Alexis remained in her embrace, watching the two raging suns over her shoulder.

”Ah, it feels like I was dreaming… For a very long time. ”

His weak left arm reached around her back, causing a stabbing pain near his shoulder. He held onto her, feeling something nostalgic. Hed never thought he could see her alive again after his choice.

”Many things have changed, darling. This cycle seems different from the past. ” Imra said with her sweet, charming voice.

Imra shifted her body, pressing her large soft breasts against Alexiss face, almost suffocating him.

”I can tell, after being forcibly exchanged with Alex Walker after the confession, Alice and several others are acting weird. They usually should have insulted and scorned me. However, they didn . ” Alexis said, sounding concerned.

Alexis was currently accepting a plethora of his memories from several runs through the cycle of four years, starting from the confession to Alice and ending with his death inside the capital. His mind felt confusion, fear, anxiety and depression, unable to tell how many times hed been betrayed or killed people he loved. The most devastating was seeing those girls die over and over. No matter how hard he fought to save them, hed failed them.

Imra could see the guilt within his eyes, feeling she needed to guide him and open his eyes to the truth. ”Alexis… Do you still blame yourself even now? ”

They remained silent for several minutes; Alexis sighed deeply, looking into Imras beautiful eyes. ”Of course I do! Back then, because I couldn handle the pressure, unable to save you girls, I ran away selfishly to another world, forgetting you all. Even now, I can only recall you; the others are a vague blur in my memory. ”

Imra gave him a gentle smile and continued stroking the back of his head. She saw the situations bright side and possible truth with a light chuckle. Imra thought back to the many sisters shed gained thanks to Alexis and his efforts during the first cycles.

”Hehe, Alexis, since you summoned me from the moment before my death. Did you never expect the other summons might be those girls under the same situation? ”

Alexis gave a wry smile once he realized the game was based on this world and not the other way around. Someone likely escaped this world during a previous cycle. However, he didn give too much thought, only focusing his mind on meeting those wonderful girls once again.

”Honestly, just having you by my side once again is reassuring. Can you follow me one last time, Imra? ” Alexis said, his tone gentle like a whisper in the wind.

Imras pupils contracted. Alexis had never shared his feelings or emotions since the first cycle, showing them for the first time to Imra. She remembered how theyd all chase him fiercely, vying for his affection, only to face his cold, emotionless responses.

With her heart racing, both hands holding his cheeks, peering into his eyes to make sure it was him and not an imposter. ”A-are you Alexis? ” Like a mother checking if a child was sick, placing her forehead against his. ”Did you catch a cold? ”


Alexis slapped her huge muscular ass, causing ripples along the skin. ”Ahhhnnn~ ”

”Why are you acting so weird? Its like Ive never relied on you in the past… ”

Imra puffed out her cheeks, pressing her finger against his chest, causing the pair to lose balance, falling to the floor. Her body pressed against his muscular body, causing her anger to increase further, biting his neck playfully.

”Are you saying that!? You, Alexis Van Garland? The man who would rather fight against a squad of Paladin alone, completely losing his left eyesight rather than ask for our help? ”

Alexis could see although she seemed angry, her body gave away her happiness. His eyes closed, thinking back to when his mother died, his elder brother betrayed the empire, and Clydes party abandoned him in a dungeon to die. So many horrible memories.

”Mmhhnn~ ”

His lips felt something incredibly soft and slightly wet touch his lips, sucking on his almost entirely wrapped lower lip, with the loud sound of lips smacking. Imra is now letting her entire weight rest on his body. Their hot breaths entwined as their fingers grasped each other, tightly intertwining. Alexis felt his mind become blank.

The horrible memories that drove him deep into darkness vanished, replaced by vague memories of several women, some oddly shaped, some possessive and others fierce. Finally, a single woman walked ahead, her purple hair illuminated by the moon as they walked along a snowy mountain path. She followed a single man with long silver hair, wearing an icy expressionless face.

”Haha, why was I such a dense virgin… When kissing is this amazing! ” Alexis thought.

”Mmmnnchh~ ”

Alexis felt her warm tongue entering his mouth. He found her saliva tasted sweet and addicting. Imra began to trace his tongue with hers. His tongue sought hers as they entangled inside his mouth, creating thick foamy drool.


Imra, a creature born of lust taking advantage, began to dominate the kiss. She began sucking his tongue with a loud slurping noise, savoring his divine taste as she rubbed her lustful body against his. Imras hot breath was now hitting his face.

”Mmmnnn~ ”

Alexis, although in heaven, felt the approaching goblins, seeming obsessed with Imras sweet scent succubus, when aroused, released a pheromone that drove males of any race crazy. Because she hadn taken any precautions, lust now controlled the poor creatures, unaware they were about to get skewered with his tendrils.

”Mmmhhnn~ ”

Imra was clueless. She continued increasing her passionate and aggressive kiss, her lips now wet and sticky from their mixed saliva. Just like the goblins, controlled by a lust shed locked away for over a thousand years, unable to stop. Her long tongue had coiled around his, gently nibbling and chewing in a trance.

Alexis controlled his tendrils, aiming at the hearts of the goblins. With a single swift strike, the wind howled as three thuds reverberated within the clearing. Tendrils pierced through their chests, leaving a large hole ripping away their monster core whilst pulling out. Sadly the goblins couldn even let out a cry of pain before tendrils destroyed the goblins hearts.

