Im in a white space yet again. Its a dream. I know that as soon as I look around. The static in the air is dizzying.

”Show yourself. ” I say, tired of his mind games. The voice rings in the air, the static coming louder from everywhere

Good to see you again. I hope the game has been to your expectations. We wouldn want our player to be displeased to our content now would we.

The voice laughs manically as I look in horror at the place. The place looks like its glitching. Like I am in an old tv. Which is throbbing.

”Stop it! Stop! ” I yell over the static. The laughter is my answer.

Poor little human, trapped in a web. Wonder who would miss you if you left.

The sing song voice said clearly amused by my turmoil. I screamed as the new wave of static surrounded me.

Far from home far from safe, no wonder your mind is mine to crack.

The cackling continues as I press my ears with my hands to stop it.

Poor little human, you must find it, if you ever want home again intact.

I gasp at his words as I try to make sense of all this. Whats with that song. Why is it important? Why am I here?

Your body your soul is mine now, give it to me to play around.

I sob at his words.

”Never! Ill never give it to you! ” I yell sobbing.

Head my words my warning, if you ever wish to go home youll give it.

I fall to my knees at his words. Stop. Please stop. Haven I given enough already? I try to shut out the voice to only make it louder.

I have tickets for you if you give it, choose wisely or stay here forever more.

”What do you want? What am I supposed to find here?! ”

Time will come when you understand. Until then you will try to find the clues.

Slowly I come back to my senses. We seem to be in the schools infirmary of the look of it. Im in a hospital bed and there is a closed curtain which seprates me from the room. A sudden pain goes through my head. Im about to call for help when I hear speaking from the other side. I can hardly hear what they
e speaking about though.

”Is [Name] alright? Im so worried… ”

”Don worry. Shes fine. But be sure to be beside her from now on. There is nothing wrong with her health but she had a shock which probably causes her to have some minor symptoms such as headaches. Only time will tell. ”

”Yes, I promise. Shes my dear friend. ”

”Good for you. You didn have any friends untill now, right? ”

”Um, c-can you please stop that.. [Name]…! ” I can hear Orions scared voice behind the curtain. I have to do something!

”Shes sleeping… hush now. You want to be loved, no? ”

”I-Im awake! ” I yell stopping them. The nurse comes from behind the curtain and she has this sickening smile on her face.

”Oh, you
e awake. Let me check you. ” She says eyes closed. Shes probably over 50, and wears a white lab coat over her grey shirt and black skirt. Her grey hair is up in a bun. Shes sick! As she comes closer Orion suddenly tells with a broken voice that the nurse is needed in east wing of the school. The nurse then leaves saying Orion to take care of me on our way back. Orion comes beside me his eyes puffy and clouded with worry.

”Are you alright? Did she touch you? ”

”Orion, Im fine. But are you? You have been crying. ” I say worried.

”Don worry about me. Im already dirty. ”

”No, don say that Orion. Of course you
e not. Shes the one in wrong. ” I say hugging him. Orion hugs me back like his life depends on it. I can feel my head throbbing as Im about to lose consciousness. No, I need to get him out of here first.

”Orion, we need to get out of here. ” I tell him and try to stand but I only stumble on my feet towards Orion. Orion takes me on his arms and starts to walk towards the door.

”Orion! ” I call surprised his name.

”What? ” he asks confused so I let it be for now. Hes worried even though hes the one in danger. Why would anyone do something like that to him? I slowly start to understand why Orion is so shattered. Maybe that wasn the first time?

When we finally exit the school grounds I start to feel my head heavy.

”Orion, I… ”

”Shh, its okay. Sleep. ”

”Thank you… ” I say my voice groggy and fall into slumber. I can hear his heartbeat and think what he have gone through to end like that. And in my sleep I remember saying lastly: ”We
e never going to that infirmary again. ”

When I wake up (yet again) my headache is gone and I see Orion sleeping next to me. I smile at him warmly. I put the duvet on his shoulders and get up only to be stopped by him in his sleep.

”Don leave me… ” I can hear him mumble in his sleep sadly. I stroke his hair and he then calms down. Though he still holds my hand in his iron grip. Hes cute. Will you love me too?

I whimper after hearing the voice and shut my eyes scared. You can escape me. Have I gone completely mad? Im afraid so. Don answer me!

”Are you alright? ” Orion then asks worried wiping my tears off my cheek.

”Ah- I-Im fine. ” I say trying to convince myself. Orion looks at me clearly not beliving me.

”I-Im sorry. For worrying you and all. I-I think something is wrong with my head… ”

”What do you mean? ”

”I think Im going mad… ” I cry out. Then Orion takes me in his embrace hugging me.

”Its okay. Im here with you. ”

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