Cultivation Age

Cultivation Academy.

200 years ago, the world as we knew it came to an end. A seemingly normal day filled with adults rushing to and forth from work, children laughing and shouting as they walked through the halls of their schools… normality.

That was until the sky cracked open.

Large void filled crevasses split the sky above countless cities and towns world wide leaving the entire population in terror.

As the world went into lock down and armies surrounded the cracks, everyone seemed to hold their breath as to what would happen next.

Days turned into weeks, months into years and still nothing seemed to happen further regarding the cracks.

The world return to normal and the government barricaded a safe zone around each void as a precaution.

Soon the cracks became almost a part of the scenery, a reminder of the day that turned the world into chaos.

Some groups theorised the cracks where due to global warming, whilst others proclaimed they were a sign from god.

They were far from the truth.

What was unknown to the world was that earth had finally reached its peak in ageing and was currently changing due to evolution. The cracks that had appeared around the world had been secreting a new energy into the earth, preparing for its full transformation.

With the increase in time, the earth had finally absorbed its fill of the new alien energy and just as the world settled back into normality, disaster struck once again.

As the new energy seeped into every corner of the earth and filled the air, natural disasters began to occur across the world. The world began to evolve its outer core, the plates that made up its crust began to move and change. As the continents began to approach each other, volcanos erupted causing the skies to darken and earthquakes ravaged the lands leading cities to crumble.

The continents finally united into one landmass and as a result, millions of people had perished due to the natural catastrophes.

Survivors began to rise from the rubble but had to face a new problem.

A new world.

Due to the now united land mass, countries and their borders had completely changed. Governments and Rulers scrambled to have some semblance of order whilst dictating which land belonged to them. This, Of corse, lead to arguments and heated debates which inevitably lead into something that would only devastate humanity further.


Armies marched across the now united landmass, coating the new earth in the blood of millions of innocents and soldiers. This world war waged for 40 years until another new problem arose.

Due to the endless blood that seeped into the earth combining with the new energy that filtered into the world, nature began to go through its own evolution.

Animals transformed into beasts with incredible strength and speed. They also began to develop an affinity with the elements, causing the warring humans to retreat.

Due to the new unforeseen threat, humans made a truce and began to build fortress like cities that dotted over the new continent. Governments were elected to oversee these new cities and protect them from the ravaging beasts but they were struggling.

Normal weapons like bombs and bullets seemed to have no effect against the newly evolved beasts and just as humans fell hopeless, they faced the biggest change.

Human evolution.

It started out as an isolated case in one of the fortress cities, a thirty year old man had seemingly exploded with energy during one of his meditative classes. The man had somehow managed to absorb some of the new energy that filled the air and had gained incredible strength that a normal human wouldn be able to possess. He had claimed it was due to his breathing technique that he had learned known as Qi Gong. Qi Gong was an ancient technique that originated in China and it seemed to work in harmony with absorbing the new energy that covered the earth. Using certain breathing techniques allowed humans to absorb the energy, now referred to as Qi, into their bodies and allow them to evolve to the same level or higher than the beasts.

This breakthrough then began being used and promoted by the governments to create individuals strong enough to attack and fend off the beast attacks.

This finally brought us into the current era of peace known as the Cultivation Age.

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