[Chaos tendril dealt 8 damage to Goblin A]

[Chaos tendril dealt 8 damage to Goblin B]


[Gained EXP]

[Level Up!]

Imra grabbed Alexis, who seemed distracted by the goblins, pulling his distracted face back towards her and continuing her deep kiss. Imra knew it wouldn go any further. For now, she was trying to make the first kiss between them as long a memory as possible.

Alexis also enjoyed the passionate kiss, regretting putting this off for so long because Alice broke his heart. The system was glowing inside his closed eyes, irritating as he lost the initiative of kissing when focusing on the text. He swore to never simp for a heroine again.



[Level: 3]

[Summons: Imra]

[HP: 8/8]

[MP: 16/16]

[Strength: 3]

[Agility: 3]

[Stamina: 5]

[Wisdom: 8]

[Intellect: 8]


*NEW* [Abyssal Mantle] – Creates a mantle of shadow, draining anything hostile for 1-2 Chaotic damage. Able to control up to three tendrils of chaos, dealing 1-7 damage with a range of five metres.

[Summon Demon] – Allows the Summoner to summon a demon, binding them and sharing attributes permanently (Current: 1/1)

[Fusion] – Fuses with current Demon, boosting attributes unlocking their particular spells.


The sun had now set, beautiful stars covering the dungeon sky. Around them, the dungeon directly absorbed the several goblin corpses.

Imra lay in Alexis arms, content, her face filled with a glittering smile showing her fangs. Her beautiful purple hair covered Alexis like a blanket keeping the pair warm as they delayed returning to the dorms wanting to keep this moment together longer.

Alexis had lost their first battle feeling his jaw slightly sore. How could he win against a naturally born lust demon? His ears became pointed after fusing with Imra, increasing his charm drastically, initially at the level of a domestic idol on earth, currently a top global model level.

Imra felt satisfied with their first moment together. Shed waited several lifetimes to experience this, enjoying the fact Alexis would kill any male that would approach her lustfully. Imra thanked the goddess of dungeons for making time flow differently. Otherwise, Alexis would probably not waste this much time with her.

”I think… We should go back? ” Imra said with an unwilling tone. She Nudged Alexis with her cheeks to get him moving.

”A-alright… Lets head back. It was far too comfortable, though. ” Alex said with a regretful voice.

The pair stood up, noticing only a few sparse monster cores. Imra believed it was due to his weird technique that was neither human nor Demon. She felt it was something that mortals shouldn touch easily. Ignoring all magical resistance and defense would drive those mages in their towers crazy.

”What the kiss? Or the cuddling? ” Imra said teasingly.

Alexis walked a few steps, the grass rustling louder than usual. His mouth smiled naturally for the first time he could remember before waving his palm, returning Imra to her tattoo, whispering ”Both ” to her with an icy relaxed grin, causing her to blush whilst fading.

Now silence filled the area. Alexis looked towards the horizon, his aura feeling solemn.

”Eldest brother… Why did you have to kill our second brother? ”

His steps continued, not towards the exit but the second floors boss room. He planned to clear this floor before tomorrows class dive. You could use the pillars to damage the boss outside his range from the guides hed read on earth as he continued to remember his eldest brothers deeds.

”Why did you lay your hands on Serena… In the end, you killed her after she fulfilled your plans. ”

Alexis stood before a large wooden door. On his right was a rocky mountain covered in snow. To the left was a hulking forest filled with trees over thirty meters high and over a meter thick.

”When we were children, I idolized you. Brother Zelos, are you really beyond saving? ”

Alexis had remembered many things after regaining several of his memories. Several of his memories are sealed, probably by the goddess who created his mother, but this was still enough. Now able to use basic stealth and ambushing tactics, he opened the boss door whilst invisible.

His eyes examined the room. Because he was invisible, the troll stood in the center idle as if waiting for an opponent; The room was about forty meters wide and fifty meters long. Alexis couldn count how high because there was a fake sky above him, large green vines filled the walls, seeming to dig deep underground.

Slowly his feet moved towards the closest pillar. Alexis counted seven pillars in total. Hopefully, this was enough to kill the boss. To ensure, checking the bosss status before the fight whilst sitting on the edge of a pillar swaying his legs.


[Troll – Dungeon Boss]

[HP: 30/30]

[Strength: 5] [Agility: 1] [Stamina: 9] [Wisdom: 1] [Intellect: 1]

[Regeneration] – Regenerates 20% HP once when brought to low health.

[Frenzy] – Increases all status by 1 when reaching low health, lasts 5 minutes.


Alexis felt this battle would be exciting, the first challenge hed experience within this nightmare-mode world. His face filled with an uncharacteristic smirk.

”I cannot be the hero, but who said I had to be a mob meant to die? ”

His future was bleak, countless death flags weighing on his shoulders. In the first cycle, Alexis lost his left arm and function as a male, which psychologically affected him for the subsequent rebirths.

Tomorrow was the first one; he will be abandoned by Clyde when the goblins form a horde and cause a dungeon wave. None of the tutors will be able to deal with the sudden outbreak causing countless casualties.

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