Cosmic: Empyrean’s Quest

Lurking in the Shadows


However, to the others who really knew about Blakes eccentric personality, most of them either face palm themselves or shake their heads because they knew he was like this.

Blake Houston was a child star when he entered the entertainment industry at the young age of 5 years old.

He is one of the well-known stars in his country and had countless awards because of his versatility in the field of entertainment arts such as acting, singing, modeling, and many more.

So, when he decided to retire from the entertainment industry and entered the Esports World, most of his fans had mixed reactions about this matter.

There are positive and negative responses to this news when it broke out within the entertainment circle.

Others would say that its a shame that Blake is going to throw away his well-known fame within the entertainment industry and entered the Esports Industry where he would start from scratch.

He might be a well-known figure back in the entertainment industry but there is no way that Blake Houston would be a prominent pro-gamer within the Esports World just because of his fame back in his previous industry.

In the world of Esports, appearance might be part of how to endorse yourselves as a pro-gamer but the real thing that Esports fanatics are focusing on as professionals and aspirants are their gameplays and strategies.

You can be famous because of your appearance but if your game strategies are nothing but average, the fans within the fandom won support you and you won be getting much more endorsements from other companies.

Thats why these were the thoughts of Blake Houstons fans and the others as well.

However, in the end, Blake is determined to his decisions, and he started to join The Constellation Team as a trainee.

« …. ”This is the Team Captain of The Constellation Team from the United States of America, NATHANIEL ANDERSON, apologizing to the public because of Blakes conduct of speech, and he doesn mean any harm when he stated those words in the recent forum ” …. »

Another prominent figure within Esports World is the Captain of The Constellation Team, Nathaniel Anderson.

Known within the Esports World as IGNUS and within the League of Rankers list, he placed in the top 60 and was categorized as an ELITE RANK PLAYER.

There is a rumor about Nathaniel about his relationship with the God of Esports, Empyrean.

10 years ago, when the sensational news broke out within the media about Empyreans sudden disappearance, The Constellation Team back then was also invited to be interviewed to share their opinions about that issue.

However, the spokesperson of the team stated that The Constellation Team decline the invitation to be interviewed and when the fans knew about this, they became somewhat curious.

There is no explanation about why they decline to be interviewed in the first place and of course, the fans are trying to dig into the teams information and their history with other pro-gamers.

After that, there is one anonymous person who posted on the forum.


« ….. ”When The Constellation decline the invitation to be interviewed, as an Esports fanatic, I conduct my own research about this matter. There are tons of questions that I want some answers but only one question that matters: Why did they decline the invitation?. It doesn make any sense at all ” … »

« …. ”Surely, we all know that The Constellation is one of the powerhouse Esports Teams and they were within the top 10 teams in the whole world so it would be natural for them to be invited to have an exclusive interview. Out of the 10, only 4 nationals Esports Teams are willing to be interviewed because some of its members are close acquaintances of Empyrean and others have mutual agreements ” …. »

« ….. ”The other five teams gave their proper reasons on why they declined to be interviewed and only The Constellation Team just decline without explaining themselves why. So here comes the thing ” …. »

« … ”I don even know if this is true or not but according to my research, Nathaniel Anderson and Empyrean were used to being in a team of two before they entered the professional field. Actually, I was surprised that Empyrean had a history with Nathaniel Anderson that we didn know about it ” …. »

« ….. ”There is no information on what happened to them before they split and went to separate ways and based on my conclusion alone, it looks like Nathaniel Anderson is the one who avoids having contact with Empyrean. What…. Does this mean that Nathaniel Anderson knew Empyreans true identity? What do you guys think? ” ….. »


Of course, these were one of the news or maybe rumors about Empyrean over the course of 10 years since he had disappeared in the public eye.

These kinds of topics are not that common and can be considered an everyday topic whenever Empyreans name is mentioned.

Empyreans reputation within the Esports World is still as solid as ever, even the person itself isn active anymore but whenever his name is mentioned, most of the fans couldn help but react immediately on his behalf.

Such loyal fans, aren they?

« …. ”I can blame them whenever Empyreans name is being mentioned despite the decade has passed since he last appeared in the public and the fans are hoping that he would make his comeback. We haven heard from him since then ” …. »

Another acquaintance of Empyrean had stated these words and it came from none other than the Imperial Crowns Shen Mingyu.

Known as Immortal Minyu who ranked within the League of Rankers list as top 40 and one of the Golden Rank Players.

Many close acquaintances of Empyrean had given their personal opinions about this matter and even though 10 years had passed, Empyreans sudden disappearance is still on the trending news feeds on social media platforms.

The question that most Esports fans, as well as other players, had in mind is that….











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