Classic Isekai Bullshit

02/ Comrades & An—

I read books. Thats my usual lunch break life. Not that Im a loner, I just don have friends as I find myself surrounded by idiots.

There was once a saying by a great philosopher, Those who were seen dancing were though to be insane by those who could not hear the music.

I guess I just don hear this peoples music and vice versa.

Im impressed at how these people can just talk incessantly on and on for whatever nonsensical topic they come up with.

I guess those who don think much really have it easier, its like this happy-to-go-lucky view of life induced by their group of similar-headed friends as they distract each other from being in the state of loneliness in which they could have think things more deeply.

Then again, the most prominent sauce of depression and anxiety is loneliness and the overthinking that came with it. On the other hand, being overly extroverted and not thinking at all leads you to being caught in whatever river you find yourself into, you know, like most of those mumble rappers who were caught in a self-destructive lifestyle they just can get out of.

Speaking of those retards, I heard another one of those Lils died from their most common death, by being ODd.

Thus I believe, balance is a must.

These groups of peple Im ashamed to call my clasmates who who dubbed themseves as a gang just to sound cool while not really knowing what it means, are evidently hindering each others capacity to think before they say or do something thus doing unnecessary or otherwise stupid actions that would get them in trouble without thinking much of the consequences.

On the other hand, all that can be said about me is that Im a first-year high schooler who likes to think a lot. Its not that Im a nerd, Im just a nihilistic deterministic scientific philosopher who would rather stay quiet at the back of the room and observe things.

Im a guy that fiddles around with his phone or reads his book in the corner of the room without bothering anyone.

Putting my book down after reading the epilogue, its last chapter, I gaze around me.

Class-X, the groups of elites gathered into one building to form a class.

The girls gather around the window near the corridor separating from the boys who were on the field windows side, a sitting arrangement they themeselves voted to have.

Aside from me, my classmates are somwhat famous, wither being teen celebrities themeselves or have parents rich enough for them to be here.

Teen stars and children of politicians, rich business owners, and artists.

At the very front are the problem children, the group of delinquents who called themseves a gang, they all seem to want to stand out by making an uproar with their loud voices as they show off their cool rings, gold or diamond necklaces mumbling inaudible raps influenced by braindead influencers often found in social media.

Most of this **ers are spoiled sons of rich busy bitches, who evidently did not teach their children shit. This shitheads bothering me with their noises are nothing but results of poor parenting.

Those spoiled braindead are noisy as always during or during-not breaks. I want to read to read another book but focusing on rrading would prove to be not plausible as I unfortunately forgot my headphone today.

Why do I have to be in the same class with these attention-seeking retards? If I knew this was how it will be, I shouldn have admitted to these school who wongly profess themselves to be for elites when clearly its just governed by another money-seeking organization.

I just have to be patient for approval for transfer in the second semester huh.

To be fair, there are the few at the very back which I am in the borders of the segregation of, to my other side are the few intellectuals quietly whispering amongst themselves to an extent.

They also form a group amongst themselves, which I am obviously not a part of, these nerds does nothing but talk about things that bore me as they nerd out about things I already know of like an autist, most of our conversations I just go OK or yeah as I really can find myself interested enough to input something in what they find advance science like quantum mechanics…

…which to me is quite elementary and is not something I would talk about to me if I am them. Imagine discussing the letters of the alphabet or the ten basic decimal numbers. Then again, maybe Im just on another level of a nerd than them….


What is this sensation?

Suddenly, the floor of the class begins to shine while I was observing the fools around me. Overlapping discs and runic letters were written on geometrical shapes interlaced with illuminating bright lights…

Ancient runes are written on the circle…

What manner of sorcery is this?

Ah… is it really that? Well, going by the classic development, I don seem to be wrong.

Crossing my legs, I put the side of my chin on my closed right fist while I observe.

The shine of the magic formations continued to strengthen, then, in the end, the inside of the classroom turned pure white.

It actually happened huh…

Such a classic development, now Im in a pure white room.

Actually, why is nobody here? Was I neglected? Don summon me, I hate responsibilities like saving the world.

Its usually customary to welcome someone in and provide hospitality, but…

Ive got free time now, and my so-wanted silence too.

