”Look ahead champion, the world awaits you… ”


”Well, well, if it isn the Heros boy. ”

”Hush now. Don start teasing him yet, introductions first. ”

I could already feel their stares on me, checking me out, judging my every move. Well, can blame them cause I was doing the same.

First of all was a guy kneeling by the fireplace, staring intently into the flame.

Who lit the fireplace at this time of the day?

Anyway, the guy kneeling by the fire was rather plain looking. Wearing black trousers, a dark brown leather belt and fairly new looking black lace tied boots, he only wore a black sleeveless shirt over his body, with no sign of any armor piece or any kind of protection anywhere. He also wore a white bandage like scarf wrapped around his neck. Broad in width but very thin in thickness.

For his physical features he was taller and better built than me. He had a distinct jaw line on a clean shaven face and his hair short on the sides and the back, with the hair slightly longer over the top and front

There wasn much I could get about him from the first look. He definitely had a mysterious vibe because of it. But the stare in his eyes was definitely intent and focused.

Next up was the guy by the window.

Definitely a close ranged small arms user, probably knives.

And it was apparent all by looking at him. Wearing a light full sleeve dark blue shirt and tighter brown pants with short boots, probably to give the ankle a good freedom of movement. For armor he had a very specific selection of pieces to make sure absolutely no movement was restricted. A leather arm guard with a small light curved metal plate over his upper forearm, most likely to quickly deflect or parry strikes from other weapons. The wrist was uncovered to allow maximum flexibility but beyond that he had light finger-less leather gloves on both hands.

He had similar leather guard and light metal plates over his thighs and shins, and finally a thicker metal breastplate for the upper body.

As for the guy himself, he was shorter than me and just couldn stop fidgeting his left hand over his belt. Probably not having his weapon around felt wierd to him. With shorter than mid-length brown hair, his expression was less than friendly. Leaning on to the window, he was looking right at me but also had a slightly nervous feel to it. His facial expression was also edging a bit towards frustration, probably because of the girl beside him who was constantly trying to talk to him.

Well I guess next up will be the girl beside him. Wearing a brown skirt and thigh high socks along with a green top under a seemingly lighter metal breastplate, she had a very plain look that somehow greatly enunciated her simplistic beauty.

She was about the same height as the guy by the window and the same color hair tied back in a ponytail, but thats where all the similarities ended. Her eyes were a lot warmer, filled with curiosity and had a brilliant spark for life. As I entered she was going on about how amazing everything looks outside my house through the window, slightly tugging at the sleeve of the guy beside her to make him take a look as well.

So she was the type who loves to share with others all the things she finds beautiful. Kinda makes me want to protect her…

As she turned to me her eyes widened even more, if thats even possible, and she gasped in happiness realising who I was. It even made me feel warm inside as if I felt happy that i had done something good to get such a reaction from her.


Last but definitely the one who caught my attention the most was the girl sipping tea quietly on the sofa. Before we get to all about her, lets do the basic first-look check. Wearing a brown full sleeve top and a brown pleated skirt and brown leggings, she had forearm and shin guards with a light metal plate much like the guy by the window, but a smaller, lighter metal breastplate perhaps custom made for her. She also had a special thin leather glove on her left hand that only covered her index finger, middle finger and thumb leaving the other fingers sleeveless.

An Archer…

Now lets talk about her. If I had to find words to best describe her in as little as possible, Id say… Pristine beauty. Yes… Thats the feeling I got when I saw her. She had long beautiful caramel brown hair that gently shined under the light of the sunlight. Her pristine fair skin seemingly had an aura unlike I had seen before. A chiseled face with calm gentle beauty, coupled with a slender elegant body. She was like a statue handcrafted by the gods that came to life. Well trimmed nails upon slender fingers and seemingly soft beautiful hands…

I want to hold her hands…

She sat there on the sofa elegantly, slowly sipping tea. Her posture and etiquette gracefully beautiful, seen only from higher nobility trained in such. When she looked at me, her eyes were gentle and confident but didnt hold the overbearing unearned pride that most nobles had. She had the mannerism of a noble but not the pride of nobility. Even though rare, usually such features are found in nobility only among people who had gone beyond their stupid pride and became nice people… Or perhaps a fallen noble who no longer had the power and pride they did but couldn forget the proper manners and etiquette of nobility. Considering that her gear didn look too expensive, Id guess it was the second scenario for her.

By the way, may I point out that I just checked out all of them in a matter of few seconds. When I was younger, Charles would take me to guild houses and various other places to teach me how to accurately judge and check people out quickly based on first look. He said it would be crucial in battle to analyse your adversaries instantly.

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