The school day went by fast. Orion was beside me the whole time and when finally was the time to go home I was packing my stuff to my backpack when some girls from our class spotted me and Orion.

”Well well, look who we found here. A weirdo and his girlfriend. You two really suit each other. You both are such whores. Ha ha ha ha! ” I was about to say some few words for them when Orion opened his mouth to speak.

”Shut up. ”

”What was that? He can speak? ”

”Shut up! Don speak like that about her or you
e really going to regret it! ” Orion said to them with voice full of venom. The girls stopped talking and looked at Orion shocked.

”Wha-? ”

”Don anger me. ” I couldn see Orions face but the girls looked now scared. One of them tried to still mutter something I didn hear but ended it quickly when she looked at Orion. The girls then left with a hurry leaving me and Orion alone.

”Are you okay? ” Orion asks suddenly next to me.

”Ye-yeah. I was just a little startled about what they said is all. ” I said looking at the ground. My emotions started to get into surface suddenly and tears started to flow from my eyes. Whats wrong with me?

”Hey, don cry. Come here. ” I went to Orions open embrace and hug him.

”Don listen to them. Im here and I won go anywhere. ”

And like that we left to Orions home.

”I should start to look for a way to get home. I can just freeload on your home. ” I say in deep thought. Orion stays silent as I start to think how to find a way to get ”home ”. I have been in this game for a week at least now. I don know how much time has passed in the real world but I have to think about something.

The next morning Im unable to move from the bed as my legs has some pain on them. Theres not any pain when Im relaxed but when I try to stand up, a pain stabs through my legs.

”Orion…? ” I call my voice small.

”Yeah? ” He answers groggily from somewhere inside the room.

”I-I can stand up. ”

”Are you okay? ” Orion comes into my view looking worried.

”I don know… I can move my legs. ” Orion looks serious as he comes to sit beside me.

”Does this hurt? ” He asks as he slowly touches my leg.

”No, but when I try to move them myself they start hurting. ” I say as Orion gently messages my legs. The message feels nice but I can feel myself feeling more sensitive. I try to say Orion that its already fine but a yelp escapes my lips instead. Orions hand stops and I shut my mouth too late. Orion looks surprised, looking at my legs and his hand on my thigh. Blush forms in my cheeks as time seems to stop. Orion then turns to look at me with those wide eyes and Im sure he can see my red face from between my fingers.

”[Name]… ” Orion says and I whimper as I can feel how his hand starts to make circles to my legs. Suddenly his hand is on my face, I close my eyes embarrassed as my face is turning even hotter.

”Im sorry. ” I hear Orion say before I feel something warm on my lips. His lips moves shyly and as I try to move my legs, I gasp in pain and Orion slides his tongue on my mouth. His tongue touches mine and I feel myself getting more embarrassed. But then a thought crosses my mind. I like this. Good. I gasp scared at the voice ringing on my head and fail to notice Orions both hands on my face. His movements aren shy anymore as he slowly kisses me. And for some unknown reason to me, I start to kiss him back. I bet my face is already beet red. I forgot to breathe so when we pull apart I have to take some shaky breaths after. Orion smiles at me and when I turn to look at him he kisses me on my forehead.

”You know, you
e the first person to ever make me happy. I really treasure you. You
e so kind, so precious. Ill make sure you won ever have to suffer like I did. And the thing is, that even though I am as pathetic as I am, with you I can be strong. Stronger that I have ever been. ” Orion said smiling tears glittering in his eyes.

”Orion ”, I said softly, ”you
e not pathetic. It breaks my heart that you think like that about yourself. You
e not pathetic at all. And I wanna protect that smile of yours. From all the bad things you have had. ”

”But I scared you. I couldn control myself. What if you start to hate me? And never want to talk to me again? Im so scared, scared of myself. ” Orion started to ramble tears now falling to his cheeks. He lowered his head so I couldn see his eyes. Something moved inside me as I tried to decide what I should say to him.

”Hey, look at me. ” I said softly to him, ”I wasn scared. It just surprised me. I-I have never k-kissed anyone so… ” I continued my cheeks tinted pink. Orion then looked up to me, his eyes now focused on me. I started to feel embarrassed of my confession and looked away.

”Really? Was I… your first kiss…? ” Orion asked trying to look me into eyes. I looked at the side as I nodded. Orion stayed quiet for a while and then spoke with a soft voice: ”Im sorry. I didn even ask you beforehand if it was okay and now I stole your first kiss. ” I looked at Orion alarmed by his words and could just in time grab his hand before he would be gone.

”Orion, wait! ”

He looks at me with those sad eyes of his and I try to find the words I was searching. I hold Orions hand like my life depended on it.

”I liked the kiss. I really did. ”

”Really? Even though I did it so suddenly? ” Orion asks confused his voice breaking a little.

”Yes, even if it was sudden. Could you come to sit beside me? ”

”…Okay. ” He says sitting next to me. He looks so fragile, like he would break any second.

”Orion. ” I say and as he finally looks at me I give him a soft kiss on the lips. ”Now we
e even. ” I say smiling at his flushed face.

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