Chapter 166 – Rescuing the Transparent High-Ranking Official (final part) 

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In the county town, Li Su smiled when she saw the letters and things that Zhang Yan and Qian Li sent.
Now that that couple was not having a good time, they didn’t have the energy to worry about other people’s matters.
This was what she wanted. 

Li Su put down the letter and thought about it for a while.
She had almost saved enough.
She wondered if she should buy a house here since it was a good location.
It was close to schools and nurseries.
The most important thing was that, over the past 6 months, Madam Qiao had grown accustomed to their surroundings. 

Li Su thought about it, then simply thought of buying the house.
She just wasn’t sure if the landlord was willing to sell it! 

Li Su tried to contact the landlord.
She didn’t expect the landlord to readily agree to sell the house.
“You were introduced by Old Zhou.
Old Zhou was kind to me.
If he hadn’t refused to take advantage of me, then I would have given this house to him.
Now you want to buy, so you just need to give a little as a symbolic gesture.” 

Li Su was willing to take advantage of others, but she still paid market price.
The landlord then returned the difference and took Li Su to the house.  

Although Li Su had some money returned, she was still happy.
She didn’t tell Madam Qiao that she was buying a house in fear of worrying her.
She didn’t know why Madam Qiao was always worried to death that they would starve to death as the family could live well. 

Time flew by.
Ten years passed in the blink of an eye.
In the past 10 years, everyone had changed a lot.
Through her own efforts, Li Su passed the self-taught higher education exam1 and became a university student.
With a diploma, it was much easier to get a job.
In a few years, she became a first-class teacher.
This was very rare.
Of course, her salary had also doubled. 

In the past 10 years, Li Su’s family had returned to Qiaojia Village often.
They would go back and live there for a while during the winter and summer breaks.
Li Su also opened a remedial class to help the children in the village study.
Of course, she didn’t charge a cent.
Therefore, Li Su’s family had a good reputation in Qiaojia Village. 

Li Su refused to charge money for her services and everyone was much better off.
What she earned was pretty good.
Therefore, some people brought a bag of rice, or a few chickens, or a few vegetables for her so they wouldn’t show up empty-handed.
Li Su was embarrassed to accept the gifts.
After a long time, Li Su’s family no longer had to buy rice or vegetables.
Half the room in her space was also filled. 

Qiao Zhi had also become a smart and sensible young man.
His academic performance was among the best in his class.
He also took the initiative to help out with the housework.
Because Li Su was busy with school, he also took the initiative to take on the task of tutoring his younger sister in her studies. 

Qiao Xuechen had always been everyone’s darling since she was a baby.
Among her teachers, classmates, friends, and neighbours, nobody disliked her.
Apart from being a little squeamish, she was a good child who was sensible and obedient. 

Madam Qiao was doing well. 

Xue Chao’an had been corresponding with Qiao Zhi the entire time.
They called each other a lot.
During the summer and winter breaks, Xue Chao’an would come to Qiaojia Village to play. 

It was all fine until Xue Chao’an saw that someone had sent a love letter to Xuechen.
It seemed it had triggered something in Xue Chao’an since he suddenly transferred to the school the following month. 

Qiao Zhi would be stupid if he didn’t understand Xue Chao’an’s thoughts from this event.
However, under the constant presence of Xue Chao’an, Qiao Xuechen had already become accustomed to Xue Chao’an’s existence.
Qiao Zhi had regrets, but there was nothing he could do now! 

As for Li Su, she acquiesced to Xue Chao’an’s actions after she spoke to him.
Li Su had no idea how Xue Chao’an managed to convince his family to allow him to transfer.
However, this incident proved his attitude and ability. 

As for the future, she would let it be. 

What surprised Li Su was that Li Shu didn’t react at all to Xue Chao’an’s transfer.
This surprised her. 

It was actually very simple.
Li Shu now felt that Mingzhu’s feelings were the most important thing.
Xue Chao’an had a good family background, but Lu Mingzhu did not find him easy to get along with.
Li Shu had also seen Lu Mingzhu and Xue Chao’an interact and they would be at odds with each other. 

Lu Mingzhu was the most important person in Li Shu’s heart now.
How could she let Mingzhu endure this kind of behaviour.
Therefore, she quickly shifted her target to other suitable candidates.
Old Lu was right.
With the Lu’s family background, Mingzhu had no shortage of playmates.
Mingzhu’s happiness was the most important thing. 

