The staff was a little awkward.
He said, “This horse has a strong personality.
If you are riding for the first time, I suggest you change to the red-brown next to it.”

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However, when he gave the advice to Ren Yue according to the rules, he suddenly felt the air around him falling several degrees, which made him shiver.

The staff stiffly turned his head, and then they saw a man with a detached air coming slowly.
He didn't know the man, but the owner next to him recognized him at a glance and welcomed him enthusiastically, “Mr.
Bai, it's rare that you are so happy today.”

Bai nodded, then he looked at Ren Yue and said, “Do you like this horse?”

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Ren Yue tightened his jaw and tried not to show too much affection.
He insisted, “It just fits my taste, it's not that I like it.”

Bai looked strangely at Ren Yue, he seemed surprised that Ren Yue had such a character.
But he also knew that he should leave it as it was, so he just looked at it casually and didn't attract Ren Yue's attention, which made him feel uncomfortable.

The more impatient Ren Yue was, the quieter he was.
So he turned to the staff and asked, “Can I take this horse to walk?”

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The owner saw Mr.
Bai's face and nodded to the staff.
After getting permission, the staff member was relieved and smiled at Ren Yue and said, “Of course, I'll help you pull it out.
But before that, you may need to change into equestrian clothing.”

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This time it was less awkward.
He went to the booth to change his boots, trousers and equestrian gloves.
Although the whole set of clothes made him feel a little tight and awkward, it looked like he suddenly became a different person, a different person, but he also knew that the clothes were good and have added layers of security.
So he put aside that strange mood and then came out of the locker room.

When Mr.
Bai saw Ren Yue's black riding suit, he froze for a moment.
It's just that he was a facial paralysis, so his sudden shock doesn't attract people's attention.
He went to Ren Yue and thought that he wanted someone to take a small brown vest, and then he personally put it on.

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Ren Yue himself was a handsome big boy, wearing this cool equestrian clothing, he became more cool and handsome.
Ren Yue probably also noticed that his charm had risen, and the subconscious had smugly raised his lips.
Then Mr.
Bai looked at the big boy who had been depressed for a whole day and showed him a kind of cool and wicked smile, which made him showed an incredibly soft smile.

Bai involuntarily followed with a smiling face.

Sure enough, he really liked Ren Yue.
Bai happily thought, the so-called family probably exists like this, right? Every move of the other person seemed to affect his mind.
He would be happy because he was happy, and he would suffer from his depression, and he would praise the whole world because he wanted him to be happy.

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