As we both looked at each other, she set down her tea and walked towards me extending her right hand. ”Hello, my name is Elaina Évreux, daughter of the former House of Évreux. ”

I smiled and extended my arm to shake her hand. ”Liam Everhart, Son of William Everhart and Elizabeth Everhart. Descendant of Light. ”

Évreux, I have heard that name before… Ah her hand is so soft. Can I keep holding it… No I need to let go… LET GO!

I let go of her hand.

The guy by the fire finally pulled his eyes off the flame and turned to me. He walked over with a warm smile and extended his arm as well. ”Ren Kaizel. Just that, you can call me as you like. ”

I nodded and shook his hand, ”Liam Everhart. Ill call you Ren, I hope that sounds good enough. ”

”Sounds perfect, Liam. ”

The girl by the window came over too. Curiosity and amazement shining in her eyes. ”A real Descendant of Light. You are real! ”

She seemed like she wanted to poke my chest to confirm if I existed physically but somehow held back her hand.

I smiled and extended my hand to her. ”Yeah I think I am real too. Liam Everhart. ”

She grasped my hand, shaking it vigorously. ”Sylvie Bransford. 17 years old. Specialising in Healing Magic. I like red bean bun and sweet milk coffee. Nice to meet you! ”

”Nice to meet you too Sylvie. ”

She smiled, let go of my hand and hid behind Elaina, to the surprise of Elaina who couldn understand when the two of them had become so close.

Just then Dias came over behind me and put a hand on my shoulder. ”Lets first all sit together. Come on, come on. ”

Thus all of us headed to the sofa, except the guy by the window who hesitated for a reason. Following his eyes, I realized why… He was scared of Michelle.

I wasn the only one who realized it. Michelle laughed and went over to the guy by the window and pat his back a little too hard as usual, nearly knocking the life out of him. ”This is the guy I was talking about, Luca Adaleigh. Grumpy as usual but hella impressive. A few years older and I would have made him mine. ”

Lucas eyes widened with fear and he quickly scurried over to sit opposite to us as well.

Michelle laughed heartily and sat beside him.

I already felt bad for the guy. ”Uh… Well, first of all Im sorry for how you were brought here. It was certainly… uh… ”

Michelle leaned forward and raised an eyebrow at me with a smile. ”Ho ho, you are apologising on my behalf? All grown up now huh? ”

Luca sighed and waved off my apology. ”Yeah, yeah I was kidnapped, I get it. But no need to apologise or anything… I could have easily escaped when I wanted to, I too eventually made the choice to come over here, figured being selected by the Heros party member can be all that bad. ”

Heros party member… Yes, thats what Michelle was. Not just her, each of these four powerful people who were standing behind me. Dias, the water full magic user… Charles, the most powerful rune magic user in existence… Macy, the only known nature magic user who can summon the World Tree… And finally the ever versatile Michelle, whose very touch could turn even the smallest of things into deadly weapons.

Each of them were legends among all magic users and trusted party members of their leader, the Light full magic user, Descendant of light and the Hero of Asella. My father, William Everhart.

And these guys here were about to become my party members. Following my fathers instructions, who wanted me to have the best possible beginning as an adventurer, his party members who have also been like my guardians over the years, went to look for young adventurers around my rank who could join up with me as a party and grow together.

I still don know what magic did they use, so just as I was about to ask that, Macy did it for me. ”Alright then, since introductions are completed, how about we let each other know about our respective magic abilities? ”

Ren raised his hand. ”Me first. My magic is fairly simple, I can turn my body into metal, which gives me a pretty good absolute defense and some extra impact power in combat. ”

Then I guess he must do well as a vanguard.

Luca went next. ”Flowing water blade. I can cover my blades in water and make it flow upon the blade extremely fast to create high speed sharp cutting water. Combined with my fighting style, its pretty efficient. ”

Sylvie got kind of shy when we looked at her next, but she did explain her magic. ”I am a healer. But my healing is kinda different, I heal using Cell Activation. I reactivate cells in the injured persons body to make it heal itself, even if I am not providing mana. But I do have to deposit my own magic and mana into the injured persons body so that it can heal itself without my supervision. I can also give people short bursts of enhanced speed and physical capabilities, but it doesn last too long and consumes a lot of my mana as well…. I can also use… a rapier… ”

This is amazing, she can boost physical capabilities and basically give self regeneration to others for a while depending on how much magic she transfers into the other persons body.

Elaina seemed surprised as well. When we came over to her, she sighed and answered. ”My magic isn anything too great. But I am an archer and can use wind magic to control the trajectory of my arrows. Currently I can control 5 arrows at once but I am looking to increase that number soon. I can also use wind magic for tracking targets. ”

Track targets and control arrow trajectory. So basically the perfect hunter… Wait… A wind magic archer?! Wtf?! Where did anyone find her?!

Dias tapped the head of the sofa and snapped his fingers at Elaina. ”Thats the spirit, you gotta keep striving to become better. None of us here became strong by default. I didn even know I was a full magic user at your age. ”

Charles shrugged. ”And I was just a scribe who had never even dreamt of seeing combat. William pulled me out of the desk to assist him once and since then I have never looked back. You all have a lot to look forward to. ”

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