Cosmo qain

The magic stone

Silva arrived at the School building. As usual , the school campus is big and prosperous as it should be for rich students . He have this school before and knows many things about it but the experience is still unreal. He bid farewell to the merchant and made way to his room.

The hostel in the school is build around the main building so it can manage space . Walking in the streets he saw students of diferent ages walking and chatting with each others , some were playing game of tags and some were dueling for fun.

” Metal whip !! ”.

” Beast ball ”.

Two students shouted at the same time . The hand of one of the student became a giant whip while the other threw a fire ball with a roaring sound . This was the sound of the beast . Noise was loud but very less students gave any reaction . Its totally normal !

” This place looks so cool ! I have to meet my own friends too ”.

He reached his dorm . As the royalties have their own seperate rooms and they can customise them as well. Silva customised his room as well. Though the area of the room cannot be increased but furnitures are allowed. His bed wardrobe and ceiling is also different while all other normal students are same .

” Looks like I have to arrange these things . He took all his belongings from his space ring and placed according to the order. Then he took out the books.

” I don know much about martial world and cultivation . I can cultivate from tomorrow I have to review the lessons first ”.

Stuart ( Now Silva ) was always a diligent student , though he couldn do well in sports his love for books is exceptional . Though he can do well only in those subjects which he liked such as science and maths . His history was average because he couldn relate it too.

The language of the book is different from his previous world but he can understand them with his ( Silva in the past ) memories . After reviewing the books two hours passed . The magic lamp in his room flickered in his room like a oil lamps . He have six subjects to study . These are Maths modern alchemy , alchemy history , Sanskrit , and cultivation guideline book. Modern alchemy includes physics and chemistry of this world and alchemy includes biology while the cultivation guidelines is a practical subject consisting 30 percent of the weightage . While the primary language is Sanskrit.

After two hours he reviewed all the all the books he felt assured.

” Maths is same but science is different here , only thing good I am at is history . Hahahah.. ..What a joke this is completely opposite of my previous life ”.

Queen Elsa ( The queen of Chola ) have told many stories tk Silva so he knows very much about the past probably more than the books . He still suffered in his grades because his maths and alchemy was poor . His talent is yellow which is above average even in this prestigious school but his poor fighting skills and cultivation made him to be at Section B in his class . This schools rank is lower than the first Prince ( Second Prince is obviously Silva) even still he is reached Section A with very less problems. He is now competing for the best student .

” I am feeling bore now ”. Silva said in lazy manner. Them his eye saw a plain pouch where his daggers are. He held the daggers in his hands and said –

” These daggers are so cool ! I never held real daggers in my entire life these are heavy but I don know how to use them. He then started to fool around . started to run in his room . Two days ago he was weeping in his room but somehow he managed to remain calm. His body doesn feel lonely because it is used to it. Hence his mind doesn feel uneasy either. Martial artists mind is more connected to their bodies and meridians any disruption causes there mind to swing.

From the bed to the ground he started to jump act like super heroes . ” The daggers are so cool ”, was all in his mind. This present is somewhat crazy for normal people but in cultivation it is normal and Stuart adapted it too.

In the next morning . Two students around the age of Silva knocked the door . Thud! Thud ! Thud! .

”Hmm?? ”

” Who is knocking the door . Does my mansions doors are ever locked ? ”. After a second or two Silva jumped out of his bed .

” Oh my god . I am in a School. In my dreams I was horse riding and fell asleep . I got to eat such delicacies and even the taste is in my mouth . What a realistic dream ”.

He hurriedly put on his uniform . ( Red and black shirt and trousers with a cape. A bow which most students forget to wear even in this world ).

He opened the door in 10 minutes . He saw two students standing there giving an annoying look.

” You have surely become more lazy prince of Ayodha . You didn even meet us when you arrived . Looks like you have either become arrogant or else you got in trouble. We both expect later situation ”.

” Huh ?! Who are these fellows ”. After a instant he recalled that these two are his friends .They don look sharp but rather bossy. What kinds of friends does this person make . Oh my god. ”

After walking in the corridor he walked between them . They are in the hostel so it takes 5-6 minutes walk to reach thier classroom.

In his mind Silva thought .

” I am very sure that I have not eaten for nearly two days and I am getting hungry untill now. This is strange and more strange is the fact that I didn noticed it untill now . Looks like my consciousness is mixing with it . Does my real self ( Stuart ) really dissapating ? ”.

This thought shook Silva . His breathing started to get uneven and his mind become a mess. Then suddenly someone out his arm around the Stuarts arm . It was his friend .

” Silva , you said that you will bring us some rare gems and a space ring for both of us ”.

” Yes Silva , you better have come with our presents otherwise we won there to help you ”.

” Yes ! Ofcourse . ” Silva said meekly.

The situation here is truly tragic !

He got expelled and his only two friends want some presents . If the situation would have been normal i.e.( Silva have bunch of friends and do well in academics and cultivation ) . Silva would have been rejected these two guys but these two fellows not only help him but Silva is dependent on them as the status and academics both and he don want to struggle in both at the this moment of time. Soon Silva realised that the situation he is in not very good.

Soon three of them reached there classrooms . Those two friends of Silva are from class 2 D Section branch . The lowest branch while Silva is in Class 2 C section .

” Atleast I don have to be around those two for now ”. Silva sighed and entered his classroom.

In the Class of 44 students all of them seem preoccupied with with their magic stones . ( These are the precious stones in which qi energy is stored and can be used for the cultivators though these are low level ones but can be used by the cultivators at the early stages ). Some are showing off thier higher grades ones while others are either admiring or being jealous .

At the second grade these magic stones are necessary for the students . Teacher have to taught the mechanism and usage of these stones . Magic stones are of different kinds and grades . Some magic stones heal , increase magical power of the user , some used in special formulation of arrays used as defence while some are used for cultivation purposes .

Silva sat on the bench which was not occupied before and take out his two daggers and placed it on the table. Yes ! These two daggers have magical stones embedded in them. Well, no one told it can not be a weapon !

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