The Graybite Tribe.

Also known as the most powerful and dangerous tribe in all of werewolf history. The Northern Claw Nation, which included Graybite and the eleven other tribes in the vicinity, was formidable as a whole, but Graybite reigned at the top in terms of its military prowess and the ability to enforce the will of the Majestic Moon Monarchy, the royal court that ruled over all of wolf-kind.

In the Canadian Rockies was the notorious Graveltara Woods, where the Graybite Tribe prospered. There existed the largest bristlecone pine trees known to man and magi, the spiral of each bole twisting high into the sky until they burst into branches that imitated strikes of lightning. Even as Rafe rode upon Beau, who was currently loping in his humongous, maroon-colored wolf form, he could see buildings and homes that looked like a bunch of bungalow birdhouses crammed together. And each tree had that same crowded layout. It was nearly impossible to tell which was a house and which was a store or a school.

Whoever designed the village needed to be fired.

The two entered the familiar beginnings of the forest, Beau galloping through thick vegetation and small ponds with ease. His flannel shirt billowing in the warming wind, Rafe looked all around him, remembering the day he saved Andre from his bullies, not knowing how he knew his best friend was in trouble, but just feeling the need to check up on him. The place hadn changed a bit. Though, he hoped the Scottish mutt and his puppy dogs squirmed in shame every time they crossed these woods.

Rafe snorted.

”Whats so funny up there, ” Beau spoke even in his wolf form, sounding unnaturally deep and growly.

”Nothing, ” the boy responded, his lips still curled up.

Soon, dirt became stone, and the duo eventually found themselves in a busy village. The sight of a young kid riding on a large, red wolf-beast did nothing to deter the tribespeople of Graybite from getting to where they wanted to go. The children still frolicked over and near the bridge, the older folks still paced to and fro, and some even transformed into wolves themselves, leaping to different parts of the land.

Rafe hopped off Beaus back and scanned his surroundings while Beau reverted, a green glow briefly taking over his form mid-regression before dissipating, revealing the buff lycan in a green sweater jacket and jeans.

”So, you can do magic, ” the blond sounded accusatory, recalling the older male shredding his clothes in his change. ”You just got your clothes back. ”

Beau smirked back at him. ”Actually, thats just automatic. Its a built-in mechanism whenever we first transform even if we don have full control over it. And what are you talking about, little imp? I do magic all the time. ”

He outstretched his palm, and, out of thin air, a flame flickered to life above it. ”Wolves are natural fire-starters. Its an affinity. Im part wolf, so… ”

Rafe lifted a brow. ”Did you hate being a human that much or something? ”

Beau shrugged as he relinquished the flame. ”Not really. I just hated being weak and defenseless all the time. I honestly wish I was a lot like you at your age, imp. Im a bit envious, but don you go telling that to other people, or else Ill bite you. ”

The boy felt a warmth that had nothing to do with the temperature in Graybite tugging at his chest. Instead of acknowledging it, he puffed up and grinned haughtily up at his guardian. ”I make no promises, old man. ”

The inside of Graybite didn feel all that different from Outville Piers. As Beau led Rafe down the concrete streets, the latter didn get any odd vibes. Everything was within walking distance, and everyone happened to know everyone. And, unlike the Coat, it wasn a guise that was put on to portray normalcy to the outside world. The only weird thing was the large stone wolf heads that protruded out of the bark of the mountain-sized trees, hanging over the towns like watchful otherworldly forces.

”So, heres the deal, ” Beau began as they walked. ”Ill distract the Alpha while you go find Andre- ”

”Well, look who we have here. ”

An adenoidal voice cut the lycan off, and the duo turned around to find a trio of tall tribe members headed their way with a cocky pep in their steps.

”If it isn Beau Watson in the flesh, ” said the wolf in the forefront, a butt-ugly, lanky mess with shaggy, caramel hair and a hooked nose that reminded Rafe of a cartoon character he saw in one of Andres video games.

The other two didn exactly have anything noteworthy about them. One had tan skin and the other was so pale nobody could be blamed if he was mistaken for a vampire. Rafe internally dubbed them the ”inbred trio ” in his head.

