Rudy woke up feeling energetic and excited. He glanced around his small apartment room, and jumped out of the bed.

Why was he so excited you may ask?

He was going to college thats why! He had barely passed his college examinations into one of the top five academies in the whole world.

Even though he had took the exams, he didn expect to pass. But he didn complain, because why would he?

Getting into the university will allow him to get a good job in the future and live a stable life.

Rudy didn want anything extraordinary in this life. He just wanted relax and do what he pleases without any drama.

After taking his bath and dressing up in a long grey coat, a long sleeved black shirt and pants and a simple scarf around his neck with a brief bag along his shoulders.

His ginger coloured hair and emerald eyes were the most attractive features about him. Coupled by his handsome face, he was quite the lady killer.

But he wasn too keen on relationships.

With a sigh, he left his apartment complex and moved to the nearest train station.

He was quite a stingy person and wouldn allow himself to take a cab and would rather walk. However due to the special day and not wanting to get dirty, he reluctantly took one.

The roads were clean and no bumps were seen on them.

Rudy couldn help but relax himself on the car seat.

”You look like a university student. ” The cab driver said as he turned the in another direction.

”Un. ” Rudy nodded and smiled slightly. He would like to say he was going to the fourth best academy in the world but he kept quite.

”Lucky you. ” The cab driver said before adding. ”Don let that get into your head. Even a great man can fall easily. ”

”I already know that, you don have to say it again. ” He responded.

”Sure. ” The cab driver smiled.

As they were driving, a speeding car zoomed past them, causing the cab driver to take turn roughly.

To their fortune they didn manage to crash into any other car, otherwise it would have been catastrophic.



Unfortunately for them, they ended up crashing into the nearest building on the road.

Rudy widened his eyes, as he felt a stinging pain around his chest area.

He wanted to check but the pain got unbearable for him, and out of nowhere a mouthful of blood leaked from his lips.

He couldn see much as his vision was blurry, but he was able to spot the figure of the cab driver having a piece of glass through his chest.

I-is he dead? He thought. But he already knew the answer.

Soon enough, Rudy felt his blood turn cold and he smiles in a bitter manner.

M-man dude… The first day and I am already like this. He would like to shake his head but he couldn do so without causing extreme pain.

The nearby pedestrians gazed at the scene of a crashed car with some having the audacity to take

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