Closing my eyes, for a few moments of silence as I think my next moves, I opened them right after.

Oh, a girl appeared? Shes looking over here.

Must be a Goddess of sorts, classic.

”Why are you here in such a place? ” the girls voice is as euphonious and beautiful as one would expect from such a pretty appearance.

With glittery silvery-white hair and light-blue eyes akin to the blue stars, shes beautiful enough that anyone looks like my shit after having a burrito in comparison.

Nonetheless of her beautiful appearance that may or may not made my humones flair up, I shrugged responce. ”You tell me. ” I calmly voice out.

Hearing my response, the goddess blinked her eyes, which seems to be all that is needed to know everything. ”The 6th-Dimenional overseer-chan had messed up again huh… Transporting you in the entrance to my place of all places… ” she murmurs as she near and stands in front of me, staring at my face with a thinking expression.

Hearing her murmurs, I couldn help but chuckle. ”Fuckin classic… ” I commented in a low voice.

”More like cliche… But anyway, it seems I will have to transport you myself, you can be a hero now though, ” she explained then teleported us out of there and into a garden of sorts as Im now sitting on a comfortable chair surrounded by beautiful fields of blooming trees and flowers, most of which are unknown species to me. The sky is are vast array of stars, it seems to be night yet yhe garden is well lit yet I don feel the UV rays at all.

Slouching down the chair, I respond with a smile ”That is what Im aiming for, glad I was spared such trouble so conveniently. ”

”I aim to please. ” The goddess also don a smile, which made her even more alluring.

”You can just call me Thea, Im the Goddess governing this Omni-Dimensinal Totality which happens to include your world and the world where you shall now be inevitably transported to. ” She continues with her alluring voice as she introduces herself.

Thus I also introduced myself as far as manners go, ”And, I am Yylesks. No family name. No affiliation. Not a loner, just don have friends. Not a nerd just a thinker. Hailing from a 4th Dimensional Universe from a boring 5th Dimensional Quantum Possibility in which my variation of Earth resides in. ”

She lightly chuckles at my introduction which may sound rather satire. ”You do know your dimensions, Ill give you that. ” she remarked.

”Just the fundamentals. ” I replied, cutting off the of existance part.

”Now, with all the introductions done, you would need to do what one may perceive as the exciting part of this, choosing your skills. ” She then stated as we move on to the next part of this isekai thing.

I just nodded in response.

She then made a panel appear in front of me, which list skills in categories and points that I believe would be used to uy skills from this shop at the uppermost right corner.

”To the summoned heroes, they would usually each have 100 Units to spend on skills and free Hero-perks. Though, as you are not a summoned hero thus perks of being one shall not be granted to you… ” she started with the bad news huh… though I guess I could live with that, being a hero is a big responsibility afterall so seems fair to me. Though I doubt those braindeads at the front could live up to that.

”…..But, seeing that it was a fault in my management. Ill double the points… And as I was never an impartial God, I shall sextuple it. I was quite fond of this development you know, this is the first time Ive met someone like you afterall, so you may take this as an invesment I guess. ” she then continued on the good news with a charming smile.

Hooh… seems like I caught her attention huh? Didn know I was that handsome that I could even attract an Omnipotent Goddess the governs The Dimensional Omniverse and sextuple, really? Seems to imply something if you ask me…


She bursted into chuckles.

Reading my mind, eh?

”Yes, sorry-sorry. Your mind is just too irresistible not to peek into… not often I get to see such an obscure mystery… ” she confesses with a bright smile aftet chuckling for a while as she stares into my eyes as if trying to seduce me with her attractively long lashes to which adorn her alluring light blue star-like eyes and her beautiful silvery-white hair fluttering about in the background which makes her all seem divine.

Anyways, ignoring her for now before I get a lustful boner defying such a pure and divine image, I gaze at the panel and see my choices.

Clicking on the magical categories, I click the priciest ones I could buy which are all exactly 666…







Am I dealing with the devil, not God?

Why are all these skills screams of perceivable evil?

