I Do you want to win the game?

What are you talking about? I just want to get out.

Do you want to win the game?

I don understand.

Do you want to win the game?

Sure, what ever.

To win the game you have to collect clues and find out the hidden truth.

Hidden truth? Could you be more specific?

Good luck.

What?! Wait!

”[Name], wake up. ” The first thing I see is Orions smiling face.

”Orion? Wait- What? Where did the voice go? And Im… still… here… ”

”What are you talking about? You must have had a weird dream. ” Orion laughs. I look around but it seems like Im still inside the game. Or dream. Maybe Im in coma right now. I sit up and look at Orion. Orion smiles at me so I give him a small smile.

”School won start for a while so we can eat and get ready at peace. ”

”Okay. Thank you for waking me up. ” I say smiling and sitting up. We go to kitchen and start to make breakfast.

”Wow, you are really talented at this! It looks delicious. ” I say to Orion as hes making pancakes. His cheeks turned bright red from my compliment and now his hair matches his face.

”I-Its not anything special. ”

”No, nothing like that. I can make pancakes look that amazing. ” I say smiling and admiring the pancakes Orion made. Orion stays quiet for a while, his cheeks gradually turning pink.

”Um, it has bothered me for a while now but why are you so nice to me? Why me? ” Orion says his gaze on the ground his hand scratching his hair.

”Hey, you don deserve to be bullied. And Im not that kind of person who would bully someone. Everyone has their flaws but that won allow you to act bad towards others. You are not any better if you act like that towards someone. And that goes with everyone. ” I say smiling to Orion. Orion smiles at me finally, looking at me with those bright eyes.

”Thank you [Name]. I really mean it. ”

We go to the school together. Orion said something about being worried that the students would pick on me since Im with him but I said not to worry. Im not very worried about me, Im more worried about Orion. Im sure this sounds weird since Im in a dream and all but I can help but get worried. The first thing to do today is to find my backpack and my phone.

”It must be in the class room. ”

”I have a bad feeling about this… ” Orion says looking at the class room. Our classmates are laughing loudly, talking to each other. Then I see it. There is a backpack on the ground, books and notebooks scattered all over the floor. But thats not what shocked me the most. In the ground, in million pieces, is a blue phone, smashed to the ground. When I look up, I see that everyone is now looking at me, quietly. Their gaze is something Ive never seen before. The feeling stuck to me like hundred needles on my skin. I look back down and see a notebook with my name on it. On the notebook is a word DIE on it. And it won just end there. On everything, even on the backpack, are words like DIE, BITCH and SLUT. The list goes on. I sigh and sit down on the seat. I look up to Orion smiling at him.

”Are you sitting down? ”

”Um, yeah… ” Orion sits next to me.

”Aren you scared? We don know who did this. Let along that what does she or he want. ” Orion says with hushed tone.

”Don worry. This is nothing. Even though I am a little upset about that phone. ”

”Im worried something more dangerous will happen… ”

”Attention class. It has come to our knowledge that there has been an unfortunate accident. Your classmate Adam Harley was murdered. We advise you all to go home after school immediately. Police has come to investigate and patrol on the school. ”

”What?! Someone was murdered?! ” I shout-whisper to Orion as the police walks in to tell us to report him if we saw anything strange yesterday.

”It seems so… ” Orion says to me his gaze facing the police. ”I think we should be together for the time being… If anything happens to you… ”

”Hey, nothings going to happen to me. Don worry. ” I say to Orion. He seems to be deep in his thoughts and I get a little worried about him. So I grab his hand and squeeze it gently. Orion looks at me surprised but as I smile to him, he too starts to smile a little.

We are walking to cafeteria when we see her. Theres a girl on the ground, her blond hair is tainted red from her blood. And the blood is splattered all around the yard. But thats not what is the most disturbing thing here. The most disturbing thing is that the girls body is in unnatural position and her face isn recognizable anymore. Like her face was mashed to ground by force. I feel my knees giving in and even though I know Orion is speaking to me, I can hear him. In my head is just this rasping sound which is getting louder second by second.

And so the game begins.

Shut up! Shut up! Tears start to flow down my cheeks and I start to shake.

Its just a stupid dream. Just a dream.

Then Orion takes me in his embrace and even though I still can really hear him, I start to calm down.

I just hope that I would wake up already.

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