Cosmic Saints

Chapter 1: Awakening

At first there was a bitter darkness, but then light and sight. It looked like a hospital room, but at a better view, it wasn a hospital room at all. Just a strangely spiritual looking room. The baby tried to make a sound, but nothing came out. However he could still make thoughts. ”Huh? What in the world is going on? Am I Am I reborn for real? ” he thought. He then saw a puppy, it looked like an Akita, and it looked like it was smiling. ”Maam, is the baby healthy? ” it said. The baby was stunned, dogs aren supposed to talk. But here it was, talking like it was normal. He looked at his new mother, and she was a fairly moderate aged woman with dreadlocks. ”My beautiful baby boy. I think Ill name you after a famous magical being. My little Merlin Xarika. Yes that suits you nicely. I know it may seem strange at first, but I promise to raise you happy and healthy. ” she said as she put Merlin in a crib in his own room. The dog watched him as the mother went outside, so the baby looked around the room. ”Okay, so let me recap what happened. I died at an old age, and then I saw some sort of man in a bunny costume or something and he said he was happy to see me again. And then I went to a screen thing and saw the Cosmic Fish. Huh, I think that was the Between World Waiting Room. Sweet. Well now I get to learn to live in a new world. ” Merlin thought to himself, starting to fall asleep. His mom came back in with his dad, and they saw that Merlin was asleep, so they let him sleep and went to go talk to teachers at the local school. ”Hi mister Charles, we would like to enroll our son into the school. Hes an Aquarius, and a Reincarnate. So we hope hes welcome. ” the dad said before getting the necessary paperwork.

The next day, Merlin woke up, and saw that he aged quickly to a 5 year old and his skin had gotten darker like brown sugar while his hair seemed to shimmer like a prism. ”Oh boy…ah man everyone can see me naked. I should get underwear, and maybe shorts. ” he said as he climbed out of his bed and got clothes on, and looked for his parents so he could eat. However he found a book about Zodiacs and Magick. He looked and saw his Zodiac, Aquarius. She was the Zodiac of Air, Water, Nature, and Magick. He also found a beginner level spell that involved manipulating water, so he got a bucket and started to chant. ”Noble mother of water and the star of the water bearer, manifest the water before me and reveal the frosted hydration. Bubble Splash. ” he chanted as he created a bubble that popped and water splashed into the bucket. He was happy that it worked, so he tried again, but only said ”Bubble Splash ”, which worked the same way, so he practiced multiple times till he got hungry, so he dumped the bucket in the sink and sat down with his parents for pancakes. The dog sat to eat pancakes from his food dish, and they told Merlin about going to school, and he looked surprised about that. He didn expect there to be school in this world too, but then again how else was he supposed to learn about his new home. Plus its not as if it was a bad thing, could be a fun experience and make new friends too. After he finished eating, and said goodbye to his dog, he went with his parents to school, which looked like a miniature castle from the front, with golems standing around it like they were about to spring up and attack at the slightest sign of danger. A woman dressed like a librarian walked up and greeted Merlin with a smile, seeming warm and friendly. However she wasn able to speak, and used a notepad to communicate. ”U-um…nice to meet you maam, Im Merlin Pyrite. ” he said nervously. The woman wrote down: ”Hello young Merlin. You look just like the other Merlin Children, but just a little shorter. I hope you enjoy school, come in. My name is Madam Fey ”. Merlin walked in, wondering what a Merlin Child was, however his thought was interrupted by a surprise armadillo rolling up to his leg, then un-rolled itself and ran off. Merlin looked arou

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