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I haven\'t done anything wrong !

Red fort is a defensive building built just like great wall of China but here are many beautiful gardens , royalties can linger around here but others cannot. There are some soldiers around here protecting the castle.

The structure of the castle is inspired from peacock feathers but the castle is not built as a whole. It has assembly hall , rooms of royalties , a grand kitchen , a large field for cattles another for wild and mystic beasts . Each building is different and connected with underground or magical corridors. The castle is protected by the very high level of arrays. (Its the original spritual energy molded into a talisman. Then a elemental property is given to it. The main work of this array is to keep track of what is happening in the castle . Its not just like modern cctv cameras but also like eye ear nose and skin of a human body. Although it cannot show emotions. Hence to communicate the castle has provided both the properties of lightning and earth )

Upon reaching the garden Silva dismissed the soldier. He is still very sorrowful but he could not ask for more . He left and decided to not come in front of him from now on. Silva laid on the soft grass.

” Oh my god ! This garden is beautiful !I want to stay here for a while but I have to go to academy too. I am pretty good at things in maths and science and my history is also strong. But this guy has very little knowledge of all these things . His older brother is outstanding at everything and his cultivation is also so good . He so well built. My cultivation is average . I can do well in theories but cultivation just can happen. I have to find the way to get out of this world , but first I need to find that legendary sword first . I think it is the key for my arrival. It is the space sword hence it may happen that it can lead me to my home back . Here is no tv , no social media , I can survive here at all !

Silva played with some of the birds and enjoyed himself . He is not concerned about his punishment because he does not want to become a a King anyway. He just want to get that sword back . He will ask her mom to give it to him may be a month or two be can definitely get out of this world !!

He arrived at the room of her mother. He knows everything that the previous owner of this body had known .

”Greetings mother ! How are you . I know why you have summoned me . I am very confused can you explain what is happening ?

Her mom smiled and told him let him sit on her lap . She slightly hugged him. Then she said , ” I know you have many questions but you should trust your mother more than that . There are something we both need to find . Our destination are different but our paths are same . I know you are thinking I am giving you trouble but It is for your safety my dear ”.

” I don understand anything ”. Silva retorted in confusion .

” Thats because you are boy ”.

” No way , I am not ! ”. He shouted standing away from her.

”Nevermind Silva come here I will tell you some stories , We will have dinner together ”.

” I am not going to take dinner with you mom . I will have it in my own room . Ok then I am going ”. He left the room.

The Queens expression changed into solemn . ” He is still noisy as always . I am glad that he is good . I need to be extra care otherwise my boy will be dead before I know it ”.


Next day Silva woke up early . He has to prepare for his departure . Unexpectedly his clothes and other belongings were ready . He took a fresh bath and changed his clothes . He has to go , he don have any friends here so he decided to at least bid farewell to her mother .

He put his belongings in the cult ring (Usually used to put natal dharma treasures , potions and weapons but he don have any ). He entered the room and found his mother standing before him. She was waiting for him .

” I thought you would not come here ”.

”Then why were you waiting for me mom ”.

She chuckled a bit and gave him a farewell kiss. Silva don know but his mood changed completely.

” Silva , I know you don want to be a King but you have to atleast become worthy and become the master of your own fate. I will provide you as many things you want but you have to do as I say too. I never intended to tell you but you have been targeted . That person didn wanted to kill you but rather cripple you . I don want you to take the load of the Chola and Ayodha dynasty together but you have to be diligent my son and face the problems with brave heart . I know you want to awaken the eye of the moon but it is not just your fault ”.

” But you have awakened it mom , why can I ? ”.

” Because it can also make the person mad so don push yourself okay ”.

” Okay I understand ”.

Now you can go . Also I have a souvenir for you . You can open it on the way okay ”.

He then walked out of the castle . He found a cart man who was waiting for him. He cannot avail the facilities of the royalty so her mother decided to accompany him with the merchant.

After walking out of the castle he saw many interesting things like the magic lamps warrior holding big swords , etc . The ride went smooth in his belongings he a pouch which he didn recognise. He then opened it and found two short daggers in it .

” Is this a souvenir , Oh my go- d, Mommm ? Why ? ”. This is a world of cultivation but he was not expecting this !

He soon fall asleep in the ride as he had awake from the morning. The carriage is on the other hand is not tired , it had covered hundreds of miles and it have to cover more.

In this martial world every warrior has five initial talents . These are blue , white , yellow orange and red .Blue is the least martial talent while the red is the

highest initial talent a person can get.

The talent may increase or decrease but genrally it rarely happens. The thing which happens more is the awakening of the bloodline limit. Some sects have developed their own bloodline limit which cause them to reign above each other. Usually the older the sect , more developed its bloodline limit. Also the bloodline limits are divided into two categories , mind energy and body energy. There was a time where mind energy would reign above all but the cycle of time made it shrink to none. Now ocular powers are very rare. Hence those who have it have the advantage above them. Body energy types are more versatile and powerfull now. For example the King of Ayodha has the bloodline of overlimit , which causes the user to channel the spiritual energy more rapidly then normal. The user gets more and more powerfull by practice and becomes unbeatable in battle power . This bloodline is inherited by the first son of the king , hence he got selected into a grade higher school then Silva . Silva could not awake the power of overlimit as well as eye of moon . He have the latent talent of yellow while his brother have the latent talent of red . Silva ( present or past ) never expected to beat him in any sense.

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