Can I Cross The Line?

Chapter 3: Mr Hudson Was Said to be a Monster


Chapter 2: Mrs Hudson Felt So Shy

Hearing the sound of the water and the clatters of the dishes, Garvin knew that Mariana was once again washing the dishes.

With two years in marriage, Garvin learned that whenever there was something weighing on Marianas mind, she would make Nanny Zhang go home early and do the house chores. Though most of the time, Garvin would stop her and help her.

Every time he tries to stop her, she would look at him with dull eyes and say nothing. He could never understand what is inside her mind or what she was thinking.

Looking at her slightly hunched back, Garvin once again let out a sigh and approached her. Taking the plate from her hand, he took a towel from the cupboard and wiped her hands dry.

”Im sorry. My words earlier were a bit too much. ”

”… I don mind. ”

”But can you think it over once again? About the party tonight. ”

Garvin sincerely apologized to her and calmly asked her again to attend the party with him.

The reason he was asking her to go with him was because of Marianas parents. Ever since they married, Mariana had never once gone back to her parents home. Garvin didn know what the reason could be, but they were begging him to take her with him tonight.

Garvin thought that it was strange why Mariana wouldn go back for two years, but it also seems like her fathers fault for bringing back a bastard child before Garvin and Mariana get married.

It was said that her father, Emilio, made a mistake in his youth and actually made a woman pregnant. That woman was now the famous actress Josephine Vihta. It would be alright if it was only the child that his father took back home, but even the mistress was living inside their mansion and acting like a madam.

From the hearsays, it was said that Marianas mother didn say anything and was merely allowing third party to make use of their wealth.

Actually, it was Marianas mother who wanted to see her. Her father didn say anything as much as I miss my daughter and was poker faced the whole time his wife was talking to Garvin.

Could it be that she doesn want to see her parents?

Garvin thought about it once more. He realized that it might be the case and was about to open his mouth to say that it doesn matter, but Mariana spoke before he could.

”… Okay. Ill think about it. ”

Though there was some hesitation on her voice, Garvin was more certain that she would go with him.

Finishing wiping her hand with the towel, Garvin let go of her hands and smiled at her. Mariana was looking at him with her dull eyes as usual, but it had a slight glint.

Was she feeling happy? Was she feeling delighted? Was she feeling ecstatic? Or is excited?

Seeing that glint, Garvin wanted to know what she was feeling right now. He was more curious to know the little changes in her emotions and feelings.

He didn see as much change even with their marriage. He didn even have any idea if she was against or pro about their marriage. Or did she just want to get away from her family?

Looking this up close at her face, her eyes resemble those of her mothers. It was dull and almost looked like the eyes of an alive-but-symbolically-dead person.

Suddenly, he wanted to hug her.

”Can I hug you? ”

”No. ”

Marianas answer came almost after he asked the question. Without so much thought, Mariana gingerly removed Garvins hand on her shoulders and went away.

Garvin chuckled when he saw how Mariana acted. Maybe she suddenly felt shy? Though it would be strange to feel shy when they are already husband and wife.

They already did everything a married couple would do. So there was really nothing to be shy of. Well, they are not a normal couple after all. This, Garvin could agree with.

Unbeknownst to him, Mariana went inside her room feeling her cheeks so hot. It was so hot that you can fry an egg on it.

Did he see it?

Mariana patted her hot cheeks and looked at her reflection on the mirror. She just looked like a red tomato threatening to explode at any moment.

You must be crazy ah!

Devil: You should have just accepted his offer for hug!

Angel: Have you gone insane?! She can do that!

Devil: What is more precious than his hug? You already did everything a married couple would do though.

Angel: Oh, you were right.

The angel and devil beside her ear agreed with one thing at the end. It made her even blush more.

Her husband was the embodiment of a GITSFITS, which means…. Well, he is a gentleman.

Devil: Who are you trying to fool?

Angel: You liked it though.

Shut up, both of you!

Devil: Why are you being shy? You are husband and wife. That is very natural.

Angel: Yes, yes, yes~! Be harmonious – forever~.


Mariana had an internal struggle for the next ten minutes, but she soon wakes up from her reverie. She looked at her reflection on the mirror again. Her eyes were naturally dull and void of any emotion, but there was a glint in it now.

She vaguely recalls their wedding day. It was two days after she had come back to the country.

As soon as she finished her high school, Marianas father sent her to abroad immediately – as if he couldn wait any more and want her out of his sight. When she arrived abroad, she didn know anyone and could barely communicate to people.

There was no one with her at that time and she was left alone to fend for herself and survive on her own. Every month, her father would send her money to live, but she never touched it and instead worked for herself.

Since the time Mariana came to know the existence of her illegitimate brother, the relationship between her and her father became cold as ice. Even her loving relationship between her mother cooled in an instant. She couldn understand why her mother chose to watch as some nobody waltz inside their mansion saying she had a son with her father years ago.

From her mothers dull eyes, which unfortunately she inherited, she couldn see if she was hurt or not. All she knows was that her mother never did ask for a divorce even when she was cornered by the mistress.

While she was abroad and worked hard to earn money while also doing her best on her studies, she dared not contact her parents. At most, she would reply to her mother with perfunctory replies. But she thinks her mother doesn mind as long as she replied.

And then a month before she came back home, finishing her studies and making her own reputation as a reputable jewelry designer, she received an email from her mother. It was the first time her mother used email just to contact her.

Nevertheless, Mariana opened the email only to be struck by lightning as soon as she read the contents. In that email, her mother wrote her all the reasons she shouldn go home as long as she can. It was very detailed as if she was actually wishing her not to go back home as long as she can hold out in abroad. Then she read that name….

Garvin Hudson.

”I am going to the company now. I will send the stylist later so don go anywhere for today. ”

Just as she was thinking of him, the door suddenly opened, and Garvin entered the bedroom. (Just so you know, they are sharing a bedroom just like all married couples do.)

Garvin indifferently took off his gray shirt and went to his cabinet to find something to wear. Even though Mariana sees his naked upper body almost every day, she couldn get used to seeing it.

”Can you help me with my clothes today as well? ”

”… Okay. ”

It wasn all new. Every day, Garvin would ask Mariana to help him pick clothes as what he told her one of the duties of a wife, though she hardly believes it was the case. She didn hate it though.

As someone who majored at fashion, she likes to look at beautiful things. And Garvin was just the perfect model for her experiments on clothes.

Maybe I can also be a fashion designer?

The thought crossed her mind but was quickly erased. She knew she had no talent drawing elegant and complicated designs that would be loved by many.

Id rather stay as a jewelry designer.

At least, no one would refuse even the plainest ring.

Mariana approached the cabinet and deftly pulled out a sky-blue sleeve, black trousers, and a blue necktie in stripes. She took a pair of small crystal cufflinks and an elegant watch with small jewelries to go with it. She was very satisfied with what she chose for her husband.

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