Staring suspiciously at the girl in front of me, Im about to ask but…

The Goddess, Thea, just smiled at my stare of suspicion, ”No, Im not Luci, though I find myself sometimes wishing I am, shes actually kind of cool you know… The algorithm is just playing with you, why not try using the search bar? ”

Well, of course, the God would know the Devil, but anyway, I put my skill of interest on the search bar as it then load and showed the results…

{Results for: Skills that enable me to use my minds maximum capacity}





What fascinating choices…

With Matter Manipulation, I could basically do anything within the board that all mrtaphysocals play, the Physical World…

Psionics is an arsenal of psionic abilities that uses the Mind as the juice, and my mind is as capable as I though it to be, then this would be the best.

Chaos Magic… well, it just sounds cool, this would probably be hard to control and it might be messed with my mind, but then again, its just cool and maybe I could fully control it if my mind is powerful enough too. Either way, its a gamble.

Now for the one, Im most leaning on…

Ability-Learning… there really isn much competition here as I already planned on taking this skill from the moment I landed my gaze on it, Im just browsing on to see what sort of skills I could learn with it. With my vast mind capacity, and this ability to learn any ability given knowledge and comprehension, then it would be possible to learn all the skills above.

To a person who doesn possess the mind capacity that I do, Ability-Learning might as well be a painstaking ability that they would need really grind and work their mind but to someone who could correlate all of its mind contents and have seemingly endless creativity like me, this skill would likely be pushed to its absolute potential.

Thus choosing it, I spend all of the 666 pts that the goddess playfully gave me.

Having seen that I have chosen, the goddess moved on, ”Wise choice, you should be able to accomplish anything you want with this ability. Now then, where do you want me to drop you? ”

”Somewhere nice and peaceful yet at the same time allows me to strengthen myself would be ideal. Though I guess, Im also up for a surprise. Your choice. ” I voice out my answer.

If Im going to another world anyway, it might as well be a fun and exciting experience. It has come upon me that thrill, joy, happiness, anxiousness, fear and all emotions is all what life is for afterall, otherwise you would realise that everything is just so incredibly meaningless and impersonal.

”An exciting experience huh… So your up for roleplays huh? Kinky. ” The goddess playfully remarked, all smiles.

The space between us starts stretching inward as her seat slides closer to mine. She then stands with her head just slightly above mine.

Her immaculate and absolutely perfect countenance regardless of perpectivism, so close to my face that I feel like kissing her for a brief instant but hold myself back with my powerful mind. Her presence so close to mine that something is rising and is definitely not the shield hero.

This one sure is seductive, she manage to raise my pp even though I though all this time I have ED, then again, maybe my standards are just too high…

”With all this considered, I have chosen the place. Now then, before you go, I would like you to receive my parting gift. ” she whispered under her breath, her voice so sultry and seductive that Im really questioning again if she really is not the Devil.

”Hoh, and what might this parting gift be? ” I calmly asked despite my inner turmoil and th, while we stare at each others eye.

She only seductively smiled…

…then neared her lips to mine as she kissed my lips.

The heavenly soft sensation of her lips against mine taste so sweet that I fear I may get diabetes yet so pleasant that I feel like Im getting addicted to it as our salivas continue to intermixed with each other, her slender and soft tongue pressed against mine as if chasing each other around in an enclosed arena in a sea of sweetness…

Falling to the depths of it, I feel like Im drowning Im warmth and comfort…

…the next thing I knew after opening my eyes is that Im in the depts of water.

Heeh… too shy to show her face after such a sudden action huh… It was bold of her to steal my first kiss in the first place though. Well, it was probably is hers too so we
e even I guess. I thought Im going to lose my virginity there and then, I guess Im not THAT lucky. Then again its our first meeting and shes a like a 6th Dimensional Goddess who governs the Infinite Multiverses or something, so maybe I am.

Anyways, gazing around with a blurry vision, I could see fishes swimming around and all weeds and grasses down below.

The water doesn seem to be salty, I must be in a lake or a body of water that does not move much.

Its unknown what is hiding in those tall weeds below, so I must get out of here before a monster preys on me.


Testing my newfound ability, it seems or does work like I expected it to. Thus learning a useful ability in such a situation, I lift myself with the learned ability as I propelled the water around me with it.

Not a minute later, I stand on the surface of I now certainly know as a lake surrounded by tall mountains.

Utilizing <> I start sliding on the surface of the lake to land my feet on solid ground at the shore.

Midway to the shore however…

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