Can I Cross The Line?

Chapter 2: Mrs Hudson Felt So Shy


Chapter 1: Mr Hudson Doesn Want a Divorce

”Good morning. ”

”… Morning. ”

It was yet another awkward morning with the awkward morning greetings. It was as if the speaker was a robot, only saying things programmed.

Nanny Zhang was putting food on the table when she heard this mechanical conversation between the husband and wife. It didn become any better even with two years in marriage. Nanny Zhang always felt sad in her heart, thinking why they can be like any other normal couples. But then again, they are not a normal couple.

The man on the other side of the table was flipping through his iPad and busily sipping on his piping hot black coffee. He was busy these days, but one couldn see that on his handsome face. The woman nodded on his greeting and proceeded to get a glass of water.

”Sir, Madam, the food is ready. ”

”Thank you, nanny. You can go back for today. ”

Nanny Zhang tilted her head, confused.

”But Madam, I still have to help you with tonights party. ”

The woman shook her head and said that it was fine since she won be attending tonights party. Nanny Zhang secretly glanced at the man but there was no change in his expression. In the end, she couldn do anything but nod her head and silently cleaned the sink.

Nanny Zhangs heart once again throbbed with pain for her Sir and Madam.

Until when will their relationship be so strained like this? My old womans heart is hurting for them, ah.

Nanny Zhang no longer looked at the couple and bid goodbye as she finished her chores early than she expected. It was near holiday season so she was thinking of going home earlier today. But she was told to go home early unexpectedly. Even though she was pained for the couple, she felt happy to spend time with her family.

Closing the glass door, only two people were left inside the big house. It was so silent that you could drop a pin. There was only the sound of the utensils clattering against the dinner wares.

After a long time, the man opened his mouth.

”Why did you suddenly decided not to go to the annual party? ”

The woman chewed on her food and answered after a while.

”I don think… the celebration suits me. Id rather stay at home. ”

Garvin put down his iPad and stared at the woman in front of him. She was wordlessly eating her meal as if nothing could bother her except for her hungry stomach.

Garvin suddenly felt so stuffy as he stared at her. Even though she was answering his questions, there was no light in her eyes. It was as dull as ever. He angrily let out a sigh and opened his mouth.

”Until when will you reject the invitations to attend the party? Except for the day of our wedding, you wouldn go to any party with me. Whats your problem? ”

”Oh… sorry. ”

”It doesn sound as if you
e really feeling sorry though. ”

”… ”

Garvin blinked his eyes and looked at the woman in front of him once again. He couldn stand his wife being so openly cold to him when he didn even do anything.

”Mariana, when will you stop acting as if you are still a single lady? Let me remind you that on our wedding day, I specifically told you that I won allow a divorce. So whether you like it or not, you
e coming on the party tonight. ”

Garvin couldn hold back his anger anymore and stand up from his seat and went straight to his study. Upon entering his study, he slammed the door with a loud bang. Garvin plopped down on his chair and massaged his temples.

He was suddenly reminded of that day exactly two years ago.

There was the bright light on the stage where he was nervously waiting for his bride. Even though he told himself so many times that it was just an arranged marriage, he couldn stop his nervous heart from beating wildly inside his chest.

His hands were slightly trembling though it wasn very noticeable. At the end of the aisle stood Mariana on her white gown holding her fathers arm. She was dressed up so beautifully for the special day.

As he waited for the bride to arrive in front of him, Garvin felt anxious as time ticks. When Mariana finally arrived in front of him, he was suddenly out of breath. He didn know why, but Marianas appearance made a small stir in his heart.

Garvin was someone who the business world couldn topple with. But in front of Mariana on their wedding day, the uneasiness he felt was just like someone marrying the love of his life. He swears, he doesn have anything like that towards Mariana.

Maybe it was because it was his first time marrying someone. Maybe it was because he was uneasy about the union between the two families. Maybe it was because when he held Marianas hand, it was cold to touch. Maybe it was because he knew they were both just as nervous. No matter which was it, they were eventually announced married and even shared a kiss. Though it was just on the cheek.

On their wedding night after he finished washing up, Garvin sat on the bed and waited for his now wife, Mariana to come out of the bathroom. He wasn as nervous as he was on the earlier ceremony. It felt like he had just finished dealing with a difficult business partner.

When he heard the shower turn off inside the bathroom, Garvin propped up on the bed and put down his iPad. He turned towards the woman on her bathrobe as if there was no man waiting on the bed.

Mariana casually sat in front of the vanity table and blow dried her hair. Garvin patiently waited for her to finish. After another fifteen minutes, Mariana finally set down the hair dryer and approached the bed.

”… You
e still awake? ” Mariana asked almost surprised, though it doesn really show on her face.

”Hmm. I was just waiting for you to finish. ”

”Oh. Sorry, it took me long to dry my hair. ”

”Its fine. ”

”… ”

Then the room went silent for the next minute. Although it was awkward, Mariana doesn seem so as she went inside the blanket – all so naturally. Garvin was watching all of her actions, amused.

Garvin thought of reminding her that she was acting very nonchalantly, but he shook his head and thought of the more important things.

”I have something to tell you. ”

”Ah… is it about having kids? Thats fine with me. What do you think about having three? One for my family, one for your family, and one for us. ”

Garvin was surprised.

Was she thinking that I would want to do that with her on our first night albeit not knowing each other that well?

But Garvin soon regained his composure.

”Not about that. ”

”Then what? ”

”This concerns the future. I want to ask you first: do you have any intention on divorcing me on any grounds? ”

”Why are you suddenly asking that? ”

”Because I won allow that. No matter what problem or issue that arises between us, we will try to solve it no matter what. I believe that is the essence of a relationship. ”

Mariana searched for a more comfortable position and faced Garvin who was still sitting and looking down on her. After finding a more comfortable position, Mariana put her hands under her face and looked up at Garvin.

Her eyes were dull and void of any emotion, but it reflects Garvins figure. After a while, she nodded her head.

”Thats good. I don want to be a divorcee either and be left with kids with nothing in my name. ”

”I promise you that won happen. ”

”Thats settled then. Goodnight. ”

After saying goodnight, Mariana closed her eyes and went to sleep. Garvin was thinking if she really understood what he had said, but it seems like he did. That night, they both solemnly slept together on one bed as a harmonious couple.

Recalling that day, Garvin felt angrier. There were parties after their wedding, and they were always invited. At first, Mariana went with him but as time goes by, she gradually wouldn come with him. She started to distance herself more and more from the high society – or maybe farther from him.

Garvin couldn understand as to why. At the beginning, he tried to understand her reasons. But her reason today wasn as acceptable as the previous ones. He could accept it if she said she was being lazy or that she would be busy with her work. But outrightly saying that it doesn suit her? It instantly ignited a fire inside his heart.

As my wife, you should know that they value you more than any other ladies in the capital.

Garvin heaved a deep sigh and calmed himself.

I was a bit too much earlier.

Despite the fact that he was angry at her reason for not wanting to go to the party with him tonight angered him, he realized that his words may be as bad as her reason.

Garvin opened the door and headed to the kitchen at once.

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