Beaus posture straightened, keeping his tightened fists at his sides and his blood-red eyes on the leader of the triad. ”And if it isn … ” he narrowed his gaze as he blanked on the name, motioning for the leader to say something, ”um, this is where you come in again. ”

The guy took offense to this, snarling as he made a threatening step toward Beau. ”A halfie like you doesn deserve to know if you don know! What the hell are you doing bringing a human in our woods? ” he pointed at Rafe. ”We saw you run up in here with him on your back from the sentry station. ”

”Well, we were coasting through the area on our way to ”nonya ” to talk about some ”business, ” Beau answered casually.

”What business? ” the tan one squeaked, failing at an attempt at being intimidating.

Rafe lifted an eyebrow at him. The guy already gave off the impression of being an empty-headed idiot seeing as how he probably followed Hook-nose here around all day, but now, the boy wondered if he was playing along or if he was genuinely that stupid. It certainly attested to what the higher-ups were like in this tribe. People passed by, only giving brief, curious glances before moving on their way, letting their fellow tribesmen embarrass themselves.

”With nonya, ” Beaus eyes flitted between the three as if he was expecting them to recognize something. ”You know. ”

”Whos- ”

Clearly, the frontman knew he was being mocked, elbowing his moronic sycophant in the chest. ”Shut up, you idiot! Its obvious our friend here doesn want to inform his full-blooded superiors on why hes smuggling in a little monkey onto our land. ”

Rafe bristled, scowling at the three arrogant wolves. He wagered it was only bravado. It seemed to be a theme for them taking into account his encounter with that Jarekid asshole and his cronies. They were weak, little puppies, and he bet these guys were, too. Why else would they need to gang up on a lycan and a young boy in a group? Safety in numbers, right? That never worked on Rafe. It didn four years ago, and it wouldn now. He wished he could step up to the inbred trio, but Beaus massive form was blocking him from a clear attack.

”You think you can do whatever you want, halfie? ” the leader pointed a finger at Beaus chest. ”It doesn matter if Alpha Renkin likes you. You obey our rules! ”

”Then why doesn he come here and tell me that himself? ” Beau tilted his chin upward. ”Go on, watchdogs. Fetch him for me like good, lil boys. ”

”Watch who you
e **ing talking to, half-breed! Or your little monkey boy gets it! ” his sewage brown eyes turned to slits filled with malefic promise when he looked at the boy, but much to his and his cronies surprise, it only made him laugh.

Rafe had faced hostiles more daunting than… this. Compared to the scum back home, this was honestly pathetic.

”Bring it on, creep, ” the boy sneered. ”You work in the sentry station, right? Which means you sit around all day on your fatass and stare at people. ”

”Imp, ” Beau muttered in warning, although there was a slight quirk to his lips.

The leaders face reddened in anger, directing that sharp finger at him. ”Stupid ape! You think you can take me on? Im a gamma trained by the Alpha himself! One of his enforcers even! You
e nothing but a little brat! ”

Rafe shrugged coolly. ”I may be a monkey, but at least Im not a bitch like you. ”

That did the trick.

The guy released an animalistic growl as he stomped toward the boy, but Beau was instantly in front of him, forcing the scrawny wolf back with just his large chest.

The guy cocked a fist back. ”You **ing- ”

”Thats enough, Hemming. Back doon. ”

All eyes went turned to find a tall, muscular man with long, black dreads that almost reached the small of his back. Power exuded from his very being, and his status was on display with his figure adorned in a fur jacket, revealing a dark, toned chest, and leather boots. Gold and silver chains hung around his neck, a flash of opulence. He didn have the physique Beau did, but his presence was enough to freeze the inbred trio in their place.

He was flanked by who Rafe assumed to be siblings. A lean, brownish guy who was topless, showing off his barrel chest and bronze chains and bracelets. On the other side was a buff, black woman with frilly, rosé hair in a furry coat twice her size. Though, that did nothing to lessen her intimidation factor. Both of them stood like statues beside their alpha, blue eyes like cutting stone.

The long-haired mans face was familiar, reminding Rafe of the Jarekid boy, Andres bully.

This must be Papa, then, he surmised.

Rafe and Beau watched as the three immediately bowed to the guy, and anyone who passed by briefly did the same with an eager greeting. Though, the man only had eyes for the two outsiders.

”Alpha Renkin! ” the leader, Hemming, looked up at the chief wolf with fearful eyes.

”Nae now, Hemming, ” the Scottish accent was strong in his voice, deep and guttural. ”Gang back tae yer post. ”

”But sir- ”

”The alpha said to your post, watchdog! ” the woman snarled at the gamma, baring white, sharp fangs.

