Classic Isekai Bullshit

04/ Ass Vain & Efficient


…And I was ambush by what seems to be a Narwhal with three horns, aiming for my vitals that is my dragon n balls.

Now much of an ambush when I knew its coming though, thus easily evaded it as it pass though me like a wind while it spins like a drill.

Im not letting it go now that it became a threat though.

Shaping the water around it to the shape of my hand, I hold the thing up and throw it high up.

Then as it fall I shape the water to seems sharper like manmade icicles, but water is not dense enough to deal damage thus…


….And the monster fall on the sharp and thick water icicle than suddenly soldified to ice vertically as it was pierced though its butthole as the entrance to its ass is softer than the rest of its skin. Its inside including its heart is mangled, killing it.


Putting the carcass in a 3rd dimensional picket space where time does not exist, I continue sliding through the lakes surface.

*Splash–!* *Swoosh–!*

*Splash–!* *Swoosh–!*

Hooh… it seems its gang decided to take revenge afterall as the six of them all attack me all at once blitzkrieg style, hoping that with this I won be able to evade.

Well, they
e not wrong…


Thus instead of evading them, I shape the water to the six gigantic hands the manipulated them to change the their direction with all of that momentum…

…to their comrades anuses.

As each of them seems to make a pair, three of them destroyed the other threes inside though the anal.

And of course, with all that momentum as they twist about like a drill, their comrades life was drilled out of them indeed.

They all seems awfully shock though, their eyes even seem widening.

With the three of them dead, I help them take revenge by manipulating the water hands to turn the monsters in reversed position.

I couldn muster much momentum though, thus slowly but surely, the three that were alive was impaled with the horn of the comrades they killed in the same way as they all squealed in pain.

Putting in the carcasses in the inventory, I continue sliding though the few meters that is left.

Finally, my feet landed on solid ground, my wet shoes feels uncomfortable though. My clothing is sticking to me too…


Learning a skill that uses Magic Power instead of my psyche for the first time, I use it to instantly dry my sports shoe, pants, t shirt and hooded long coat.


Learning an ability which should point me to which direction I should go, I gaze at the panel before be and zoomed it out.

Searching for the nearest city, I marked it. As arrows pointing directions appeared before me as it navigates to the marked direction like I envisioned how the skill would work.

I have to pass through this dark forest between the maintains huh…

Well, I could just learn Teleportation or fly though it, but wouldn that be a contrast to the one of reason Im even in this isekai? I want an exitement too you know.

The priority between convenience and easy to excitement and adventurous should be balance as all things should be.

The tall tress with abundant leaves is pass through by very little light.

The faint lighting of the forest make it all seem bleak and grim, dangerous monsters could be lurking and ambush me.


Learning an ability that would be helpful in the situation, I pass through the tall bushes the entrance to the forest.

Careful with my walk, I start walking to pass through this 25 km forest quickly but stealthily. After that I would also need to walk though a plain of meadows for 10 km, bringing the total distance between here to the city to 35 km.


Its been an hour now, Ive walk ⅔ though the forest without a hitch besides that fact that Im hungry.

I didn eat lunch because of the summoning afterall, and it seems my body is no different from before even after going isekai.

With a growling stomach I continue to walk stealthily, I couldn find any sort of fruit to feast on either and its not like I can cook the tusky monsters earlier as that would lead to smoke and smell that would attract monsters here, and in the first place, I don think they are edible either.


Thus to stave off my hunger I devour air instead, well, technically the Magic Power molecules on the air.

Hmm… somehow its tasty.

As Magic in air went though my my mouth, its taste all kinds of tasty yet at the same time, weird.

The flavor is indescribable as if there are different kinds of it…

Anyway, continuing of my walk as my growling stomach and even my fatigue was slowly stave off by just breathing air as Ive become self-sustaining by just devouring Magicules in the surrounding.

Eventually the ability became strong enough that I don even run out of breath anymore nor feel thirsty even after walking all this distances.

I feel like my Magic Power and even Physical Prowess capacity is slowly increasing too, and in constant rate at that.

The ability is as I envisioned it, all that thinking as I engineered it was worth it I guess.


Eventually I was able to get out of the forest without a single attack, my new skill <> which is a perfected version of <>, proved to be too effective I guess as despite all that growling and movement in that bushes, I wasn attack even once.

I was disappointed that nothing came out of that forest, too anticlimactic even though I was expecting an ambush or two.

Thus I disabled <> on the aspect that I don want to hide like my smell, footsteps and such, I still hid most of me though like my now-enormous Magic Power and my overall stats which I hid in plain sight with faux info. Of course, I also hid my body from peepers with x-ray like abilities, and the fact that I may not be human anymore with my <> ability.

But of course, walking am hour and a half silently though that forest wasn just for nothing, Ive figured out and learned all kinds of magic I could think of.

