Cosmic: Empyrean’s Quest

Empyrean\'s Close Acquaintance (2)




”Is this even serious?! I haven even competed against that bastard! Just why the heck did he suddenly vanish out of nowhere?! ”

A tall blond man complained as he read the news about Empyreans sudden disappearance within the Esports World.

Even Empyreans sponsor who is known by the nicknamed ”Midas ” from the Business World had spoken up about this particular issue.

Inside the training room, another man groaned in annoyance because of the blond-haired mans loud voice that resonates within the whole area.

”Oi! Shut the f*ck up, RONAN! Can you see that I am playing right now?! ”

The blond-haired man that is being called Ronan looked at his teammate who shouted back at him and frown.

After that, the said teammate who shouted at Ronan went back to face the computer screen and put on his headphones once again, and starts to play a game.

Ronan, on the other hand, smirks like a fool as he took something and throws it in the direction of his teammate who didn see whats coming.

With that, it slammed on his teammates face and Ronan is bursting with laughter as he rolled himself to the ground while holding his stomach.


What he threw is none other than the yogurt he is eating which makes his teammates face has a sticky feeling.

”Oi! You bastard! What the hell is your problem?! You even made me lose in the game! Damn it! ”

The said teammate shouted in anger as he stood up and left his seat to take some tissues to remove the sticky feeling from his face because of Ronans prank.

Ronan stopped laughing and calm down for a second as he raised an eyebrow while looking at his teammate who is busy removing that sticky yogurt from his face.

”That reminds me of something. You seem didn care about the news of Empyreans sudden disappearance? I thought you were close to him? ”

Ronan questioned his teammate, and the said teammate had finished cleaning himself and he face the blond-haired man with a blank expression.

”Do you think that I didn f*cking care?! When I saw the news from the other day, I immediately storm into that f*cking bastards place, and guess what? Hes nowhere to be seen! Goddamn it! ”

As Ronans teammate keeps on muttering curses, the blond-haired mans ears perk up as he immediately caught his teammates last statement.

”W-wait a second! What did you say?! You know where he lives?! No, thats not it. Is Empyrean within this country right now?! ”

When Ronan questioned back his teammate, the said teammate muttered curses under his breath.

”Oh f*ck! ”

Ronan went to his teammates side to probe him even more.

”I only thought that both of you are just close with each other, but I never expected that you were this close with him! Does it mean, you have seen his real face?! Ha?! ”

Ronan became an excited child when he pestered his teammate about Empyreans identity and the said teammate could only curse under his breath.

The said teammate shoves off Ronan to the other side and the blond-haired man could only fake tears because of his teammates attitude towards him.

”Wuwuwu! LIAM doesn love me anymore! He loves Empyrean more than anyone else and didn want to share some secrets with me anymore… ”

Liam shivered at what Ronan stated as he makes a disgusting look.

”F*ck, Ronan! Stop spouting nonsense! Its gross! ”

Ronan acts more shamefully as he clings to Liams arms once more.

”I won give up! I love you! Mwah! ~ ”

Liam tried his best to shove off Ronans face as the other man would try to kiss him, which makes him shiver.

”Stop fooling around, you moron! ”

Liam knew that Ronan is the type of person who would like to joke around and some people who didn know him better are being misunderstood as a homosexual.

But Ronan just ignore that news about him as he didn care about it anyway because he knew to himself that those were nothing but just slander to his image.

Liam knew better since he had known Ronan ever since then.

But even though Liam knew that Ronan is only joking about what he said, Liam is still uncomfortable with this kind of situation.

”The heck are you guys doing? Rolling in the sheets at broad daylight? ”

Both gentlemen looked in the direction where that voice came from, and they saw that the rest of their teammates had entered the training room and Liam saw their horrified faces.

Sh*t! Just what kind of situation that I ended up with?!

Liam finally shoves off Ronan once again as he composed himself.

”Stop imagining things, you bastards! ”

The others scoffed as they walked inside the training room and each of them went to their respective seats.

”Just what the heck are you guys doing? Is it Ronan pranking you again, Captain? ”

One member with a short punk hairstyle asked Liam when that member addressed him as Captain.

”You know him, he likes to play pranks with everyone that he likes. You are not the exemption, and you know it, OSCAR ”

Oscar groaned because he couldn refute back because of Liams hidden words and Oscar could only glare back at that person.

And the said person who goes by the name Ronan looked in Oscars direction and the blond-haired man smiled back at him.

Which makes Oscar feel shivered because he knows that smile is up to no good.

F*ck! Just what the heck is this bastard up to right now?!

Before it could escalate to even more pranks, another member of the team cleared its throat to catch the attention of everyone within the training room.

”So, has everyone read the news? ”

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