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”This boy is not even blinking what should we do now ? I think that we need to take him to the another doctor or else the thing might get worse. Your highness I am very sorry that I cannot do anything about this matter. ”

” Ok Vaid ( Means doctor ) I will make preparations to get him treated . You may go now . ”

” Yes your highness. ”

In a castle of a great king , a poor prince is suffering from trauma. His face is dead pale, he was trembling with fear and his face showed an intense pain of struggle. Something he cannot surpass , but after some time he became motionless as dead. Beside him a woman of around late thirties is standing , she is her mother. A worried look covered her face but as she sit close close to him her eyes changed ! Her black eyes changed to blue and her cornea expanded with three circles inside her eyes. The eyes seem very beautifull like a blue moon and three ripples of water around it. After some time her expression changed and she shook her head in dissapointment.

There are some female servants beside her wearing traditional blue clothes with identical jwellery. The queen is wearing none , but her dress is beautifully carved with golden and silver strings .


After some time :-

”Hmmm?! ”.

The poor boy opened his eyes and looked at the majestic queen beside her. He seemed confused a bit but after quick nick of time his thoughts cleared.

”Mom?! ” , he said in soft tone.

”Oh yes sweet heart , you are awake !, look at your poor face some unlucky charm has made such a thing happen ”.

This boy of 12 years old is prince of Ayodha empire. This empire is not the mightiest but it is expanding very quickly , His father emperor Ailish has expanded the Ayodha empire by 10 times in 25 years !! At a age of 17 he fought his first war. He has made what this empire is now. The man who established this empire as a means to protect the people in his town was his great grand father. Ayodha is city of lights and a century old history however this empire is still not reached its peak yet. Her mother is the daughter of Chola dynasty which is no less than Ayodha empire however in terms of history , connections and ties it reins above it .

Some peole think that King Ailish made ties with Chola dynasty in order to gain connections and set ties with other strong nations however some peole believe that Princess of Chola had chosen him in the Swayamvar ceremony ( A ceremony where bride choses her husband . This special ceremony is held only for princess only )

King Ailish made his castle with white and red marble some people think that if you chip these marbel you will be very rich but these marbel are high quality stones , their values cannot be measured in gold or diamonds !!!!

As Silva wake up he panicked .

”What am I doing in this mansion ? Who is this lady ? She seem familiar but I do not know her , do I?

As he was struggling with these thoughts his head started to feel dizzy but this dizziness faded a moment after it.

”Mom? ”.

The middle aged women hugged him and consolidated him he was very afraid but he calmed down after the hug.

Some ma

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