”Get going. Now, ” her brother doubled down, his blue eyes glowing menacingly.

That would have been enough to get anybody moving. Hell, if Rafe were anyone else, he would have high-tailed it out of there. Hemmings two cronies seemed to be catching on to the ominous air, backing away from the scene. However, the message hadn quite seemed to hit their leader just yet.

e just gonna let these foreigners on our land like its nothing!? ” Hemming spat, his face flooding with crimson all over again. ”You can - ”

As expected, Renkins face darkened, but what accompanied that expression suddenly made Rafe shake in abrupt dread. It was as if he regressed into a child standing alone in the dark during a lightning storm. His heartbeat sped up as a low growl rumbled from the alphas chest. Passersby nearby blanched, whimpering as their heads hunkered down. While the siblings and Beau seemed unaffected, Hemming and his associates went white as sheets, the pale one appearing almost transparent. Their trembling was so bad that they were sent to their knees, sweating and panting in intensifying fear as if they were hiding from a horrifying monster.

”Ah dae nae mind asking for a response, shrew, ” Renkin glowered at the gamma with lethal rage. ”Git. Back. Tae. Yer. Post. ”

Every word bent Hemmings spine into submission. Realizing he was being dismissed, he bared his neck to the bigger man, his cronies doing the same, before shooting right up obediently.

”Y-Yes, A-Alpha! I sincerely a-apologize! ”

The inbred trio sprinted off, sniveling with their tails tucked between their legs. Only then did the atmosphere return to normal. The civilians affected hurried away from the remaining five, most of them looking like they had just run a marathon. Rafe exhaled, the pressure finally gone, casting a bewildered gaze at his surroundings. When his eyes fell on Beau, he noticed the lycans slightly shaking fists. Peering over at the brother-sister duo, it was the same for them. They hid it well, but they weren as undisturbed as they seemed.

”The hell just happened? ” Rafe hissed.

Beau turned to look over at him, his smirk shaky but amused. ”A wave of murderous intent. I like to call it killer heat. ”

It was accurate. The power to make someone feel like they were going to die just by staring at them? And painfully? Just how strong was this guy?

Renkins focus soon turned to Beau and Rafe, his scowl twitching into a welcoming smile. However, Rafe didn feel so warm at the sight of it. A smile did not belong on that hardened face.

”Ah apologize for mah subordinates antagonizing ye, Kappa Watson, ” the alpha nodded at Beau.


It wasn a position Rafes heard of before. All Beau told him was that he worked at another tribe as an official-slash-unofficial member. He took note to ask Andre about it later.

The lycan waved off the apology, reaching over to shake Renkins hand. ”Don worry about it. They probably didn know I called earlier. ” He nodded at the sibling duo. ”Beta Kier. Beta Ronni. ”

”Kappa Watson, ” Kier, the male, nodded with a grin while his sister, Ronni, tipped her chin up.

”Ye did, ” Renkin continued. ”Whilk makes me worry that th Radon Tribe is under some kind o dilemma. ”

”Not exactly, but there has been some kind of issue with the… cargo. ”

Hearing that, Renkin and his betas ears jerked, alarm flickering over their faces for a split second before they tampered it down.

The alpha hummed tonelessly. ”Ah see. Lets tak this up in mah office, aye? ” those dark eyes moved down to the superhuman boy by the lycans side. ”Rafe Gold. Guid tae see that ye
daein well. ”

Rafe blinked up at him, the prospect of being addressed directly unexpected. More than that, he didn know the alpha knew about him. Throughout the years of knowing Andre, the superhuman has never actually stepped foot into Graybite territory, which leaves out four years ago, so hes never seen Renkin prior to this moment. He and his wolf friend always stayed on the outskirts, appreciating their alone time together.

”Uh, yeah. I guess, ” Rafe rubbed the back of his neck in uncertainty.

”Andres tellt me a lot aboot ye,
a mukker o yin of mah tribe is a mukker o mines. Hes in th backwoods if yill want tae see him. Just heid straight doon fae ere. Na twists or turns. ”

Of course, he would, Rafe thought in annoyance, pursing his lips to keep from muttering those words. He couldn completely blame Andre, though. He was friends with a human. A superhuman no less. Rafe figured the omé would be on some kind of werewolf watch list. However, contrary to what hes been told, Renkin didn seem all that offended a human had stepped foot on his grounds. In fact, he sounded almost… fond when he mentioned Andre talking about Rafe to him. Maybe the alpha was starting to see the benefits of coexisting with mankind, and it was thanks to the omega.

