I didn sleep very well on that night. I twisted and turned in the bed until Orion wake me up from a nightmare.

”Are you alright? Your face is pale. ” Orions worried eyes looked straight through me.

”Sorry. Im fine. I think. ” I murmur a hand on my head. I can feel the migraine coming.

”Do you need anything? ”

”A painkiller would be nice. And a glass of water. ” I say eyes shut tight. Orion tells me to stay put leaving the bed. I look at the bedside table where my phone rested. A soft light illuminates the room as I got a notification. I glanced at the phone and see thats its a hint.

New hint 03.33

Make a choice. Hide or Call for Help.

My blood run cold as I read the text.

”Orion!! Im scared!! ” I yelled tears staining my face. As the light turned out I could see a faint light coming from the window. I climbed under my blanket hurriedly, hoping Orion heard me.

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