Everyone had a good life, except for Mother Li, Father Li, and Lǐ Wēi. 

Lǐ Wēi was released from prison after 6 years.
Not long after he was released, he drove while drunk, hit someone, then ran.
As a result, the victim died from their injuries. 

Of course, law enforcement was very sloppy, but Lǐ Wēi was finally caught and locked up again.
Mother and Father Li went to the Lu family’s house and cried.
They tried to talk to their daughter for help, but nobody came to see them. 

It turned out that Lu Wei was transferred south-west the previous year.
Li Shu took their daughter and went with him. 

Mother and Father Li didn’t know that it had happened the previous year.
This showed how estranged they were from Li Shu.
The old couple were pale and trembling. 

When Mother Lu saw this, she sighed.
“Is there something wrong with your family this time?” 

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Mother and Father Li wanted to be proud, but now they couldn’t care about such a thing.
Mother Li wiped her tears as she spoke.
“In-laws, we really have no choice but to beg you… A-Wēi’s life is at stake!” 

When Mother Lu heard those words, she immediately had a stern look on her face.
“So, my in-laws know that there is a life at stake! He drove without a licence while drunk and killed someone! He should be punished by the law! The victim had a family and was the backbone of their family! It has been so long since the accident.
Have you even visited the family of the deceased?” 

Mother Lu knew that Mother and Father Li had not when she saw their expressions.
She shook her head in disappointment.
“You are university lecturers who teach and educate people.
How can… Forget it.
I will help hire a lawyer.
As for the rest…” 

Mother and Father Li were ashamed.
Their in-laws were suggesting that they could not educate their own children, so how could they teach and educate others? Mother and Father Li had no choice but to leave the Lu family. 

They ran to their youngest son’s house only to discover that he was travelling with his wife and children. 

Later, at their lawyer’s suggestion, Mother and Father Li went to the house of the deceased.
They brought some things to see if they could reconcile with the family of the deceased in private.
They were kicked out.
The family did not want to see them. 

Mother and Father Li had no choice but to watch their son go back to prison.
He was sentenced to 8 years in prison for a hit-and-run. 

When Mother and Father Li heard the verdict, they fainted.
Eight years! They retired last year.
They had their pension and had almost paid off their debt.
Their life was not actually that difficult.
They had Li Lin and Li Qi to look after.
Because the kids’ parents weren’t around, Mother and Father Li doted on them a lot.
As a result, the 2 kids developed an arrogant and domineering temperament.
The 2 of them got involved with gangsters and did not go to school.
They got into fights. 

Mother and Father Li wanted to discipline them, but they were powerless.
They hoped that Lǐ Wēi would come out of prison and discipline their grandsons well.
They were planning on finding a job for Lǐ Wēi and he could live with them.
They didn’t expect such a thing to happen! 

Mother and Father Li couldn’t do anything and didn’t want to abandon their grandsons, so they ran to Li Wei’s house again.
They tried to get Li Wei’s family to look after their grandsons. 

Li Wei and Qian Li didn’t want to do such a thankless task.
In the end, Qian Li asked a family member to transfer Li Wei.
She followed her husband with their child.
The house was entrusted to her parents. 

Mother and Father Li wrote to their eldest daughter again and asked her to move to the city with their son-in-law to look after them and discipline their grandsons. 

But, their eldest daughter refused without thinking.
She was now living a good life in the countryside.
Her son was about to get married.
Why would she go back to the city to be a nanny? 

Mother and Father Li couldn’t find anyone, so they had to drag their aging bodies to go clean up their grandsons’ messes. 

Li Su learned about Mother and Father Li’s current life from Qian Li’s letter and laughed.
She was now in contact with her 2 older sisters and her younger brother, Li Wei.
Although the sisters weren’t close, they still kept in contact. 

In fact, after getting rid of Mother and Father Li’s influence, the siblings weren’t stupid.
Although they had flaws, they weren’t bad people. 

In this way, time passed.
Another 5 years passed. 

Qiao Zhi was successfully admitted to the military academy through his own efforts.
Xuechen was about to become a hard-working senior high school student. 