”Can ever hide from the alpha, little human, ” Ronni smirked at the exasperated expression on Rafes face.

Instead of asking what Andre told Renkin, Rafe didn bother wasting any more time standing around, nodding in gratitude before spinning around to walk away. Beau quickly leaned down and whispered into his ear, ”Ill see you in a bit, okay, imp? ”

”What do you mean by cargo? ” Rafe had to ask.

”Oh, just some underbelly shit, kid, ” the lycan winked. ”Ill tell you about it when you
e older. ”

The boy just shook his head and headed off. ”Yeah, sure. ”


The backwoods of Graybite, also known as the homes for the lower class. This place had no better politics than the ones he was used to back at the Coat. Cottages hung on colossal bristlecone pine trees, but these ones were small and rundown. Rafe was afraid one of them would topple completely into the murky waters below. As the boy walked along a narrow branch bridge, he snorted in disgust at the sight. He should have known this was how they treated their omegas. No wonder that Jarekid jerk was able to get away with harassing Andre for years.

”Now, where are you? ” Rafe whispered as he inspected each wooden cottage closely, hoping to sense his best friend like he always did.

He didn have to look for long, for, as if summoned, Andre popped out of one of the derelict homes pane-less windows.

”Hey! Raf! ” his omé friend hopped up and down excitedly from one of the highest houses. ”Over here! ”

”Coming! ” Rafe called back.

He crossed the bridge until he was on the solid ground of the tree arm. The boy crouched low before promptly launching upward, the strength of his jump carrying him yards into the air until he was directly in front of Andres abode. The superhuman did several front flips, pushing him forward so he could land perfectly in front of his friend.

”Stuck the landing! ” the omé cheered.

Rafe sat up and shrugged. ”Had practice. ”

Four years later and this place was far from succeeding in breaking his happy-go-lucky wolf friend. Andre didn change all that much. He was a few inches taller, and his hair was in the beginning stages of an afro, but that was pretty much it. Rafe still saw the babyface, and his sense of fashion remained at hoodies and sweat shorts.

”I knew I smelled something spicy, ” Andre wrapped his arms around his human friend. ”I would have run to you since you were staying stationary for so long. ”

Rafe was about to pat the omés back but reared back in bafflement. ”W-What? I smell… spicy? ”

The brunette boy shrugged casually as if it wasn a big deal. And it might not be one in the werewolf world, but that didn make it any less off-putting to interlopers. ”I may be an omé, but I like to think I have the best nose in Graybite. And you, my human friend, smell like incense and pepper. I love it. ”

e such a weirdo, Dre, ” Rafe shook his head. ”Also, youve been telling your alpha about me. ”

It was a statement that Andre didn shy away from. ”Mhm. Good things, though. I think Jarekid told him about you after you saved me that one time at the outskirts. Kind of had to say something or else Id be listed for treason or whatever. ”

”Its fine as long as it keeps you alive. Beau and I just spoke to that guy. I can see why you had to. ”

”Yeah. Hes scary sometimes, but he really does care about his people. ”

Rafe blinked, then re-examined the environment around him. Yep. Still a ramshackle corpse of a neighborhood. ”Does he? ”

Andre nodded, quite oblivious to his surroundings. Or maybe he was just that grateful. ”Of course, he does, Raf! He wouldn be talking to an omega like me if he didn , now would he? ”

The blond wanted to argue so badly. Grab Andre by the shoulders and shake some sense into him that they weren being treated right. He should know. But his friend seemed glad enough. And he probably shouldn step in until that has changed.

”If you
e happy, then whatever. ”

”Now, just who in the world is this, Coeur pur? ”

The two spun around at the southern accented voice to find a short, old woman dressed in a gray long-sleeved wool dress standing and watching curiously from the window Andre jumped out of earlier.

