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But he was shocked again by the toilet.
The small toilet which used to be cramped in corners, had been enlarged.
No more going to the toilet with walls all around you, and wouldn't get hit when you go out because the door was too small.

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Such a round of discovery made Ren Yue speechless.
After washed his hands, he took out his mobile phone and posted a small joke, “The 'Happy Meat' which we often go to has been renovated.
The fat boss must have made a lot of money, he wants to open a chain store.”

Probably his friends not playing a mobile phone so didn't respond to Ren Yue's information in time.
Ren Yue didn't care either, his friends was a bookworm, which was estimated that there was little time in the holidays training classes.
Ren Yue's message was meant to be a joke, not anything else.

After returning to Mr.
Bai’s place, Ren Yue received a response from his friend.

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“The barbecue store opened again? There was a lot of people in the store, and then it seemed to be checked and sealed up.
It's said that the safety inside the store is not up to standard, and the hygiene is also not up to standard……
The fat boss was still grieved in tears, and looks like it's all right now?”

His friend's reply made Ren Yue a bit surprised, but after he came to his mind and felt like it was not so unexpected, because the safety and health of food and beverage were very strict nowadays, and the fat boss did very bad in this aspect before.
After thought about it, Ren Yue didn't take it seriously anymore.
He felt that such a thing might be a good thing for the fat boss.

The store was clean, and public praise could be improved to a higher level.
Maybe after the attack, he could really open a chain store.

Ren Yue followed Mr.
Bai back to home and felt very uncomfortable after a few minutes.
Although this home was particularly large, the things were particularly complete and even luxurious, but always gave him a kind of empty feeling.
So he looked at Mr.
Bai, who was sat beside him, looked at the document with glasses carefully, and then asked, “That…
my dad said how long I have to stay here?”

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Bai put down the document and looked at him and said, “It will take some time.”

“How long is that?”

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Bai observed Ren Yue's expression, and then he slowly said, “One…” at this time he noticed Ren Yue's eyes lit up, and then he continued, “One hundred…” Ren Yue’s brow instantly twisted up and his eyes were very unhappy.
Bai paused, then changed the original plan directly and said, “About a hundred days.”

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“A hundred days?”

Bai bent his eyebrows and said, “Yes, you need to stay here for a hundred days.”

Ren Yue made a mental calculation and thought that a hundred days is a bit long, but it's not unacceptable, and this was a good deadline.
So he collected his mood and attitude and said to Mr.
Bai, “Well, it will be one hundred days.”

After Ren Yue left, Mr.
Bai looked at his 100-years plan that he had prepared and got lost in thought.

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