Madam Qiao’s health was a little bad, and Li Su was worried.
Xuechen would be in her 3rd year of high school next semester and their family could not be separated.
Li Su sent a request to the school to no longer take the graduating class after school started.
Due to her family situation, the school agreed. 

One day, after Li Su had just finished wiping off Madam Qiao, Qian Li called.
“Hello, third older sister? Li Lin was diagnosed with uremia and needs a kidney transplant.
The old man and the others found A-Wei’s place and knelt down to beg to see if anyone was a match.
A-Wei and I thought about it.
That child is innocent, so we went to check.
What happened was that second older brother found out that A-Qi and A-Lin were a match.
As a result, the old man and the others felt sorry for their eldest grandson and were reluctant to let their eldest grandson donate a kidney.
So, they came up with our Little Lei.
How can there be such people in the world?! Li Qin and Li Lin are their grandsons, but Little Lei isn’t?! I’m furious!” 

Li Su frowned.
“How could this happen?! What about Little Lei? Did you go see if he was a match?” 

“I didn’t know about it until I went to check, otherwise I would not have let Little Lei check! Fortunately, our Little Lei wasn’t a match.
But, third older sister, be careful.
The old man and the others have gone to eldest sister’s house to check if her children are a match.
They won’t dare to go find second older sister’s Mingzhu, but your Big Zhi and Xuechen are fair game.
Although you have not kept in contact for many years, the old man and the others will probably go to Qiaojia Village for the sake of their grandson to find you in person.
Don’t do anything stupid,” said Qian Li. 

After Qian Li hung up, Li Shu called.
Li Shu said the same thing as Qian Li.
“Don’t be stupid! It’s obvious that A-Qi would be a match, but they feel bad for A-Qi and are reluctant to let their eldest grandson donate his kidney.
So, they are asking everyone else.
These people are all fools! You mustn’t be foolish! For those of us who are their aunties, we should just donate some money.
It is a kidney.
Don’t be stupid, okay?” 

Li Su laughed dumbly.
She didn’t know why the person who needed a kidney transplant changed from Lu Mingzhu to Li Lin.
However, no matter who it was, she would not agree to donate a kidney. 

For the sake of their eldest grandson, Mother and Father Li went to find Li Su.
They didn’t go to her house.
They went to the school and knelt at the gate.
Li Su went over after she received the news.
Mother and Father Li kowtowed to her and began to cry hard enough that they could be crying blood. 

“A-Su, your parents are sorry.
We will work hard to compensate you in the next life.
A-Lin is your nephew.
Your eldest brother has been in prison for more than ten years.
He was supposed to be let out, but because of his blunder, his sentence was extended! Your eldest sister-in-law ran away again! Your nephew is pitiful.
He has never had his mother or father, and now he has this disease! Please save your nephew!” Mother Li cried. 

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Li Su calmly said, “We won’t discuss the past.
A-Lin is my nephew, after all.
I have discussed this matter with eldest sister, second older sister, and younger brother.
We will all share the cost of A-Lin’s surgery.
You two don’t need to worry.” 

“That’s not what I’m talking about.
Your father and I are old and have no money.
Of course the operation cost will be paid for by A-Lin’s aunts and uncles.” Mother Li saw Li Su’s relaxed attitude and was finally relieved.
It was okay.
Third girl still had the same temperament she had when she was a child.
She was still foolish. 

“Then, what do you mean?” Li Su asked. 

“I want your family’s…” Mother Li stopped talking.
She couldn’t remember the names of Li Su’s children. 

Li Su sneered slightly.
“Since I went to the countryside as an educated youth twenty years ago, we have not seen each other or contacted each other.
It is normal that you can’t remember the name of your grandson and granddaughter.” 

When the crowd watching them heard this, they began to talk about it.
Li Su was well-known in the area.
Everyone knew her family situation.
Now, they could understand some things.
Teacher Li had such a difficult life and her parents didn’t care. 

“That’s right.” Mother Li didn’t feel embarrassed at all and helped Father Li up.
“I am here because I want my grandson and granddaughter to go to the hospital to see if they are a match.
The doctor said that, if a match between immediate family members is successful, then it would be the best.
It should be possible between cousins.
If a match is successful, then A-Lin will be saved.” 

Li Su sneered.
“Do you want my family’s Qiao Zhi and Xuechen to check if they are a match, and then if so, donate a kidney to A-Lin?” 

