Half Breed

Zep appeared inside a cave, it was so dark that she didn see anything around her only her ears worked sharply. She didn think of anything when she disappeared so she didn know how she got here. Her hands were already stained with blood and sticky. She touched her hair and realized that there were pieces of sticks from the forest trees stuck in her hair.

” Here you are Zeppelin! ” She turned to look at where the voice was coming from and she saw an old lady coming towards her. Immediately, she sat up in a protective manner as if shes prepared to fight. The old lady chuckled .

” You are gonna fight me after showing everyone who you are?? ” Zeps gaze softened. ” Who are you?, what are you doing in this lone dark cave all alone? and how did you know my name? ” the old lady smiled at her questions. ” Does this cave look dark and lonely to you? ” she asked raising an eyebrow. Zep gripped her cloth and shut her eyes. The pain was getting so unbearable, beads of sweat was already dancing on her fore head. ” Yes I think it is look how dark it is ” she replied and opened her eyes. She was surprised at the sudden change. There were fire lamps lit up and attached to the wall of the cave. ” This place was actually dark when I got here ” she whispered to herself and the old lady smiled more. ” Don you need help? ” Zep looked at the old woman and smirked. ” of course I do need your help ” She forgot about her last question. The old lady helped her stand on her feet and they both walked deeper into the cave. Each time they passed a lamp, the fire extinguishes. Zep had more questions to ask but because of the pain she was feeling, she could not. She felt calm beside the old lady. At last after a long walk, they finally reached the end of the cave and there was nothing there but the dead end. Suddenly, the woman placed her hand on the wall and a door appeared. A door!!! what was a door doing in the middle of a cave. The old woman gripped the door knob and pushed it. When it opened they stepped into what looked like a barrier separating the cave from the other side of the door. What Zep saw made her hold her breath. The place after the door was another planet entirely, the sky, the trees, everything they all looked like paradise. She saw a few teenagers playing around with some kids which reminded her of her childhood. But, there was something peculiar about this place. They all had the same color of hair Red hair. Zep widened her eyes at the sudden realization then she looked at the old lady holding her. ” Thats right, welcome to Seylicia!! ”


” What do you mean you lost her!!! ” a womans voice echoed in the hall. Everyone knew her as The woman behind the veil She never exposed her face to anyone. Even her most trusted aides don know what she looks like. ” Your… Your grace, we found her in the Axiel forest with her family but….. ” The man giving the report was on his knees. He looked up at where the woman sat. There was a black veil separating her from her subjects. But he couldn read her expression from where he was. He knew the kind of situation Trevor had put all of them into. This woman was their leader. She could request for their heads if she wanted to. ” But what??!!! ” her voice echoed louder.

” I sent my men to get her and her family, but her husband and daughter got killed instead ” immediately, the man laid his head on the cold floor. ” Forgive us.. yo..your grace!! ”. The woman froze…. Her fists were so tight that her palm started bleeding due to the force from her nails. ” You killed her daughter???!!! ” The man kneeling was shivering. He was deadmeat now. ” I told you to bring her alive or dead but you killed her daughter and husband without bringing her??!! ” She screamed on top of her voice. ” Forgive us your grace!! ” The man replied her immediately. Trevor was also kneeling behind the man he was shaking.

” Forgive?? forgive uhn?! ” The woman scoffed and black smoke swirled around her finger. ” You should have thought of the consequence before going on a mission you can accomplish ” Then, she flicked her finger and in a second, his head was rolling on the floor. Everyone in the hall felt like cold water was splashed on them, they were all scared no one ever thought she could kill one of her trusted aides. ” Clean this mess up ” A man in his early seventies who seemed to be the headmaid told his assistant standing behind him. ” You should all take your jobs seriously or else, you are going to end up like him!! now you are all dismissed ” They all bowed before scrambling out like chickens. ” So you managed to escape this time huhh? it won be long before I find you and get rid of you my self ” The woman muttered and a scary laughter erupted in the hall.

Suddenly, someone stood behind the womans throne. ” I thought we had a deal? ” his deep baritone voice came out as a whisper in the womans ear. Immediately, her laughter faded away and was replaced with fear, cold shivers ran down her spine. It was him. ” My…. my.. Lord, I know we had a deal don you think its better if she dies? then everything will be over ” The Man chuckled and tangled her hair with his finger. ” Oh! really? You think she deserves to die?? ” Then, his finger that tangled her hair tighten and the womans head was pulled backwards in a way she has to make eye contact with him. The moment her eyes met those hazel eyes, the hairs on her skin stood. ” The moment she dies, apart from the cutting off the deal, I will make sure you follow her wherever she goes ” like a gust of wind, he disappeared. The woman was a little bit relived that he had left. what does he still want? He has everything but hes still here wanting to ruin her plans. She hit her hand with so much force on the arm of the throne she was sitting on. She wants more power to rule all the races and no one would stop her even if its the man that left a few minutes ago. Then she looked at the arm of the throne. it was already pressed. She loved this feeling of being strong. ” As for that wretched crimpt, I will make sure you regret all what you did to me. ” she muttered to her self. ” Your grace ” a sweet voice brought her out of her thoughts. She looked up and saw Paige, she smiled when she realized that Paige was already grown up and beautiful. she was the girl she found in the woods years ago. ” speak ”

” We found her! ” Paige bowed her head and the womans smile deepened. ” Bring her to the dungeons ”. Paige walked away

”Why don you wait a little bit longer Zeppelin, I will be over here waiting for you ” She crossed her legs and rested her head on her knuckles.

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