the nanny and became Mingzhu’s favourite person and Mingzhu could almost always be found with Li Shu. 

Lu Wei saw that Li Shu took care of Mingzhu wholeheartedly.
Mingzhu was much better now, and Li Shu never mentioned the Li family again.
Lu Wei sighed.
He was a man and Mingzhu’s father.
He had to be responsible.
He deeply buried some matters in his heart.
It was for the best for himself, this family, and her. 

“Old Wei, do you want to go out?” Li Shu was on the sofa telling Mingzhu a story.
When she saw Lu Wei, she stood up quickly with Mingzhu in her arms. 

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“Mm, I have something to do.
I probably won’t be back for dinner tonight.
You and Mingzhu should rest first.
Don’t wait for me,” Lu Wei said softly as he squeezed Mingzhu’s small hand. 

With just a few short words, Li Shu was extremely excited.
It had been a long time since Old Lu told her what he was up to.
Great, her hard work had finally paid off. 

“Mm, I know.
Come back early,” Li Shu said softly as she held back her tears. 

After Lu Wei left, Li Shu sat on the sofa with Mingzhu in her arms, excited.
It wasn’t until Mingzhu made a few impatient noises did Li Shu react and then continue to read her stories gently.
In the past, it was all her fault.
Her daughter was her life saver.
As long as her daughter was fine, she would be fine. 

“Madam, your mother is here and she wants to see you,” the auntie said softly. 

Li Shu immediately restrained her smile and thought for a while.
“Let her in!” Then, she said to her daughter gently, “Mingzhu, can you go and play with auntie for a while? Mum has something to do for half an hour, no, for ten minutes, okay?” 

As soon as Mother Li entered the door, she saw Li Shu hand Mingzhu to the auntie.
She quickly said, “Why are you sending Mingzhu away? I haven’t seen Mingzhu for a long time.
Come, let Mingzhu hug grandma.” 

The nanny was a little embarrassed.
She glanced at Li Shu, but Li Shu didn’t even look at Mother Li.
“Take Mingzhu upstairs to play with the building blocks!” 

The nanny hurried upstairs with Mingzhu in her arms. 

Mother Li was a little unhappy when she saw that Li Shu didn’t give her much face.
But, she remembered the reason she was here today.
She still blurted out the accusation.
“Second girl, no matter what, I’m still your mother.
How can you treat me like this in front of the servants?! Not giving me face is also not giving you face!” 

Li Shu sneered slightly.
“Mother, you came to see me today.
What’s the matter? Just tell me if you have something to say.
I still want to play with Mingzhu.” 

Mother Li looked around and a glimmer of envy flashed in her eyes.
“Second girl, you can’t forget your roots.
You are now married to a high-ranking official and live in a single-family building.
There is a car that can pick you up and drop you off when you go out.
However, your parents are still renting.
If this gets out, you will also lose face.” 

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