Andre beamed instantly and waved. ”Oh!? Hey, Jan! Hold up! ” he turned back to address Rafe while they sauntered to the cottage. ”I need to introduce you to a few people. ”

”Who? ”

”Other friends of mine. They
e omegas just like me. And they don have parents. Well, except for Jan. The omega part, not the parent part. ”

Rafe lifted a hand to stop Andre. ”Okay. Slow down there, dude, cause I didn get most of that. ”

The woman, Jan, chuckled as she came around and playfully poked the omés lips. ”Thats just like him, our lil Andre. Words are way too big for that yapper of his. ”

Andres cheeks went pink as they stepped inside the house. Rafe was met with nine other pairs of eyes, all belonging to kids younger-looking than him. Some were running around the house, giggling and yelling, while others sat around and played with their toys. The interior didn look so bad compared to the outside. A strangely working television here and a dining room table there, along with a set of stairs that led up to the bedrooms. However, with this number of occupants living here at once, it must have felt cramped as hell. Rafe had the sudden urge to go spit in the alphas face.

Care about his people, my ass.

”Hi, youngin. My names Jan Lulupa, ” the old woman shook the blonds hand. ”Im a delta caretaker for the omega orphans here. And you must be Rafe Gold, right? Andres been yammerin on out you to us for ages. Ive been waitin to see whos captured lil Coeur purs heart. ”

”You take care of the orphans… here? ” That had to be a nightmare.

Jan nodded knowingly, brushing it off with a short laugh. ”I know. Not the best place to be raisin a bunch of rascals in these conditions, but its the best we can do with the limited money we
e provided. ”

”Thats… just not fair. ”

Rafe felt a poke on his knee and faced down to see one of the kids, a tiny sandy-haired boy with a scowl that looked more like a pout, glaring up at him.

”Hey, guy! You don smell like a pup. You a spy? ”

While Andre coughed out a laugh, Rafe pursed his lips. Not because he was irritated, but because he didn want to let a snicker out either. It was as if he was staring into a mirror. The attitude and hands-on-hips posture screamed six-year-old Rafe Gold.

”Caster, don be rude, ” chastised Jan, nudging the child out of their way. ”Andre and Rafe have been friends for a very long time. Right, Coeur pur? ”

”Yup! ” Andre put an arm around Rafes shoulders. ”Since we were seven. Its almost our sixth anniversary. ”

”You guys are mated? ” a dark-skinned little girl looked between the two in innocent surprise.

At that, the superhuman blanched. He didn know the whole details surrounding the whole mating thing that was a part of werewolf culture, but Andre once said that it was something akin to human marriage.

”N- ”

”At this point, we might as well be, ” Andre chortled, squeezing his friend tighter.

Rafe couldn stop his face from flushing, staring at the omé in incredulity and exasperation. ”Dre! ”

The cottage lit up with laughter at the blond teens reaction, some of the kids making kissing faces at the two boys and singing about smooching in a tree. Rafe crossed his arms and rolled his eyes, moving out of Andres embrace as the latter went on sniggering. A moment later, and he couldn help but let out a huff of amusement as well. These kinds of instances didn occur often for him, and it was something he wanted to hold onto whenever he eventually had to go back to the Coat for good.

”Well, ” Jan wiped a tear from her eye, having laughed so hard, ”let me whip up a dish of somethin nice for our guest, and then you guys can go do whatever you guys do. ”


While they waited for Jan to cook up lunch, Andre led Rafe upstairs to the bedroom at the end of the small hallway. Two sets of bunk beds sat at each side of the room, which was littered with dolls, action figures, and crayons. With nine children in one place and three bedrooms, it was only natural they shared. The two teens sat on the bottom bunk of the set farthest from the door, which muffled the sounds of squealing and laughing on the other side.

Andre suddenly looked sheepish as he turned his gaze down to the floor. ”You… You
e not mad, are you, Raf? ”

”Why would I be mad? ” Rafes brows lifted in puzzlement.

”Ive never talked about these guys even though weve been friends for a while. I don want you to think that I don trust you or anything, or that Im- ”

The superhuman softly shoved his wolf friends shoulder, cutting him off. ”You worry too much, Dre. Im not mad that you didn tell me. I get it. People over here don really think much of humans, and youve had to live how they wanted you to. ”

”Well, I mean, the higher-ups do deal with a lot, ” the omega smiled unconvincingly. ”Tribe politics and all that jazz. ”

Rafe had to lean back on the bed and cover his eyes with his hand, exhaling an annoyed breath. ”God, you defending them is making this much harder. ”

Andre blinked. ”What do you mean? ”

”Andre, ” the human sat right up, his silver eyes staring into the omés deep brown ones. ”Can you honestly say that they treat you right here? ”

”Uh, well- ”

”Don lie, ” Rafe gave him a pointed look.