To which earned me a high grade ability called, <> which lets me use an and all kinds of magic with the sufficient Magic Power.

Walking down this forest and into the main road fully clothed with a black vestment, cloak with silvery linings, light yet durable boots made out of dark leather, and a mages staff, which I all created using <> to blend Inn among the crowds, I leisurely stride through the small hills of this plain.

Juggling four elemental balls circling around me, I hit the many frolicking monsters in the meadows as a practice target like Im catching them in pokballs. Fireballs for the watery blue slime, Concentrated Waterballs for the horned rabbits, Hazying Windballs for the giant wasps, Highly kinetic Earthballs for the angry boars.

Anyway, putting my hands in my pocket, Ive put all of their corpses the inventory which I continously expand the space of.

Anyway, I should probably check my stats first and find a way how to create a fake one when scanning came as I plan to pass in that gate in the distance and probably be an Adventurer as that would seem fun, I have nothing to do anyway.

Thus I use <> on myself…


[Name: Yyleksys]

[Level: 1 <> 666/1000]

[Race: Unknown Humanoid Entity]

[Age: 14]

[Mind Capacity: Unquantifiable]

[Physical Prowess: 666 999]

[Magic Power: 666 666 666/ 666 666 666]

[Inherent Ability:









What a coincidence, they are all the Devils number. That Goddess is definitely is watching right now.

Although I like the attention from such a lovely girl and all, don she have better thing to do?

{ ”No I don ”}

…And she answered directly to my mind with her alluring voice that I seem to can get enough of.

Why don you go create a new dimension or something? I remarked.

{ ”Nah, too lazy to be creative at the moment. Ill just leave everything go my team of creators, that was why I created them for afterall. ”} she playfully respond to my suggestion, I can envision her dangling her feet right now in her room wearing a white nightgown watching me though a holography of sort in which I am as she lazily lay on her bed snacking on chips.

{ ”Heyy—! How can you percieve me too? ”}

No I don , just mental deductions. I respond, continuing to walk the plains.

{ ”Thats kind of the same if you use your Mind you know..! Anyway, Ill be quite now, so please stop spying back on me. Its kind of embarrassing… ”} She embarassly and shyly exclaimed. Through my mental image of her I could see her blush as she covered herself with blanket.

Why can you spy on me and I can spy on you? I questioned her double standards.

{ ”Because I happen to be God and this is what I do..? ”} she responded.

Eh, fair enough. Wouldn be the first one among in all of the 6th Dimension with its many Infinite Multiverses to be spied on by God. I may be the first one to spy on her though, so thats actaully a win for me I guess.

Anyways, while the Goddess turn silent and I continue to walk while exterminating monsters left and right, I parallely review the reason for such a blotted stats even at level 1.


<. It conceals Everything that I am or an aspect of me from the perception of anything and anyone maybe aside from Thea my playful Goddess and of equal beings to her. The reason why I haven been attack by any monster earlier in that dark forest which is full of them or even the gods of this Universe from my should-be-alarming take over of their worlds Magic Power, even though they should have seen and felt all that Magic Power amalgamation towards me, except they don because of this>>

Umu, that would do it.

Anyways, before this world run out of Magic Power and die because of it, I should redesign <> to be more considerate of its surrounding as right now its a literal unstoppable black hole that would suck this world dry and I think although my Mind could handle all that power, my body would probably explode because of it and back to big bang again.

Thus redesigning it so that the my Magic Power Capacity just expands itself outward instead of inward though every corner of this Universe instead of being limited to just this body, Im essentially sharing my Magic Power with Everything this Universe is without its local gods and magical beings noticing. And soon All of the Energy in this Universe whatever Variation they may be — Esotoric or Scientific — all shall be is mine to utilise and command eventually as it continously expand at a rate infinitely faster than light and is continuing to accelerate which will engulf the Universe in a few seconds from now.

< Universal Ergopotence>>

Oh, it actually already did, signified by the abilities change or rather, an upgrade.

Well, atleast Im magnanimous enough to share.

Though its likely I won have anything to live and do things on if I devoured everything for a while as I have to wait countless eons just for the Universe to be as how it is today. You know, evolution and stuff…

…Or I could just predermine the whole Space-Time continum of this Universe then determine myself to be in a certain point of time where it is similar to as it is now. I determine that to be boring though, as that would mean being absolutely omniscient at all time.

Then again, I could also just erase my memory or seal them…

…but thats too much steps and why go all that trouble?

Fuckkkk-! My **in mind is overthinking again, ** me. Ill just enjoy whats in front and stop thinking deeply about shit, enjoyment often steams from not overthinking afterall.

There must be balance in my mind.


Umu, so that takes care of the common isekai mage problem of always running of Magic Power or Energy. Now I could use all the magic I want and discover more with experiment, the possibility is endless. This way I don need to wait for a refill or something equivalency of boring like that.

Now then with all that figured out, I should deal with this classic situation first…

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