Cosmic Saints

Combat Training

The morning came pretty fast, and Merlin was awake doing his morning yoga with his family, and hurried onto school as usual. However there was a massive whale like creature with children in its mouth for some reason. The teachers explained that they were going on a field trip to the town of Binaria, where the psychics live, so Merlin went in and stood next to Morgan before the whale started to fly as if it was swimming through water. However something flew up to its mouth, and it seemed like a gold colored nurse shark that was yelling for the whale to wait as it went to its mouth and managed to climb in. Merlin was in complete shock that a shark was out of water, talking, and not suffocating now that it was stationary. He thought about it, but couldn come up with anything, it made literally no sense. ”Ah, hi there. Im G, which is just the letter, cause Im a fish. And yes Im a magic fish, I ran late, and now Im here to see the Psychic City. ” he said, while everyone was looking at him with surprised looks, wondering how he was doing this. But he didn tell anyone about his powers, and only said he was using magic. ”So Morgan, whats with these psychics? How come we live away from them? Heck, I never actually seen much of town. Id get lost. ” Merlin asked. ”Well, my dad told me that Psychics and Magicians together produce so much energy, things tend to overload and blow up. So we sorta split, with magicians on one side, and psychics on the other. That way the world balances out and the energy spirals around us. The psychics are connected to their own…I guess you could call it their own metaversal plane called Quantum Dimensions, meanwhile magicians like us are connected to Soul Dimensions. Essentially the conduit of power is very different for each, and can be a major benefit. However psychics do come into our side, and by minimizing their powers, they can interact with things here without much issue. ” Morgan explained, which Merlin understood as in his previous life he studied quantum psychic powers and magic as a whole and how both have the same effect, but different power sources.

Eventually the class made it to the city, and went to a hotel room in order for their powers to be lessened so they don interfere with the sensitive technology there. Merlin, Morgan, and G were in their own group, and went into the city to see all the technology that was operating. It was all an incredible system that seemed to be millions of circuits with energy flowing all over the place, and psychics using multiple different powers like telekinesis, geonkinesis, technokinesis, vector control, personal gravity control, even psionic energy control. Many people had some sort of holographic screen they used to put in programs, which Morgan explained as ”Manipulation of Reality Matrix ”, which was similar to magicians ”Manipulation of Magyk Zone ”. The three saw a clothing shop, and Morgan whispered with G and had a sneaky smirk as they pulled Merlin in the shop. Morgan worked on Merlins top, giving him a fishnet crop top with a long back to it that looked like a long coat, and frilly sleeves that were sleek and a beautiful jet black, along with passionate pink fingerless gloves. G had made red pants that stopped halfway down his calfs that showed off a bit of his underwear and midriff, and gave him laceless black shoes and tattooed a large pink X on his chest. Morgan finished by using a spell to grow his hair out a bit and give him a pair of Magic Mirror Glasses that had a bat wing design on them. Merlin finally opened his eyes and his face was as red as a tomato at his new look. ”And that my friend, is how beautiful you are. And don worry, Im getting a new outfit too. You
e welcome. ” she said as she started to change while being covered by light. Merlin suddenly realized his body had aged again to a 10 year old. But he didn deny that he loved his look, and realized that his androgyny brought out his inner beauty. Morgan was dressed in a cheetah print one piece suit that had a tiger fuzzy overcoat, red laceless shoes, pink gloves, and her hair was put in a ponytail. ”Come on, lets have fun and use some of our powers. No one said we couldn , we have just enough to have ourselves a ball. ” she suggested. Merlin smirked and ran with her and G outside to fly around the city, flying past planes, kites, and robots making sure not to hit anyone or get in the way. ”This is incredible! I never thought I could feel so free before! ” Merlin yelled, but went through a swarm of birds while his eyes were closed. ”Well try to keep your eyes open next time. And remember to use Cloaking Sheet too, don need to appear on the news for this next thing! ” she said as she chanted a spell and did parkour on the rooftops. Merlin did the same and followed her while G swam around and followed them. The weaved and hopped around the buildings, seeming like they were dancing around to their own music. All the while they left fresh and mana rich plant life in their wake, vanishing when they took a step. ”Say, you think we should get try other spells and stuff later on? Im sure we can get the team to help out yeah? ” Merlin suggested, but Morgan said that they weren able because those kids were from other worlds so unfortunately they
e not allowed until their business is finished. Plus…one of them made a homophobic pass at you and I banned him. Im sorry. ” she said, but Merlin didn mind it. ”How about we find another Kannushi, Im sure hell be way hotter than Xavier anyways. Besides, I like pudgy boys. ” he said with a large smile on his face, which made Morgan laugh.