“Yeah! A-Lin is your nephew.
He will die without help.
Chaochao and your eldest sister’s family went to the hospital to check, but they weren’t a match.
Mingzhu from your second older sister is not in good health.
Your Qiao Zhi and Xuechen are our last hope!” Mother Li stepped forward, took Li Su’s hand, and cried. 

Li Su threw her hand away.
“I heard that Li Qi and Li Lin were a successful match! You said that it would be the best to donate a kidney from an immediate family member.
Li Qi is Li Lin’s eldest brother, so it is most suitable for him to donate a kidney to Li Lin.
Why don’t you let Li Qi donate a kidney? Instead, you came to find me.
Did you know that my son is at the military academy and is a soldier.
What would happen to him in the future if he had only one kidney? My daughter is in her third year of high school and you are asking her to donate a kidney at this critical time?” 

“What! You can’t bear to see Li Su’s son, but you want her son to donate a kidney? How can there be such a person?!” 

“That’s right! That’s too much! Seeing their attitude, I thought that Teacher Li had done something immoral.
It turned out to be like this.
They are so shameless!” 

“I heard that they are still university lecturers! Tsk, tsk, this kind of person can still be a teacher! Won’t they just ruin children?” 

“Don’t listen to them.
Their eldest son is in prison.
Also, with such a character, how could they teach such a ‘good’ son?” 

There was a lot of discussion around them.
If it happened before, Mother and Father Li would have been embarrassed.
But, in the past few years, they did not know what being embarrassed was like anymore. 

Mother Li immediately sat on the ground and began to cry.
It was nothing more than her saying that Li Su was ungrateful and had no conscience. 

Li Su didn’t stop her.
She just watched Mother Li make trouble. 

Suddenly, someone hugged her arm from behind.
“Mum, don’t worry.
Older brother Chao’an has already called the police.” 

Li Su turned around and saw her daughter with Xue Chao’an behind her.
She felt a little helpless.
In front of so many people, couldn’t he restrain himself a little? Her Xuechen was still young. 

However, Xue Chao’an smiled at Li Su.
He came here for Xuechen.
He had thought about it until today.
As long as Xuechen was admitted to the university in the capital, he would get engaged and married as soon as they graduated from university.
He wouldn’t let Xuechen donate a kidney! 

“Don’t worry, auntie.
I have made the call.
Soon enough, they won’t pester you,” Xue Chao’an said with a smile. 

Li Su smiled helplessly, then turned her head.
“Mum, dad, I remember your kindness in raising me.
But, I won’t let Qiao Zhi or Xuechen go check their compatibility! If you didn’t have a suitable kidney donor, then I might have considered it.
Now, you obviously have a suitable source, but you two… At any rate, I won’t let Qiao Zhi or Xuechen go check.
As I am living a pretty good life now, I will bear a part of the cost of A-Lin’s surgery.
I will also bear some of the pension costs for you two.
If you want more, I can’t do anything about it.
I am only a middle school teacher.
My abilities are limited.” She earned less than 2000 yuan a month.
She would give 200 yuan, so one-tenth of her salary.
It was a lot! 

Mother Li was still making trouble, but Father Li stopped her.
Didn’t she hear that they had called the police? The couple then returned to the hotel. 

As a result, they received a call from the prison saying that Lǐ Wēi was sick.
The couple couldn’t sit still and hurried back. 

Li Su knew that, even though Mother and Father Li went back, it didn’t mean that this matter was over.
Mother and Father Li would definitely come again. 

Xue Chao’an gave Li Su an idea.
“Auntie, it just so happens that grandma’s health isn’t good.
Didn’t you say you wanted to take her to see a doctor in Modu? Why don’t you ask for some leave from school and take grandma to see the doctor? You can also take some time off there.
I have already called Qiao Zhi and told him about this.
He will not leave school to see anyone.
You don’t have to worry about Xuechen since she has me here.
We can wait, but we can’t wait here.” 

Li Su glared at Xue Chao’an.
He looked so pleased with himself! But, it was a good idea. 

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“Let me warn you, Xuechen is still young.
You should restrain yourself.
I don’t want to be a grandmother now!” Li Su gave Xue Chao’an a warning look. 