”I wasn … ”

Those silver eyes narrowed.

Andre sighed and turned away. ”Okay. Things could be better, but- ”

”Fuck it. Im going to school. ”

It was quiet for a minute as the omega gaped in shock. ”Y-You
e… going to… school? Uh, congrats? ”

Rafe shook his head. ”I mean, Im going to some kind of academy. Like a boarding school of some sort. Have you ever heard of Ironward? ”

”Not really, but I think Ive heard of that name before. So, you
e leaving for this school? For… a while? ”

”If I go there, the Coat won be able to touch me. Can you believe that? A school where I won have to be forced to go back home for a long time. ”

Andres jaw nearly hit the floor. ”Woah! Seriously!? They can , like, go in there and pull you out by your ear? ”

Rafe nodded, a hopeful look on his face. ”Thats what Beau says. ”

Hands found his shoulders, Andre beaming so close to his face that he could see dimples form. ”Then you should definitely go, dude! You can spend all your time there training just like you want. ”

”What about you? ”

The omés smile faded into a heart-rendering grimace. ”Well, Im kind of sad that you
e going away. Actually, Im… really sad. And Ill miss you. But Im also happy because you
e finally getting away from them. ”

”Come with me. ”

”What- ”

Rafe grabbed Andres hands and held the pair between them. ”I know you
e going to refuse, but just think about it for a second, okay? Weve been teaching each other things over the years because they won give you normal schooling because of your omega status. I know for a fact that youve always wanted to go. ”

At first, the prospect used to confuse Rafe. Why would anybody want to subject themselves to seven hours of the same droning on about the same subject five days a week? However, over time, the superhuman realized that his only friend wasn growing up with privileges that should have been granted to him regardless. Where others would groan at the sight of a textbook, Andre would perk up in eagerness at the thought of learning about the world outside of the one he was confined to.

”Of course, I do, but- ”

”I want to go, but I want you to go with me! ” Rafe felt a hint of revulsion at himself for the plea in his voice, but he squashed it down. This was his best friend, and it was his last resort to stay by each others side. ”I just… It could be a great opportunity for you. For us. ”

The indecision was warring on Andres face, so the blond pushed harder.

”You don wanna leave these guys, I know, but youve gotta think about yourself sometimes. ”

The brunette teen winced. You
e losing him.

”That came out wrong, ” Rafe shook his head and placed his hands on the omegas shoulders this time, squeezing gently, wishing it would coax him into agreeing. ”You have to think about… whats best for you. Tell me Im wrong. ”

Andre always thought of others first. So considerate. However, most of the time, Rafe thought he was a little too thoughtful for his own good. It wasn often the omé did something for himself.

A minute of silence when by as Rafe and Andre watched each other. The former subtly crossed his fingers, stomach filled with led when the latter finally broke the quiet.

e right. I do want to go. Ill get to go to a school where Ill have all the chances I didn get here and being an omé won mean much over there. ”

Rafe shouldve felt relieved, but that tone led to anything but the answer he wanted to hear. He let go of Andre and sagged, glaring at the window at the end of the room.

”But…? ” he groaned.

Andre smiled sadly. ”But these guys, Raf. I-I… I can leave them. What if… What if one of the higher-up wolves notice Im gone and… and… ”

The superhuman promptly sprung up from the bed with an indignant expression. ”They won even think of touching them! Ill kick every ass here until they get the point! ”

”And start another human-wolf war? ” the omé joked, then shook his head. ”I can put that burden on you, man. Im sorry. You should focus on your studies there instead of worrying about us here. ”

Rafe should have known it would turn out this way. His wolf friend could be so stubborn when he wanted to. He couldn give up now, though. Somehow, someway, Andre needed to go with him. Alpha Renkin had already found out about him, and it was still unclear whether he had a secret grudge against humans or not, playing up a front of sociability. If so, letting the Coat know that Rafe was in lupine hands might somehow bring attention to Andre. If the Coat found out about him…

No. Not going to happen.

”Dre, I- ”

The door suddenly swung open, and Jan sauntered in with a determined glare directed at the omé. ”Coeur pur! That better not be an opportunity to ditch this dumpster goin to waste Im hearin! ”

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