It started to hit noon, so the trio went to get some food. All G had was a bucket of live sardines and another bucket of water, which caused Merlin to ponder his ability. ”Okay G, heres my hypothesis. Your power relies on the use of water in the vicinity and you use your aura in order to gather them up and filter air for your lungs simultaneously to water for your body so you don dehydrate. As for the floating, your aura pushes off from the ground like you
e in your own personal ocean. Am I right? ” he asked. G made a water hand that had its thumb sideways. ”Close but not quite. Its more like I have my Magyk Zone partially deployed at all times, however the amount of water I can draw out is limited so I have to consume any water I can get. The more the better, and the water comes out of my skin and molds with my aura. I call it Aurakinetic Sea. ” he explained Merlin giggled that he named his main ability, but Morgan gave an explanation to that. ”Magicians name their abilities in order to gain full power of them. Im sure youll figure yours out, I already figured out mine. I call it Arrow Quartz. Basically I combine the powers of rose quartz and my zodiac. And my Tarot is The Empress, so I rule over this power and the energy of things I choose. So just keep learning and youll understand your true power. Everyone does at some point, trust me. ” she said, which made Merlin think a bit before realizing he finished his meal and bit his tongue. He healed it and the trio went back outside after paying for their meals. They started to run up buildings and ran into what seemed like shadow beings that started to attack them, so they dodged around them. ”What in the…what are those things? Some sort of shadow thing? ” Merlin asked, but the shadows attacked them again, morphing around and attacking with spiked tendrils. Merlin batted them away and ran with Morgan and G. ”Dammit we gotta fight back. When I fire, you gotta use a summoning spell to eat those things, now get ready this is gonna gonna be loud! ” Morgan said as she created a crystal arrow and started to give a faint glow like it was being super heated by the energy bouncing around inside it. ”And…boom. ” Morgan said as she fired the arrow and it hit one of the shadows, causing crystal dust to fly everywhere to obscure their vision. G summoned shark teeth to impale them to the ground, and Merlin summoned a massive serpent head in order to devour them. ”So…about that naming thing. I think I know what I want to call it. I think Ill call this..High Summoner. ” Merlin said, and he felt his energy start to overflow throughout his body, causing machinery to overload, so Merlin had to suppress his powers further. ”Oh damn, I forgot, your energy spikes when you officially name your magic! We should get ourselves back to the hotel quick. ” Morgan said while running with Merlin and G back to the hotel. As they ran, Merlin noticed a large dark tower in the middle of the city, but there was no signal coming off of it so it wasn a broadcast tower, but there was an intense amount of energy that was flowing upwards and contained so it wouldn leak into the city. So when they got to the hotel, Merlin asked Morgan about it. ”Oh that. Thats called a Dark Lord Spire. That mustve been the Techno Lord, Binarum Codiza. He love technology, so his entire spire is said to be like a video game. Platformers, Open World missions, PvP, all sorts of things, Theres 6 towers all around the world, and they hold incredible powers. From basic abilities, to reality warping spells and incantations. Meanwhile in the internet, theres the Prisms of Teslum, they hold code that can provide basic stuff to warping the real and digital world with a couple lines of code. Its pretty incredible, I can guarantee youll love this world. Plus theres way more I can tell you about, but we have to consult the Grimoire of Akasha for that. This world has a rich history to it thats pretty interesting. From the days of beasts and wilds, to modern day of magicians and psychics. Its far beyond anything wed realize. ” she explained. Merlin laid back in his bed, realizing that his normal life is over, and now hes part of the esoteric life hes always wanted to live. When it got close to sunset, all the students went home and Merlin showed his parents his new look, with a neat little dance that his parents loved so much, even the dog got into it. His mother noticed that Merlin had grown up again, and hugged her growing boy. ”Oh Merlin, youve been here with us for so little time, but it feels like years go by. I hope you find someone to make you very happy one day, youve got such a fulfilling destiny in store for you and I want to be there as you realize it. ” she says. Merlin smiled as his mother held him, and his dad rubbed his head. ”Look champ, how about tomorrow your friends come over and we can do some combat training together. Your old man has been in many battles, and I seen all sorts of styles. We
e gonna toughen you guys up, and youll bring all the boys to the yard. But first, Fac mihi in vestimentis suis spiritualibus. ” he chanted, and Merlins clothes went back to normal clothing. ”There, now you can summon those clothes as spiritual armor. But we need to get you a weapon. Tomorrow. First, dinner time and movie night!! ” he said as he went to the kitchen. Merlin giggled as he went to help with dinner.

After watching the movie, which was about a robot learning about how to fight, Merlin went to his room and practiced his summoning powers. He managed to summon elements, spirit animals, and warping portals, but he burned himself out afterwards and had to sit down. He then started to draw what seemed like a ring with gemstones in it. ”Yes. Thisll be a great creation. Me and Morgan can make it together with G. Hehe, this is gonna be fun. ” he said before brushing his teeth and went to sleep. However he astral projected and went to the playground with everyone else to have fun while his physical body slept and recharged from the exciting day he had. When the morning hit, Morgan and G were at his front door, with Morgan in her outfit from yesterday. Merlins dad came out in sweatpants and sandals. ”Well kids, remember this. I am Roxin Pyrite, Leo Saint of the Emperor Tarot. My power is that of Heat Take Over. I control all forms of heat and flame. Ill show you the power that took down the first Traitor Dark Lord, Nizrakma. Now, give me everything you got!! ” he roared, heat erupting around his body and his eye shining yellow as he looked like a living flame.

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