n thought that I got lost.

”Orion? ” I said a little nervous. After not hearing any answer, I started to panic.

”Orion!? Where are you? ” I shouted trying to get his attention. But I got no answer. I wandered around the hallway when I heard it. An ear piercing scream. I was lost and scared. There was no one in sight as I started to run. I run through the hallways and tried to find an exit. I felt the panic suffocating me as I could hear the screaming now closer. I then opened the door on my right and went inside. The room was dark and I couldn see anything. Then I heard something more horrifying than the scream. You shouldn have done that. The screaming stops and all thats left is a silence. Shit! I muffle my breathing with my hand and stay put hoping that whatever it was it would go away. I then hear dragging steps go past the door I was behind. I stay as quiet as I could be for what seems like forever. When the door suddenly opens I scream.

”[Name]? ” I jump into Orions embrace as soon as I heard him.

”T-theres something inside. And someone screamed. I was so scared. ” I cried to Orion.

”Shh, calm down. What are you talking about? Theres no one here. ” Orion says worried.

”B-but… there was… ”

”Its okay. Theres no one here. There are just the two of us. ” He says hugging me. I hide my face in his shoulder and as I try to fight my tears, I fall asleep.

I wake up in his bed with a jolt.

”Wha-? ”

”Shh… Its all right. You are safe. ” I relax as soon as I hear Orions calm voice next to me. ”Now, lay down and rest. Im right here. Theres nothing to worry about. ”

”Th- the thing, in the hallway, i-is it…? ”

”There was no one there. Your mind must be stressed out from all that has happened. Relax, Im right here. You have nothing to worry. ” Orion says with a reassuring smile. I relax as his hand strokes my head calmingly. I took his hand to mine and snuggle to him, too tired to open my eyes.

”Thank you. ” I say to him with a tired smile on my face. The last thing I hear is his faint whisper.

e safe in my arms. ”

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