“Don’t worry, auntie.
I have already made plans.
When Xuechen is admitted to the university in the capital, we will get engaged.
When Xuechen reaches the legal age, we will get the certificate and hold the wedding as soon as we graduate,” Xue Chao’an said happily.  

Xuechen, who was behind him, blushed.
She reached out to hit his back.
“What nonsense are you spouting? Who wants to marry you?!” 

Xue Chao’an grabbed Xuechen’s small hand.
“If you don’t marry me, then I won’t get married for the rest of my life.” 

Li Su was too lazy to deal with them.
“Don’t be too flirtatious! Just study and take the exam!” 

Qiao Xuechen stuck out her tongue and tugged on Xue Chao’an to go do homework.
Older brother Chao’an had put in a lot of effort into their future.
She had to work hard.
She knew that her family’s status was vastly different from older brother Chao’an and older brother Chao’an had to deal with a lot in order to be with her.
She had to work hard and improve herself so that she could stand next to older brother Chao’an with confidence. 

Xue Chao’an touched Xuechen’s head and smiled softly.
This was why he liked Xuechen.
In addition to her appearance, he was more attracted to her character.
She was strong, independent, cheerful, lively, and kind.
When you were with her, you would unknowingly be attracted to her.
Then, you just wanted to be with her. 

When Li Su saw this, she smiled knowingly.
She then went into the room to discuss things with Madam Qiao. 

Although Madam Qiao was not very healthy, her mind was still very clear.
After they talked about the options and the consequences, Madam Qiao agreed.
“Okay, let’s go.
But, what about Xuechen? She will be starting as a senior in high school.
This time is very important.” 

“Don’t worry.
Xue Chao’an has a special nanny and auntie who will take care of them.
As for studying, Xue Chao’an is perfectly capable of tutoring Xuechen.” Li Su laughed.
In fact, if it wasn’t for Xuechen, Xue Chao’an would have graduated from college a long time ago. 

Madam Qiao nodded.
“Okay, you can arrange it.” 

Li Su quickly asked for time off from the school.
She called Qiao Zhi again to explain things to him.
As for Xuechen, Li Su repeatedly told her to focus on studying and not get distracted. 

Qiao Xuechen blushed with shame, but obediently listened.
She believed in older brother Chao’an and she knew what to do.
She wouldn’t get confused. 

Not long after, Mother and Father Li really came again.
They were blocked at the school gate.
The guard told them that Teacher Li took time off to take her mother-in-law to see a doctor. 

Mother and Father Li didn’t believe it.
They waited at the door all day.
At 11 pm, everyone in the school was gone.
They didn’t see anyone, so they went back. 

Mother and Father Li waited at the school gate for 3 days and did not see Li Su.
They ran to Li Su’s house again and knocked on the door, but nobody was around.  

Only then did they believe that Li Su was really not at home. 

Mother and Father Li couldn’t help but scold the house.
The neighbours were so annoyed that they called the police and they had to stop. 

Mother and Father Li thought that Li Su was just not there, so they tried to contact their grandson and granddaughter directly.
They forgot their granddaughter’s name and appearance. 

Mother and Father Li considered going to the school the following day to make trouble, but they received a phone call from the hospital informing them that Li Lin’s condition was very bad. 

Mother and Father Li had no choice but to return in tears. 

In the end, they had no other choice.
Mother and Father Li had to agree to let Li Qi donate his kidney.
They talked to Li Qi and he refused to donate a kidney.
Mother and Father Li knelt down and begged him, but he did not agree. 

“I won’t donate.
I’m not married yet!” Li Qi said. 

Mother and Father Li wanted to persuade him, but after hearing Li Qi’s reason, they were stunned.
Yes, A-Qi was the eldest grandson of the Li family.
If he donated a kidney, would it affect his future children? 

The doctor said that donating a kidney would not affect his fertility, but no matter what he said, Li Qi wouldn’t agree. 

Mother and Father Li had no choice but to call Li Wei and Li Shu.
They had the same attitude – they would give money, but no more than that. 

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Mother and Father Li had nobody else they could ask for help, but they were reluctant to force their eldest grandson.
In the end, they had to watch Li Lin miss the best opportunity for surgery.
He then finally died of kidney failure. 

After Li Lin died, Li Qi was sad for a short period of time.
Then, he was happy again.
He asked his grandparents to ask his aunts and uncles for money.
What happened to the money they promised for the surgery, along with the money for his grandparents’ pension? 

Mother and Father Li saw how cold Li Qi was, but he was their beloved eldest grandson. 

Finally, they listened to their grandson and asked their son and daughters for money. 

As a result, one person gave 200 yuan, which wasn’t as high as Mother and Father Li’s retirement salary.
Li Qi was unhappy and urged Mother and Father Li to sue his uncle and aunts for not supporting the elderly. 

Mother and Father Li had no choice but to go to court.
Of course, after the court’s investigation, their appeal was rejected. 

As for Li Qi, he was beaten on a dark and windy night a month later.
He went to hospital and was discharged a month later. 

Later, Lǐ Wēi was released from prison.
The father and son lived depraved lives.
They ate, drank, gambled, and got prostitutes.
When they had no money, they asked Mother and Father Li for some.
When they had money, they continued to eat, drink, and play.
When they had no money, they cursed. 

Mother and Father Li were initially hopeful that, on Lǐ Wēi’s release, he would discipline Li Qi.
Then, the two would be able to marry and have children.
They didn’t expect that the father and son would turn out like this. 

Mother and Father Li couldn’t bear it anymore.
They quietly packed up and wanted to go to their youngest son.
But, when they got to that point, they realised that they didn’t know their youngest son’s address.
After they called their youngest son, they learned that he had been transferred to the southernmost city, City G. 

Mother and Father Li had no choice but to seek refuge with their eldest daughter in the countryside.
Their eldest daughter and eldest son-in-law accepted them, but they lived in the countryside.
It couldn’t compare to the city.
Additionally, after a long time, Mother and Father Li became soft-hearted again.
They thought about their eldest son and his grandson, so they quietly called the two. 

The son and grandson cried out that their lives were difficult.
Mother and Father Li softened again and gave the two money behind their eldest daughter and eldest son-in-law’s backs. 

After a long time, the eldest daughter and eldest son-in-law became unhappy.
They had given Mother and Father Li food, shelter, and even money, but Mother and Father Li ended up subsidising Lǐ Wēi and Li Qi behind their backs. 

The eldest daughter was unhappy, and so quarrelled with Mother and Father Li.
“Since you feel sorry for eldest brother, then you should go live with them!” 

Mother and Father Li went back to live with their eldest son for a while.
They couldn’t bear it for long before they ran away again.
This time, they would seek refuge with their third daughter.
When they got to the place, they found out that Li Su had moved again.
They had no idea where she moved. 

Mother and Father Li had no choice but to go back to their hometown.
Their salary card was taken away by their eldest son, so they only had the pension money from their other children which was 200 yuan a month.
They could barely make ends meet. 

As for Lǐ Wēi and Li Qi, nobody cared about them. 

Five years later when Qiao Xuechen had just graduated from university, Xue Chao’an couldn’t wait to hold the wedding.
At this time, their son was 2 years old.
He was smart and cute.
The family of 3 was happy. 

Qiao Zhi also met a like-minded girl in the military.
In addition to attending Qiao Xuechen’s wedding, the parents of both sides officially met to discuss marriage. 

Lu Wei, Li Shu, and Lu Mingzhu also came to attend Qiao Xuechen’s wedding.
Lu Mingzhu had a boyfriend for 6-7 years.
They had gotten married last year.
The two had a good relationship, but Lu Mingzhu was afraid of pain and had been reluctant to have children.
Lu Wei and Li Shu were reluctant to force her.
Her husband loved her more than life itself and resisted the pressure from his family. 

When Lu Mingzhu saw her cousin’s smart and cute son at the wedding, she was a little moved and took her husband’s hand.
“Should we have a baby for fun?” 

Her husband’s sparkling eyes and excited hug was all the answer he needed to give. 

Li Su smiled at everything in front of her.
She turned to look at Madam Qiao.
Madam Qiao was sitting in a wheelchair and her mind was no longer clear.
“Mother, are you happy?” 

Madam Qiao opened her cloudy eyes as if she understood what Li Su said.
“Okay, good!” she said vaguely.
Then, she took Li Su’s hand.
“Thank… you!” 

Li Su smiled as she looked at her daughter and her high-spirited son who was snuggling his girlfriend under the sun. 

1.(自考) zikao, self-taught higher education exam: 

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